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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 August 2020

* SpaceX Starship SN6 to fly in less than a week!?, Starlink Speed Results, Saocom 1B, Ariane 5/MEV-2 >>
* Let’s watch SpaceX static fire Starship SN-6! >>

* a16z Podcast: Reining in Complexity — Data Science & Future of AI/ML Businesses >>
* BT Security’s Kevin Brown on remote working, cybersecurity and human firewalls >>
* China’s AI tech leaves aside questions of ethics >>

* Is Blockchain ‘the Amazing Solution for Almost Nothing’? >>
* A Rocket Scientist’s Love Algorithm Adds Up During Covid-19 >>
* Bill Gates says tech companies ‘deserve rude, unfair, tough questions’ >>
* Another Tragic Epidemic: Suicide >>

* First Trailer Of Robert Pattinson’s ‘The Batman,’ Introduces A Dark And Gritty Gotham City >>
* Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer Reveals Kristen Wiig As The Villainous Cheetah >>
* First trailer for Zack Snyder’s Justice League cut >>

* WordPress founder, Apple cut off updates to his completely free app because it wants 30 percent >>
* Epic continues Apple feud by giving away Android devices in #FreeFortnite tournament >>
* Apple’s $2 Trillion Valuation Weakens Its Fight Over Fortnite >>

* MakerBot CloudPrint Software Makes Remote, Collaborative 3D Printing Seamless >>
* Engineers hit new world record for data transmission over the internet >>
* In Pandemic, More Are Paying for Direct Access to Their Doctors >>

* Reliance on Chinese protective gear soars in pandemic’s wake >>
* For Quick Coronavirus Testing, Israel Turns to a Clever Algorithm >>
* Chinese inactivated COVID-19 vaccine starts phase-3 clinical trials in Argentina >>

* A record 46 billion-dollar companies have filed for bankruptcy in the US this year >>
* Ten Billionaires, Led By Elon Musk, Dan Gilbert And Jeff Bezos, Got $53 Billion Richer This Week >>
* Investors Argue This Stock Market Isn’t Like the ’90s Dot-Com Boom >>

* Amazon and Reliance square off as India’s online pharmacy sector booms during coronavirus pandemic >>
* Xi Declares War on Food Waste, and China Races to Tighten Its Belt >>
* Remembering Sir Ken Robinson >>

* Solar Panels Are Starting to Die, Leaving Behind Toxic Trash >>
* NASA: A truck-sized asteroid is headed toward Earth one day before the November election >>
* Windows 10 can run apps from your Samsung phone >>

* IBM Research AI at KDD 2020 >>
* IBM Federated Learning – machine learning where the data is >>
* GPT-3, Bloviator: OpenAI’s language generator has no idea what it’s talking about >>

* Katie Gamanji, American Express | KubeCon >>
* Songwhip: Music links to every platform >>
* Towards an ImageNet Moment for Speech-to-Text: A Deep Dive >>

* Microsoft backs Epic’s request to keep using Apple developer tools >>
* This Week’s Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through August 22) >>
* 6G Will Be 100 Times Faster Than 5G—and Now There’s a Chip for It >>

* Eight Nvidia A100 Next Generation Tensor Chips for 5 Petaflops at $200,000 >>
* Cerebras Wafer Scale Chip With 1.2 Trillion Transistors >>
* The Future of AI Research is Never Ending Storage and Cheap, Small Processors >>

* Somebody or something is failing us >>
* Preparing for the next normal now: How health systems can adopt a growth transformation in the COVID-19 world >>
* South Korea Warns of ‘Massive’ Coronavirus Risk >>

* Trump considers fast-tracking UK Covid-19 vaccine before US election >>
* As the world struggles to contain coronavirus, life gets back to normal in China >>
* Battle for the Soul of America >>
* Nearly 70,000 lives could be saved in the next 3 months if more Americans wore masks, researchers say >>
* Kiwis respond to claim locked-down New Zealand is a ‘hellhole’ >>

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