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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 October 2020

* IBM to spin off $19B infrastructure services unit as it doubles down on hybrid cloud >>
* Amazon unveils its new electric delivery vans built by Rivian >>
* AMD reveals its new Zen 3 Ryzen 5000 processors, including the ‘world’s best gaming CPU’ >>

* Einride makes its autonomous delivery EVs more aerodynamic >>
* International Space Station gets its first space refrigerator >>
* SpaceX Boca Chica – SN11 Thrust Section Moved – SN8 Testing Continues >>

* TED2020: Civilization on the Moon — and what it means for life on Earth >>
* Salesforce teams up with Okta to assist businesses in the COVID-19 pandemic era >>
* 2020 State of SaaSOps >>

* Amazon Accused of Abusing Power in Rise to E-commerce ‘Gatekeeper’ >>
* House Panel Says Big Tech Wields Monopoly Power >>
* What Google, Apple, Amazon, And Facebook Have At Stake In The Antitrust Fight >>
* Speed in CI CD Get Faster to Get Better >>

* The future of mobile AI >>
* Journal Club: Turning a Toxin into a Genome Editing Tool >>
* a16z Podcast: How to Decide, Convey vs. Convince, & More >>

* Super Nintendo World will open its doors in Japan next spring >>
* Regeneron Asks F.D.A. for Emergency Approval for Drug That Trump Claimed Cured Him >>

* Waymo is opening its fully driverless service to the general public in Metro Phoenix. >>
* COVID is harming sperm, Israeli researchers say, raising infertility worries >>
* Facial recognition data leaks are rampant in China as Covid-19 pushes wider use of the technology >>

* Researchers Find Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Azure Cloud Service >>
* Is a ZeroTime/Zero-Trust Approach the Perfect Cybersecurity Model? >>
* Python 3.9 now available >>

* Decoded: Developer Podcast Series >>
* How Tackle.io Monitors Performance In Serverless >>
* Google is sharing user data tied to search keywords with law enforcement >>

* Top 10 IoT Development Tools in 2020 >>
* ALERT! Hackers targeting IoT devices with a new P2P botnet malware >>
* New ‘MosaicRegressor’ UEFI Bootkit Malware Found Active in the Wild >>
* Seamlessly train hundreds of Machine Learning models on the cloud from your laptop. >>

* AnsibleFest 2020 Preview >>
* Camunda aims to modernize robotic process automation with APIs >>
* What tomorrow’s developers need to succeed >>
* Trump’s chaos spills into 5G >>

* Clearer skies ahead for cable business services >>
* 5G: The end of the beginning >>
* Comcast tests symmetrical 1.25-Gig on HFC >>

* The kids are not alright: Next generation will foot massive pandemic bill >>
* Enhanced computer vision, sensors raise manufacturing stakes for robots as a service >>

* CrowdOptic’s AI Allows for Live-Streaming of Surgical Operations >>
* Here’s What Smartphone Commercials Would Say If They Were Being Perfectly Honest >>
* Here’s The First Trailer For David Fincher’s Long-Awaited ‘Citizen Kane’ Film ‘Mank’ >>

* Space is becoming too crowded, Rocket Lab CEO warns >>
* Trump pledges to provide treatment ‘free to my favourite people in the world’ >>
* Global Economics Intelligence executive summary, September 2020 >>

* How can an AI demonstrate purely through chat that it is an AI, and not a human? >>
* Boom Supersonic Unveils XB-1 Airplane with 21 3D Printed Parts >>
* An ultrasonic projector for medicine >>

* Adobe announces Photoshop and Premiere Elements 2021 >>
* Covid: Brazil’s coronavirus cases pass five million >>

* Trump’s antibody treatment was tested using cells originally derived from an abortion >>
* US Space Force is getting an immersive space sim training tool built in part by the VFX studio behind ‘The Mandalorian’ >>
* The Pence-Harris Debate Is Over—but Let’s Talk About the Fly >>
* The Morning After: Sony gives us a peek inside the PlayStation 5 >>

* Samsung’s quarterly profit is up 58 percent from last year >>
* Public Key: Sharing our approach to security >>
* AI Restoration Makes Apollo Moon Landing Footage Look Like It Was Shot In HD >>

* America’s largest grocery chains, experiments with ghost kitchens and delivery >>
* Cloud kitchens is an oxymoron >>

* Google says Stadia mobile game streaming is ready for primetime >>
* Google Gets Mixed Reception in High Court Clash With Oracle >>

* Covid-19 has led to a worrisome uptick in the use of electronic ankle monitors >>
* Amazon Prime Day 2020: What to expect, plus our shopping tips >>

* Adidas’ Strung shoe is threaded together by a sewing robot >>
* Dilbert: Thursday October 08, 2020: No Mask For Zoom Call >>
* xkcd: All-in-One >>

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