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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 August 2020

* SpaceX’s Crew Dragon splash down in Atlantic Ocean >>
* Facebook blocks Brazil president’s allies after court order >>
* AI is struggling to adjust to 2020 >>
* Microsoft Flight Simulator Confirmed For VR! >>

* Breaking Analysis: Five Questions About Snowflake’s Pending IPO >>
* a16z Podcast: Working, Making, Creating in Public… and Private >>
* This month in AWS Machine Learning: July 2020 edition >>
* Future Fields is tackling cultured meat’s biggest problem >>
* Will China’s AI Surveillance State Go Global? >>

* World’s First Fully Programmable and Open-source Massive-MIMO Platform >>
* It looks like Sequoia has hired a second partner in Europe: Revolut product lead George Robson >>
* Code-free machine learning: AutoML with AutoGluon, Amazon SageMaker, and AWS Lambda >>

* This Week in Programming: What’s Not on GitHub’s Roadmap >>
* Egypt tells Elon Musk its pyramids were not built by aliens >>
* Dilbert: Tells The Odds >>
* A nuclear arms race in space? It seems we’ve learned nothing from Hiroshima >>

* 19,000 more Americans could die from Covid-19 in the next 20 days, CDC composite forecast shows >>
* Victoria declares ‘state of disaster,’ locking down millions in Melbourne to fight a soaring coronavirus outbreak >>
* Coronavirus: More contagious strain of COVID-19 could be behind Vietnam outbreak >>
* Watch This Runner Hop, Skip And Jump Over A Line Of Extremely Thin Rock Structures >>
* Web apps aren’t tech. They’re “tech”. >>

* AI Distinguishes Birds That Even Experts Can’t >>
* Tesla is reportedly close to making a more affordable Model Y >>
* China’s Mars probe completes first orbital correction >>

* Congress and technology: Do lawmakers understand Google and Facebook enough to regulate them? >>
* When It Comes to Covid Shots, Rich Nations Are First in Line >>
* How a Legendary Magician Builds the World’s Greatest Illusions >>

* US to widen action against Chinese tech groups beyond TikTok >>
* Telstra DNS falls over after denial of service attack >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 August 2020

* Astronauts successfully depart the ISS aboard SpaceX Dragon, starting their trip home >>
* Microsoft and Bytedance Put TikTok Talks on Hold After Trump Signals Opposition >>
* SpaceX Starship News on 150m hop, Mars Perseverance launch, Crew Dragon return, Virgin Galactic >>

* Spermato-WHOA-a! Human Sperm Don’t Swim Like We Thought >>
* Video Friday: NASA Launches Its Most Advanced Mars Rover Yet >>
* Apple’s latest acquisition could turn iPhones into payment terminals >>

* An automated health care system that understands when to step in >>
* Who should get the coronavirus vaccine first? >>
* AI-Generated Text Is the Scariest Deepfake of All >>

* World faces new wave of COVID-19 as 70% of countries report rise >>
* Coronavirus: South Africa virus cases pass half million mark >>
* Japan Acted Like the Virus Had Gone. Now It’s Spread Everywhere. >>
* Everyone knows everyone in this small Texas town. Now, COVID-19 is out-of-control there. >>
* What a post-vaccine world looks like for seniors: It’s time to learn telemed >>
* Victoria braces for stage four lockdown >>

* Israeli scientists find new way to predict cancer’s deadly spread through body >>
* VTOL VR Combat Flight Simulator Is Astoundingly Realistic >>
* What Happened To Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Feature? >>

* World’s Wealthiest Family Gets $1 Billion Richer Every Two Weeks >>
* Trump’s trashing of democracy will have consequences far beyond America >>
* Joe Biden narrows down his VP list, with Karen Bass emerging >>

* Crew Demo-2 Departure >>
* Nasa SpaceX crew return: Astronauts set for ocean splashdown >>
* Video Game Approved as Prescription Medicine >>
* Cranes Lift More Than Their Weight in the World of Shipping and Construction >>

* Solar Systems Without a Jupiter Can Have up to Seven Earth-like Planets >>
* Munro Says Tesla Has Million Mile Batteries Installed and Expects Bigger Paradigm Shift for Battery Day >>
* Elon Musk Believes Factories Can Improve 10 to 100 Times >>
* Dilbert: Wally And Truama >>

* Apple at $1.84 Trillion is the Most Valuable Public Company in the World >>
* Planning for an aging population >>
* How Artificial Neural Networks Paved the Way For A Dramatic New Theory of Dreams >>

* GPT-3: an AI game-changer or an environmental disaster? >>
* Create a multi-region Amazon Lex bot with Amazon Connect for high availability >>
* Technology Does Not Eliminate Cruelty >>

* The Economy Is in Record Decline, but Not for the Tech Giants >>
* Rocket Lab clear to launch again after first mission failure attributed to electrical fault >>
* Gillmor Gang: 3 Weeks Ago >>

* Amazon promised to spend its profit amid pandemic, but ended up with record earnings anyway >>
* Amazon gets green-light to blow $10bn on 3,000+ internet satellites. All so Americans can shop more on Amazon >>
* 5 takeaways from MacKenzie Scott’s giving $1.7 billion in support for social justice causes >>
* Drew Barrymore interviews her 7-year-old self in video promo for new talk show >>

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