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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 October 2020

* GitOps on AWS Managing Governance, Risk and Compliance for Kubernetes on EKS >>
* Boom unveils the XB-1, its supersonic testbed >>
* US Army wants to build an autonomous drone charging system >>

* US Army is putting AR goggles on military dogs to better guide them >>
* Art(ificial) Intelligence: Pindar Van Arman Builds Robots that Paint – Ep. 129 >>

* NVIDIA Research develops a neural network to replace traditional video compression >>
* Service providers: Are you cloud confident? >>
* Transition from Oil to AI: Middle East Can Be the Next Great AI Hub >>
* Eggplant’s new cloud platform, Micro Focus Digital Safe 10 Archive and Supervisor, and Sonatype’s next-gen dependency management >>

* First DDR5 RAM Modules Promise Faster, More Efficient PCs >>
* Automation Anywhere launches AARI assistant to let humans and RPA bots interact >>
* Parasoft enhances API and UI testing with 2020.2 release >>

* Low-code and no-code tools may finally usher in the era of ‘citizen developers’ >>
* Electronic Blood Vessels to the Rescue >>

* Nobel prize in chemistry goes to the pioneers of CRISPR gene editing >>
* House Panel Says Big Tech Wields Monopoly Power >>
* Congress suggests reining in Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google >>

* Would you let this ‘millipede’ in your body? >>
* Turkey begins to rival China in military drones >>
* Israeli company that builds recharging roads expands in Europe >>

* Rapid covid tests can work—if you avoid making the White House’s mistakes >>
* Mainstream media is the biggest amplifier of White House disinformation >>
* What tomorrow’s developers need to succeed >>

* An ultrasonic projector for medicine >>

* Britain Is Getting Ready for Its Space Race >>
* ISRO plans to launch new rocket before December 2020 >>

* Smartwatches could predict your marathon time with increased accuracy >>
* What Brain-Computer Interfaces Could Mean for the Future of Work >>
* Treating Tinnitus Through the…Tongue? >>

* AI-Powered Drone Learns Extreme Acrobatics >>
* SpaceX doubled down on clearing out the village where it’s building a rocket resort >>

* Why the Pixel 5 reminds us of the Nexus 5 >>
* Hopes fade for US stimulus with Washington in stalemate >>
* Special: Invest Like the Best on Acquired >>

* Watch Russia Fly Its New Fighter Jet with the Top Down, As a Flex >>
* How LivePerson Takes Cloud Native DevSecOps to the Next Level >>
* Secure Your SaaS Apps With Security Posture Management Platform >>

* “World’s fastest electrodes” triple the density of lithium batteries >>
* TED@PMI: What kids can teach adults about asking for help >>
* Thanks to megarounds, venture capital surges to second-highest quarter on record >>
* How Trump’s Illness Is Shaking Up the Campaign >>

* Eli Lilly Asks FDA to Approve Covid-19 Antibody Drug >>
* The Cure for Aging Might be the Cure for Alzheimer’s >>
* ExxonMobil heads to the edge with Intel >>

* Clearer skies ahead for cable business services >>
* Four albatrosses weighing down Xi Jinping >>
* COVID-19 cases rising in 39 states >>
* Xiaomi-backed smart ukulele teaches you how to play music within minutes >>

* Intel confirms 11th Gen Rocket Lake desktop processors coming in early 2021 >>
* America’S Internet Wasn’T Prepared For Online School >>
* AT&T’s DSL Phaseout Is Leaving Poor, Rural Users Behind >>

* These Deepfake Message From Kim Jong-Un And Vladimir Putin Are Incredibly Unsettling >>
* Google’s new logos are bad >>
* Coronavirus: Trump ‘free of symptoms and fever’ >>
* Indian sex workers lose their bank >>

* The emerging resilients: Achieving ‘escape velocity’ >>
* Tech debt: Reclaiming tech equity >>
* Donald Trump just kicked the US economy in the teeth >>
* Covid-19 news: Germany, France and Belgium tighten rules to curb virus >>

* Women are more likely than men to social distance and wear masks >>

* Bot the builder! Robot bricklayer is building three-bedroom house in ‘UK first’ >>
* YouTube limits experimental features to paid Premium subscribers >>

* Vizio’s first 4K OLED TVs are on sale starting at $1,200 >>
* Truecaller tops 250 million users >>
* IBM and The Coding School to offer free online quantum computing course for 5,000 students >>

* Google adds ‘Stories’ to its search app for iOS and Android >>
* Google Assistant comes to gaze-powered accessible devices >>

* Algorithmic Collusion, Hedgemony, Git Exercises, and Android in a Box >>
* Facebook has banned QAnon >>
* A new social-media platform wants to enforce “kindness.” Can that ever work? >>
* A decade in, Instagram is bigger than ever. So are its problems. >>

* Infosec researchers pwned Comcast’s voice-activated remote control so it could snoop on household chit-chat >>
* GitLab scans its customers’ source code, finds it’s as fragile as you’d expect >>
* NASA Detects Nuclear Fusion in Deuterated Metals Irradiated With Gamma Radiation >>

* ICONs 3D Printed Moonbase Vision Has NASA Funding >>
* Blood Test Detects Alzheimer’s 20 Years Before Memory Loss Starts >>
* The Air Leak on the International Space Station is Worse Than Previously Believed >>

* Clever Idea Looking for Shadows of Trees On Exoplanets to Detect Multicellular Life >>
* Reinventing Retail with AI | I AM AI >>
* SpaceX Boca Chica – SN8 Pressure Testing, RCS Thruster Test – Bluezilla Disassembled >>

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