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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 September 2020

* Researchers capture the world’s first 3,200-megapixel digital photo >>
* Apple’s next big launch event will take place on September 15th >>
* SpaceX Boca Chica – SN7.1 Test Tank Rolled Out For Testing >>

* Equity Monday: JFrog and Sumo Logic set initial IPO prices amidst wave of interesting private rounds >>
* Snowflake’s IPO could value it as high as $24B, Salesforce and Berkshire to invest >>
* Progress to Purchase Chef >>
* Progress acquires Chef to extend DevOps and DevSecOps offerings >>

* Tech Mahindra to offer blockchain services for aviation, telecom and medical supply using AWS >>
* Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Journey with Cloud Native and No code Low code Platforms to >>
* Google to give Wi-Fi roaming another try >>

* Microsoft confirms compact, $299 Xbox Series S arriving on November 10 >>
* iPhone 12: everything we think we know about Apple’s 2020 5G iPhones >>
* India flies Mach 6 scramjet for 20 whole seconds >>

* Android 11 is here and brings built-in screen recording at last >>
* Android 11 review: An incremental update that needs some polish >>
* Marc Levoy On The Balance Of Camera Hardware, Software, And Artistic Expression >>
* Japan, France, New Zealand Warn of Sudden Uptick in Emotet Trojan Attacks >>

* Google binds no-code tools, API management and serverless computing into new development platform >>
* Nancy Roman Telescope’s Primary 2.4-Meter Mirror is Ready >>
* Tech Stocks Fall Further, Dragging Down Markets >>

* Boeing Dreamliner Production Problems Spur FAA Review of Lapses >>
* Telco obsession with speed is growing in 5G era >>
* Experimental drug boosts muscle and bone mass of mice in space >>

* Say hello to safer phone calls >>
* Pair Programming with AI >>
* Orion Wifi helps venues improve cellular coverage >>

* NASA-funded scientist says ‘MEGA drive’ could enable interstellar travel >>
* China launches new optical remote-sensing satellite >>
* Nutanix Launches Kubernetes Platform-as-a-Service for the Multicloud Era >>

* KronoGraph released to provide timeline visualizations, Diffblue launches automated Java unit testing solution >>
* DevOps UnBound DevSecOps/AppSec >>
* Lidar startup Ouster raises $42M as new use cases lift sensor demand >>

* A developer used a tool from the AI company Elon Musk cofounded to create an app that lets you build websites simply by describing how they work >>
* Samsung to end Tianjin TV production, joining China exodus >>
* NASA issues new call for lunar payload deliveries from its commercial moon lander partners >>

* Epic built a real-life soundstage for in-game ‘Fortnite’ concerts >>
* Japan companies line up for subsidies to bring production home >>
* Guy Uses AI To Boost His Stop-Motion Film To 60 FPS, And The Result Is Stunning >>

* In-vitro study shows drug is ‘potent’ inhibitor of coronavirus >>
* MeMed partners with Italy’s DiaSorin to commercialize bacteria vs virus test >>
* End of an era as Australia’s last journalists in China forced out >>

* 9 proptech investors talk co-living, home offices and other pandemic trends >>
* Dentists Are Seeing an Epidemic of Cracked Teeth. What’s Going On? >>
* Someone Deepfaked All Of The Characters From Your Favorite Movies Singing Smash Mouth’s ‘All Star’ >>

* How To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Robot >>
* Large Hadron Collider Creates Matter From Light >>
* A New Breakthrough Just Brought City-Wide Quantum Communication Into Reach >>
* Dilbert: Tuesday September 08, 2020: Management Got Virus >>

* Presence of antibodies may not guarantee protection from Covid-19 >>
* Genome sequencing accelerates cancer detection >>
* Air Force just tested ‘robot dogs’ to help security forces keep an eye on their bases >>
* ‘Assembly Line’ Tinkering Lets Yeast Cells Make Drugs >>

* Small sticker could hide a fighter jet from an enemy drone >>
* Apple shares first look inside floating store which boasts underwater boardroom and shop floor surrounded by glass >>
* Blue Origin has been trying to get the hell off this planet for 20 years now >>
* Airthings Wave Mini review: This is a great entry-level air quality monitor >>

* Huge tunnel network creates new railway link through the Alps >>
* Why Donald Trump’s dishonesty might actually matter in 2020 >>
* The 37 most absurd lines from Donald Trump’s Labor Day ‘news conference’ >>
* Exclusive: GM Can Manage an EV’s Batteries Wirelessly—and Remotely >>

* Can AI Make Bluetooth Contract Tracing Better? >>
* Gravitational waves could show what’s happening inside a star as it’s going supernova >>
* Extraterrestrial Hunters Figure Out a Way to Expand Their Search for Signals by a Factor of 200 >>

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