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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 September 2020

* Amazon One, a way to pay with your palm when entering stores >>
* Social Cooling >>
* TED2020: A global movement to solve global problems >>

* Coronavirus death toll reaches 1 million – how did we get here? >>
* Amazon launches a $4.99-per-month ‘personal shopper’ service for men’s fashion >>
* Deepfake Putin is here to warn Americans about their self-inflicted doom >>

* Researchers say they can predict epileptic seizures an hour in advance >>
* D-Wave launches its 5,000+ qubit Advantage system >>
* D-Wave claims it has the world’s most powerful quantum computer >>

* SpaceX Starlink Can Provide Super GPS With a Software Modification >>
* DevOps World 2020: The future of distributed work >>
* A closer look at the Apple Watch Series 6 and how to review it >>

* Owlet’s new baby smart sock >>
* Arcwave Ion is designed to ‘give men a female orgasm’ >>
* SaaS Website Content You Need to Close Sales [Data] >>

* Rust 2021: GUI >>
* Starlink puts towns devastated by wildfires online for disaster relief workers >>
* Testing of plane technology set to break electric speed record >>

* VMworld 2020 >>
* Oracle adds digital assistants and boosts AI features in its enterprise cloud suite >>
* Arm rolls out new hardened chip designs for robots and smart cars >>

* VMware and Nvidia partner to accelerate AI and enterprise workloads >>
* McAfee to go public after boosting revenue to $1.4B in first half of 2020 >>
* Global Stocks Waver After Wall Street Rally >>

* Hackers Target Schools in the Pandemic >>
* Journal Club: Degrading Drugs for Problematic Proteins >>

* Bio Eats World: Revolutions in Cancer Treatment—Past, Present, and Future >>
* Musk makes Starlink IPO guarantee to small investors >>
* Microsoft raises the stakes in telecom fight against AWS and Google >>

* Kazuhiro Gomi & Yoshihisa Yamamoto | Upgrade 2020 The NTT Research Summit >>
* Alex Bennett, NTT | Upgrade 2020 The NTT Research Summit >>
* Simon Walsh, NTT | Upgrade 2020 The NTT-Research Summit >>
* How Twilio built its own conference platform >>

* Trump and Biden to lock horns in presidential debate >>
* Solving the Achilles Heel of DevOps quality and speed with Test Environment Management >>
* SpaceX Starship 15km Flight: What To Expect & When? >>

* Mice Poop Shows Gut Bacteria Is Key To Sleep >>
* The future of life insurance: Reimagining the industry for the decade ahead >>
* Overcoming the core-technology transformation stalemate >>

* Moving from cash preservation to cash excellence for the next normal >>
* Stay connected with Google Meet >>
* Digital Twin Earth >>

* Scientists kill cancer cells by ‘shutting the door’ to the nucleus >>
* Recording thousands of nerve cell impulses at high resolution >>
* Microrobots used to build bridge between rat nerve cell networks >>

* Dinosaurs Got Cancer Too >>
* Self-Erasing Chips Could Thwart Counterfeit Tech >>
* Europe’s second covid-19 wave is here but is it bigger than the first? >>

* NASA schedules the first Crew Dragon operational flight for Halloween >>
* How democracies can claim back power in the digital world >>
* Gillmor Gang: Over 2 U >>

* Can Amazon Conquer the World? >>
* America’s Cup: Spark launches ‘5G race zone’ >>
* Japan unveils new scheme to speed up adoption of cashless payments >>

* Airbus drone broke up in-flight because it couldn’t handle Australian weather >>
* Tesla Will Advance Energy Storage Future by Decades >>

* New Radio Telescope Is Going to Fly to the Far Side of the Moon to Listen to the Signals From the Early Universe >>
* Moving from notebooks to automated ML pipelines using Amazon SageMaker and AWS Glue >>
* Introducing Amazon One—a new innovation to make everyday activities effortless >>

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