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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 October 2020

* SpaceX wins contract to make US missile tracking satellites >>
* NVIDIA wants to make video calls better with AI >>
* Venmo launches physical credit card backed by Visa with a scannable QR code for contactless payments and an individualized cash-back program >>
* G Suite is now Google Workspace in a bid to merge Gmail, Chat, and Docs >>

* Apple’s next iPhone will be announced on October 13th >>
* Researchers are Putting Fly Babies into Virtual Reality >>
* Dell’s first mini-LED monitor is bright, accurate and $5,000 >>

* Ericsson’s 6G story centers on ‘Internet of senses’ >>
* Instagram marks its 10th anniversary with new anti-bullying features >>
* Instagram starts labeling ‘state-controlled media’ accounts and posts >>
* Kubota taps Nvidia tech for smart-farming autonomous tractors >>

* Spotify now lets you search for songs by lyrics >>
* ShuttleOps to unite Dev and Ops for cloud-native app development with new drag-and-drop functionality >>
* Awful AI is a curated list to track current scary usages of AI >>
* THE FARCE IS STRONG: What If 2020 Were A Star Wars Movie? >>

* Ducati is producing a motorcycle with built-in radar >>
* Monica Kumar & Bala Kuchibhotla, Nutanix | Introducing a New Era in Database Management >>
* SpaceX Starship Project Olympus – Crew 1 Preparing For Lift-Off >>
* Anti-virus software creator John McAfee arrested at Spanish airport >>

* Exascale Day >>
* How the White House is Taking On Remote Work >>
* What is a data processing unit, and why should you care? >>
* Rancher Labs’ new release enables GitOps at scale for Kubernetes >>
* Low-code and no-code tools may finally usher in the era of ‘citizen developers’ >>

* Fed Chair Warns of Hardship if Economic Support Dries Up >>
* Accessibility’s nextgen breakthroughs will be literally in your head >>
* Introducing Google Workspace to help you get more done >>

* Nvidia Pledges To Built Britain’s Largest Supercomputer Following $40 Billion Bid For Arm >>
* Conversational AI Inference at Data Center Scale >>
* Tesla Hacker Reveals What Driver-Facing Camera Is Looking For >>
* An Open-Source Bionic Leg >>

* Wondercise’s on-demand fitness classes pair with your existing smartwatch >>
* More early Prime Day 2020 deals have kicked off on Amazon >>

* This robot fry chef on rails can be yours for $30,000 >>
* Google is making Assistant’s voice features much easier to use for people with disabilities >>
* Researchers identify process for regenerating neurons in the eye and brain >>

* Cobra Kai Netflix season 3 premieres January 8th >>
* Safety panel has “great concern” about NASA plans to test Moon mission software >>
* Trump’s fight with COVID-19 adds fresh fuel to the misinformation fire he started >>
* Ÿnsect, the makers of the world’s most expensive bug farm, raises another $224 million >>

* Vizio’S Affordable New Oled Tv Puts Lg And Sony On Notice >>
* A Cost/Benefit Analysis of Clinical Trial Designs for COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates >>
* COVID Strategy 101 >>
* COVID-19 pushed companies over the technology tipping point—and transformed business forever >>

* Debunking seven common myths about cloud >>
* Evaluating an automatic speech recognition service >>
* Machine Learning Software is Now Doing the Exhausting Task of Counting Craters On Mars >>

* Dilbert: Tuesday October 06, 2020: Height Advantage >>
* The Wire Inspired a Fake Turtle Egg That Spies on Poachers >>

* Apple’s movie store now has Disney movies in 4K >>
* Asbestos could be a powerful weapon against climate change (you read that right) >>
* Hydroxychloroquine Is Part of the Online Conversation, Again >>

* Picker, an app to discover products recommended by people >>
* Ubisoft debuts Viking history podcast ahead of ‘Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’ >>
* Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Dune’ Delayed To October 1, 2021 >>

* A drop of blood could reveal how old wild elephants are >>
* Mars will shine bright insky tonight as Red Planet makes its closest approach to Earth in 17 years >>
* Scientist create TRANSPARENT wood as clear as glass but stronger, lighter and five times more thermally efficient >>

* An entire generation of new voters are on TikTok, but Biden and Trump are neglecting them >>
* Putting developers into application security >>

* How much more abuse do female politicians face? A lot. >>
* JRE #1545 – W. KEITH CAMPBELL >>
* The great uncoupling: one supply chain for China, one for everywhere else >>

* Pipeline of an Alexa Skill with GitHub Actions >>
* Going Back to the Workplace in a Pandemic >>
* Vodafone calls out open RAN ‘frontrunners’ >>

* South Korea sees ‘sharp acceleration’ in 5G demand >>
* Researchers dig into medieval Jerusalem poop for insights into modern gut health >>
* Brazil’s decision on Huawei 5G to help define relationship with China, senior official says >>

* Four Covid rules broken by Trump and the White House >>
* Covid hospital cases jump 25% in a day in England >>
* Tasktop Hub Demo: Sophisticated cross-tool integration for ServiceNow Agile Development >>

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