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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 August 2020

* Robots in, buffets out: Asia hotels try socially distant hospitality >>
* MSC Grandiosa: First Mediterranean cruise launches after five-month pause >>
* Self-driving cars are bullshit >> >>

* Americans are Sleepwalking into a Stolen Election >>
* Covid is America’s Hiroshima >>
* How Citibot’s chatbot search engine uses AI to find more answers >>

* If You Have Any Money, It’s About to Lose (A Lot) of Value >>
* Israel Aerospace Industries seeks startups to tap into ‘next big thing’ >>

* Fortnite’s Gen Z gamers feel socially cut off after Apple, Google remove app >>

* Boring Company Tunnel Extending from Convention Center to Resorts World Casino >>
* Nanoinfluencers Are Slyly Barnstorming the 2020 Election >>

* Why are people worrying about inflation with another Great Depression looming? >>
* Bidders unable to buy over 1GHz in Australian 26GHz 5G spectrum auction >>
* MicroPython >>

* The Matrix Calculus You Need For Deep Learning >>
* These articles go over different kinds of Algorithmic Thinking. >>
* Recent advances in Natural Language Processing- Some Woolly speculations >>

* The U.S. Brings State-Sponsored Piracy Into the 21st Century >>
* COVID-19 Cases And Deaths In The United States As A Percentage Of Total Population, Visualized >>
* Long Covid: ‘Life might never be normal again’ >>

* What’s Possible When Earth and Space-based Telescopes Work Together? >>
* Interference Noise Shield Extend Quantum Systems To Last 10,000 Times Longer >>
* Dilbert: Humans Making Decisions >>

* The new quicker, cheaper, supply chain robust saliva test >>
* Elon Musk promises Tesla updates like goat honks, pothole detection >>

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