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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 July 2020

* Global Stocks Drop as U.S.-China Tensions Flare >>
* As US and China force consulates to close, the risk of missteps and spiraling tensions rises >>
* 24 million Americans say they have little to no chance of being able to pay next month’s rent >>

* NASA to send stadium-size balloon skyward to study the cosmo >>
* China telcos show off smart grid, new private network services >>
* Jeff Bezos makes $18 billion in one day >>

* Engadget Podcast: OnePlus Nord and a gaming phone party >>
* Coronavirus updates: CDC finds ‘prolonged illness’ is common; experts call for shut down; daily global cases break another record >>

* The Coming Wave of Small-Business Layoffs >>
* Nayaki Nayyar, Ivanti and Stephanie Hallford, Intel | CUBE >>
* Retooling technology for cloud native means upgrading people, too >>

* Vergecast: Big Tech antitrust hearing preview and the Xbox Games Showcase breakdown >>
* Jaguar Land Rover shows off AI-powered ‘no-touch touchscreen’ for cars >>

* Intel’s stock falls as it delays its first 7-nanometer computer chips again >>
* U.S. officials detail plans to build a national quantum internet >>

* Running with scissors: Speed in cloud native requires rethinking security >>

* Indian IT consultancies struggle against technological obsolescence >>
* An AI hiring firm promising to be bias-free wants to predict job hopping >>
* Lockdown was the longest period of quiet in recorded human history >>

* For Some Startups, Amazon Funding Is a Double-Edged Sword >>
* Why Slack Filed an Antitrust Complaint Against Microsoft >>
* Hyperloop projects are now eligible for federal funding in the US >>

* Fighting Covid-19 With The Power of AI >>
* Why Automating for Cloud Native Infrastructures Is a Win for All Involved >>
* TEDSalon NY2011: The battle between your present and future self >>
* TED-Ed: The Infinite Hotel Paradox >>

* The Long-Tail Problem in AI, and How Autonomous Markets Can Solve It >>
* Disadvantage Towers? Vodafone plays game of risk >>
* FAA Warns 737s Sitting in Storage Are Corroding During the Pandemic >>
* FAA orders emergency inspections of 2,000 Boeing 737s after engine failures post-coronavirus storage >>

* China leads the way on global standards for 5G and beyond >>
* China’s high-tech zones maintain growth amid epidemic >>
committed to pooling resources, concentrating on managing its own affairs well >>
* Xbox Game Pass Is Microsoft’S True Next-Gen Xbox >>

* Rise in Unemployment Claims Signals an Economic Reversal >>
* This Video Proves That The Helicopter Is The Tow-Truck Of Alaska >>
* America’s Covid response is flawed. But even the gold standard nations are seeing big outbreaks >>

* Mould from Chernobyl nuclear reactor tested as radiation shield on ISS >>
* Covid-19 news: England to offer more flu vaccines to ease NHS burden >>
* Google Takes Aim at Amazon. Again. >>

* Take a closer look at the $12,000 electric surfboard >>
* ‘Tag-team parenting’ as jobs, joblessness and schooling take a toll on couples. >>
* Without a vaccine, United Airlines says, its revenue will level off at 50 percent. >>

* Preventing the next pandemic >>
* Artificial cells produce parts of viruses for safe studies >>
* Creating value from next-generation real-world evidence >>

* Apple begins assembling iPhone 11 in India >>
* Apple’s Hackable iPhones Are Finally Here >>
* Disney’s next Star Wars trilogy gets pushed back, will debut in 2023 >>

* Facebook will let you host livestreams from Messenger Rooms >>
* Microsoft Analyzed Data On Its Newly Remote Workforce >>
* Watch today’s Xbox Games Showcase in 11 minutes >>

* What Safe Shopping Looks Like During the Pandemic >>
* You’ve Been Called Out for a Microaggression. What Do You Do? >>
* This startup reworked its privacy-friendly sensors to help battle COVID-19 >>

* Intel says its 7nm transition is running 12 months behind expectations >>
* As Trump suspends new H-1B visas, many tech workers face an uncertain future >>
* Robust immune responses found in Covid-19 vaccine clinical trials point to 2021 release >>

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