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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 September 2020

* Special: Acquired x My First Million>>
* Blood and Silicon: New Electronics-Cooling System Mimics Human Capillaries >>
* Self-cooling microchips could make your smartphone more efficient >>
* Why Tech Keeps Getting Caught Up in U.S.-China Tensions >>

* Watch the first trailer for the insanely star-studded ‘Dune’ >>
* Podcast: Closing the digital divide during COVID-19 >>
* Voice assistants don’t work for kids >>

* Apple, Amazon, Google, and Zigbee Alliance Standard For Smart Home Tech On Track For 2021 Release >>
* TONG is a tiny computer you control with your tongue >>
* Viral article puts the brakes on China’s food delivery frenzy >>
* How India became the world’s leader in internet shutdowns >>
* Remote Work Doesn’t Have to Mean All-Day Video Calls >>

* Microsoft confirms $499 Xbox Series X arrives November 10, pre-orders begin September 22 >>
* Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will arrive the same day as the new Xbox consoles >>
* LiDAR explained: What this laser tech can do for your new iPhone >>
* Greenstop launches its cannabis vending machine in California dispensaries >>

* Gillmor Gang: Table Stakes >>
* McDonald’s is testing a new system of reusable, returnable coffee cups >>
* Fundo: a virtual experiences platform for creators >>
* Android 11 launches with streamlined conversations, screen recording, and more >>

* Software Engineering, Architects and Plumbers, Pair Programming with AI, and Comments >>
* In future everyone will be a software engineer and barely any will know how to code >>

* Apply for a Summer 2021 IBM Quantum Internship >>
* When will we see ordinary people going into space? >>
* AT&T customers can use Alexa devices to make phone calls >>

* Maserati unveils its first supercar in 15 years >>
* AstraZeneca has paused its vaccine trial after a participant fell ill >>
* An Army of Microscopic Robots Is Ready to Patrol Your Body >>
* Enterprise Architect 15.2 expands core modeling capabilities >>

* Tarkan Maner & Rajiv Mirani, Nutanix | Global .NEXT Digital Experience 2020 >>
* Manosiz Bhattacharyya, Nutanix | Global .NEXT Digital Experience 2020 >>
* TED2020: How Facebook profits from polarization >>
* TED2020: What it takes to make change >>

* Industry Best Practices for SSH Access >>
* Discover How Volvo Cars Uses a Time Series Database to Become Data Driven >>
* Async Views in Django 3.1 >>

* Test-Driven Development (TDD) >>
* New Zealand Is About to Test Long-Range Wireless Power Transmission >>
* Struggles of the Cloud — Survival Tactics from Two GitLab Experts >>
* Does Robinhood Make It Too Easy to Trade? >>

* Approaching the edge: IBM is ready for the 5G factory >>
* China’s fast 5G rollout is widening its digital divide >>
* High daily tally pushes Argentina past 500,000 infections >>
* Small businesses, self-employed threaten ‘anarchy’ if new lockdown imposed >>

* Mall owners Simon and Brookfield to acquire J.C. Penney out of bankruptcy despite ‘screaming matches’ >>
* 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services to create “Global Services, Shared Prosperity” >>
* From serving drinks to stacking shelves, robots get more jobs in Japan as workforce shrinks >>
* Demand for cloud services in China increases to quarterly record high of US$4.3 billion >>

* Serverless: The New Frontier of Web Services. Do or Don’t? >>
* This Latest ‘Mission: Impossible 7’ Motorcycle Stunt From Tom Cruise Is Straight-Up Bonkers >>
* Cyber attacks create 4500-times normal online traffic >>

* Trump deliberately played down virus, Woodward book says >>
* Trump Nobel Peace Prize nomination – what you need to know >>
* Has Australia actually trumped NZ in virus response? >>

* Creating a sophisticated conversational experience using Amazon Lex in Australian English >>
* North Korea ATM Hack >>
* Hacking AI-Graded Tests >>
* Could the coronavirus merge with another virus to create a new threat? >>

* US Air Force ‘chameleon’ satellites can be reconfigured in orbit >>
* How Scientists Discovered the Staggering Complexity of Human Evolution >>
* This 3.2 gigapixel cauliflower is the largest photograph ever taken >>

* Hummingbirds can drop their body temperature below 4°C when they rest >>
* ‘Vertical garden’ 30-story high-rise set for Australian city is covered in more than 20,000 trees and plants >>
* A SETI Search of 10 Million Star Systems >>
* Twitter begins adding headlines and descriptions to some of its ‘trends’ >>

* Smart stimulus: Cash as code >>
* Rick Moranis breaks acting hiatus for 30 seconds to launch Mint’s $30 a month unlimited plan >>
* CBS Will Celebrate ‘Star Trek’ Day 2020 With an Epic Trek Panel Marathon >>
* Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot goes on sale in Europe and Canada >>

* This Gates-backed startup is building a better battery for electric cars >>
* Edible Food Packaging Made From Seaweed Has The Potential To Offset Carbon Emissions Entirely! >>
* California Power Outages Happening as Predicted When Nuclear Reactors Were Shutdown >>
* SpaceX Boca Chica – SN10 Forward Dome Sleeved – SN7.1 Test Preps >>

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