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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 September 2020

* Unlimited Information Is Transforming Society >>
* Picture Perfection: Topaz Labs CTO Albert Yang Will Take Your Snapshots to the Next Level – Ep. 126 >>
* Blockbusters are back as ‘Tenet’ makes $20m US debut >>
* Attention is your scarcest resource >>

* Virgin Galactic’s last round of SpaceShipTwo tests begins October 22nd >>
* Worries grow over a K-shaped economic recovery that favors the wealthy >>
* Work-from-home trend deepens social gaps, survey shows >>
* 24-hour online hackathon in bid to create 100 new startups >>

* From gadgets to GPUs, all the product announcements from this week >>
* a16z Podcast: COVID Relief and Fraud >>
* Mind-bogglingly complex: Here’s what we know about how COVID vaccine will be distributed when it’s approved >>
* 16 Minutes on the News #39: A Faster, Cheaper Test — Will It Really Democratize Coronavirus Testing? >>
* The world cries out for a ‘goddess’ of prosperity as woes pile up >>

* Apple delays privacy, builds wind turbines instead >>
* JRE #1532 – MIKE TYSON >>
* Is the COVID-19 pandemic a catalyst for the fourth industrial revolution? >>

* New trailers: The Forty-Year-Old Version, The Boys in the Band, No Time to Die, and more >>
* European Trio Working On Solar Canopy For Highways >>
* ReRAM Research Improves Independent AI Learning >>
* SpaceX will initiate the development of Starship Super Heavy ‘booster prototype one’ >>

* Giant 3D-printer builds a TWO-STORY house in one piece >>
* Scientists redesign face mask to improve comfort, protection >>
* Coronavirus and the Flu: A Looming Double Threat >>
* When Learning Is Really Remote: Students Climb Trees and Travel Miles for a Cell Signal >>

* Netflix, Amazon and Disney+ will self-regulate to avoid censorship in India >>
* China says it landed a reusable spacecraft after a two-day flight >>
* Dilbert: Sunday September 06, 2020: Authority On Your Opinion >>
* New Simulation Shows Exactly What Dark Matter Would Look Like If We Could See It >>

* Covid lockdown sees rise of ‘barter classes’ in Indian villages >>
* The Orbital Index – Issue No. 80 >>
* Creality Developing Belt-Driven Desktop 3D Printer >>
* The Right to Repair could help address a critical shortage in school computers >>

* U.S. Stocks Close Lower After Volatile Session >>
* U.S. Employers Added 1.4 Million Jobs in August >>
* COVID-19 slowing network operator capex, warns Ciena >>
* Argentine Doctors beg citizens to ‘stay home’ amid fears for health system >>

* Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra review: Unabashedly over the top >>
* China says it landed a reusable spacecraft after a two-day flight >>
* Pass the Payment Choice Act >>
* Negative interest rates tipped for April 2021 as world economy struggles >>
* A vaccine won’t cure the global economy >>

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