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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 August 2020

* Rocket Companies surges 9% after reporting eye-popping growth in earnings >>
* Morning After: Epic and ‘Fortnite’ vs. Apple and Google >>
* Scientists see an earthquake boomerang back and forth in the Atlantic >>

* Mindfulness and meditation can worsen depression and anxiety >>
* SpaceX Starlink speeds revealed as beta users get downloads of 11 to 60Mbps >>
* Vergecast: the app store chaos episode >>

* Fastest star in our galaxy moves at 8 per cent the speed of light >>
* AWS releases Braket for quantum computing and development >>

* A Third of TikTok’s U.S. Users May Be 14 or Under, Raising Safety Questions >>
* These AI-generated tennis matches are both eerie and impressive >>

* A college kid’s fake, AI-generated blog fooled tens of thousands. This is how he made it. >>
* Amazon launches online pharmacy in India >>
* Small trial for COVID antibody drug, a world 1st, gets flying start in Jerusalem >>

* Facebook is the latest tech giant to blast Apple’s ‘App Store tax’ >>
* Engadget Podcast: All about the Surface Duo and Galaxy Watch Active 3 >>
* Facebook launches support for paid online events >>

* Facebook tests TikTok-style video format on its main app in India >>
* Google Search makes it easier to find where to watch NBA, MLB games >>
* PKI in DevOps How to Deploy Certificate Automation within CI CD >>

* TEDMED 2020: Rumors, trust and vaccines >>
* TED2020: You will surprise yourself (and other pearls of wisdom) >>
* A 429-Million-Year-Old Trilobite Had Eyes like Those of Modern Bees >>

* Scientists develop artificial intelligence system for high precision recognition of hand gestures >>
* Mirantis acquires Lens, an IDE for Kubernetes >>
* Facebook accuses the ‘Apple tax’ of stifling its plan to help struggling small businesses >>

* The Biden-Harris Ticket Takes the Stage >>
* Scientists decode likely order of Covid-19 symptoms >>
* Mexico, Argentina aim to roll out vaccine early next year >>

* Corey Quinn calls it like he sees it in the cloud native world >>
* Ed Walsh | CUBE Conversation, August 2020 >>
* Kubernetes-based Control Plane to Manage Risk and Compliance for the Cloud >>

* Epic Games is suing Apple >>
* Watch Epic’s Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite short mocking Apple right here >>
* Fastest Star Ever Seen is Moving at 8% the Speed of Light >>

* Google stops responding to data requests from Hong Kong authorities >>
* 5G transport: Don’t underestimate microwave >>
* Digitizing Burning Man >>

* Making a Covid-19 Vaccine Is Hard. Making One for Kids Is Harder >>
* NASA and SpaceX target October 23 for first operational astronaut launch >>
* Researchers explore sound to help improve robotic perception >>

* Wireless Chip Breakthrough for Eventual 6G Speed that is 100 Times Faster Than 5G >>
* How China’s ACRCloud detects copyrighted music in short videos >>
* Make travel decisions with confidence >>

* Magnetic levitation can be used to separate the living from the dead >>
* A Fast Inflatable Sail Using Desorption >>
* MRAM Tech Startup Says It’s Device Solves DRAM’s Row Hammer Vulnerability >>

* Robotic Chameleon Tongue Snatches Nearby Objects in the Blink of an Eye >>
* Startup’s Thermal Imaging and AR System for Firefighters Joins the COVID-19 Fight >>
* Dilbert: Friday August 14, 2020 Can’t Let It Go >>
* NASA bounces laser beams off of Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter >>

* Losing weight before you hit 40 can HALVE risk of a premature death, study suggests >>
* Nations buying up covid-19 vaccine doses endanger pandemic efforts >>
* COVID Risk Comfort Zone >>

* Tiny MEMS Space Telescope on a Cubesat >>
* Turning Bricks Into Supercapacitors >>
* Apple is reportedly planning ‘Apple One’ subscription bundles >>

* GDC 2021 is on the schedule as a hybrid event in July >>
* Announcing the new Jupyter Book >>
* U.S. Retail Spending Rose 1.2% in July >>

* Microsoft launches open source website, TensorFlow Recorder released, and Stackery brings serverless to the Jamstack >>
* The Deep Sea >>
* How to Be in Time >>

* Berkshire Hathaway slashes its stakes in US banks >>
* Here Comes the Sun: NASA Scientists Talk Solar Physics >>
* JRE #1525 – TIM DILLON >>

* Git based Security Workflows for Developers >>
* TED2020: What silence can teach you about sound >>
* Nvidia built its Selene supercomputer for coronavirus research in just 3 weeks >>

* Monica Kumar & Tarkan Maner, Nutanix >>
* Deutsche Telekom bets on no Huawei ban but wants O-RAN rules >>
* Telstra stock slides after 14% profit fall >>
* Thai Airways’ record $900m loss wipes out shareholder equity >>

* US considers midrange missile deployment in Asia to counter China >>
* A Cold War in No One’s Interest >>
* Latest of the world’s largest container ships nears completion in South Korea >>
* Woman Broke World Record For Most Words Spelled Backwards In One Minute >>

* Elevation Resistance Training & Cardio Workout Sports Mask >>
* Dramatic drone images show devastated Beirut >>
* How six companies are using technology and data to transform themselves >>

* Australia’s next normal: The cautious consumer >>
* Viewing Mars In 4K >>
* DJI’s new Mavic Air 2 firmware update allows for 4x zoom, 4K hyperlapse, and more >>
* Boeing 777X just flew for the first time >>
* New Zealand investigating freight as possible source of Covid-19 outbreak >>

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