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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 September 2020

* Elon Musk says Starship SN8 prototype will have a nosecone and attempt a 60,000-foot return flight >>
* China may kill TikTok’s US operations rather than see them sold >>
* SoftBank is reportedly preparing to sell ARM to Nvidia for more than $40 billion >>

* Surface Duo review, Xbox Series S and Apple’s upcoming event >>
* Sony announces PS5 event for Wednesday September 16th >>
* Sony will stream a PlayStation 5 games showcase on September 16th at 4PM ET >>

* What to expect at Apple’s September 15th event >>
* What to expect from Apple’s ‘Time Flies’ event: Apple Watch Series 6, a redesigned iPad Air, and more >>
* Apple is preparing to launch a subscription services bundle called ‘Apple One’ that combines Music, TV‌+, Arcade and News+, Android code suggests >>

* Space startup Astra’s first orbital rocket launch ends prematurely >>
* Elon Musk says Tesla has ‘many exciting things’ to reveal on Battery Day >>
* AstraZeneca Resumes Its COVID-19 Vaccine Trials In The U.K. >>

* AI can edit video in real time to sync new audio to people’s lips >>
* Why virtual reality is necessary on a planet of 11 billion >>

* a16z Podcast: The Myths of Heroes in Entrepreneurship — with Guy Raz >>
* a16z Podcast: The Question of Education >>
* NVIDIA Research’s David Luebke on Intersection of Graphics, AI – Ep. 127 >>

* The Uphill Battle to Bring Back Jobs >>
* Tis the season of tech reviews and console reveals >>
* Tech Behind The Mind Reading Pangolin Dress Could Lead To Wireless—And Batteryless—Exoskeleton Control >>

* Microsoft AI tool enables ‘extremely large’ models with a trillion parameters >>
* No-code application development and automation is the future for Google Cloud’s Business Application Platform >>
* Gilead to Buy Immunomedics in $21 Billion Deal for Cancer Drug >>

* Video Friday: Drone Helps Explore World’s Deepest Ice Caves >>
* New research suggests a possible treatment for dyslexia​ >>
* C++ is About To Get a Huge Update >>

* Anduril’s New Drone Offers to Inject More AI Into Warfare >>
* SpaceX Starship updates, Starlink Space Lasers, Rocket Lab Photon, SLS news & Astra launch failure >>
* SpaceX Boca Chica – Starship SN6 Moved Out Of Mid Bay – High Bay Roof Work Continues >>
* Apple revises App Store rules to permit game streaming apps, clarify in-app purchases and more >>

* Netflix’s CEO says wants to build franchises like ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Harry Potter’, ‘long way to go’ >>
* How Google delivers reliable information in Search >>
* Against digitalized subscription services >>
* DCM is poised to make roughly $1 billion off its $26 million bet on Bill.com >>

* Energy ‘Scavenger’ Could Turn Waste Heat From Devices Like Refrigerators Into Electricity >>
* Google says its Autocomplete feature will stay neutral in the 2020 election >>
* Huawei Closing Enterprise Hardware Division In the UK >>
* Human Capital: The battle over the fate of gig workers continues >>

* Is Boeing’s ‘737 Max’ Safe Now? >>
* MIT Sleep Monitor Can Track People’s Sleeping Positions Using Radio Signals >>
* Blood Centers Are Barely Meeting Convalescent Plasma Demand >>
* Unicorn layoffs prompt more startups to consider acqui-hiring >>

* M2-9: Wings of a Butterfly Nebula >>
* Introducing AresDB: Uber’s GPU-Powered Open Source, Real-time Analytics Engine >>
* Meet GitOps, the key to launching effective software releases in the cloud-native era >>

* Photon Device Offers ‘X-Ray Vision’ Through Fog >>
* Warren Buffett’s $570 million bet on Snowflake shows he completely trusts his deputies >>
* Motorola stealth launches the Moto G9 Plus in Brazil >>
* Why ‘Cancel Netflix’ is trending >>

* Visualizing TensorFlow training jobs with TensorBoard >>
* A Sunspot, Revealed in Incredible Detail by Europe’s Newly Upgraded GREGOR Telescope >>
* China is Building a Floating Spaceport for Rocket Launches >>
* Weekly Space Hangout: September 9, 2020 – Dr. Katie Mack Discusses “The End of Everything” >>
* Calorie Restriction Improves DNA repair >>
* APOD: The Reappearance of Mars >>
* 3 Ways to Improve Sales Forecasts When the Future Is Unclear >>

* AI Ruined Chess. Now, It’s Making the Game Beautiful Again >>
* Alexa can print your recipes, sudoku games or your grocery list >>
* Daily Crunch: Facebook launches a college-only network >>

* Lipsync, Workflow, Knowledge Half-Life, and Security Engineering >>
* Invincible applications, invisible infrastructure >>
* TikTok Is Paying Creators. Not All of Them Are Happy >>
* TikTok fixes Android bugs that could have led to account hijacks >>
* Watchdog accuses Amazon of price gouging during the pandemic >>

* Zoom rolls out two-factor authentication for all accounts >>
* Oxford vaccine trial pause isn’t bad news – it’s the process working >>
* Digital transformation took on whole new meaning when entire companies started working from home >>

* An Alzheimer’s Drug Has Been Shown to Help Teeth Repair Cavities Naturally >>
* Disney+ is getting a watch party mode >>
* Apple gives Stadia and xCloud the green light to run on iOS >>

* China says Mars probe stable; no word on reusable spacecraft >>
* Scientists publish images of coronavirus infected cells >>
* China’s New Reusable Spaceplane Lands After 2 Days in Space >>
* Dilbert: Saturday September 12, 2020: Augmented Reality >>

* NASA is sending two small hand-luggage suitcase-sized spacecraft to study binary asteroids in 2022 >>
* Automated monitoring of ML models with Amazon SageMaker and sending predictions to human review w Amazon A2I >>
* Right-sizing resources and avoiding unnecessary costs in Amazon SageMaker >>
* How to Watch WIRED25 >>

* Trends in Data Center Networking >>
* Verizon, Vodafone talk open networks and innovation >>
* Is 5G fixed wireless getting ready for its comeback? >>
* What Happened When I Invaded A Trump Bubble >>

* Donald Trump Is Smarter Than We Ever Gave Him Credit For >>
* GitHub integrates with Microsoft Teams, and Visual Studio Code 1.49 released >>
* HCL launches cloud-native database OneDB >>

* India spent $30 billion to fix its broken sanitation. It ended up with more problems >>
* The World’s Largest Digital Camera Will Capture 20 Billion Galaxies. But First, Broccoli. >>
* New Linux Malware Steals Call Details from VoIP Softswitch Systems >>
* New Unpatched Bluetooth Flaw Lets Hackers Easily Target Nearby Devices >>

* Disrespectful Design—Users aren’t stupid or lazy >>
* This Week in Programming: Ignore the Rumors of C++’s Meteoric Rise >>
* TED2020: How to win an argument (at the US Supreme Court, or anywhere) >>

* Amit Zavery, Google Cloud | Google Cloud Next OnAir ’20 >>
* Tammy Bryant | PagerDuty Summit 2020 >>
* Argentina surpasses 11,000 deaths, half-a-million infections >>
* Coronavirus: Israel to impose three-week national lockdown >>

* Israeli startup Melio seeks to revolutionize how businesses pay suppliers >>
* Pandemic film-making in NZ >>
* Huawei launches updated HarmonyOS to challenge US >>
* Watch Slow Motion Footage Of A Transparent Engine Blowing Up >>

* What Would Happen If We Detonated All Of The World’s Nuclear Bombs In Space At Once? >>
* Multi-Weight Portable Kettlebell >>
* Welcome To The ‘Turbulent Twenties’ >>
* Coronavirus: South Korea’s Covid detectives >>

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