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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 July 2020

* A Summer Without Blockbusters >>
* U.S. Orders China to Close Houston Consulate >>
* Could Tesla Surprise Us Again? >>
* The End of $600 a Week for the Unemployed? >>

* SpaceX Starship SN5 150m flight countdown, Starlink Beta, Skylab Anniversary >>
* Naeem Altaf | Space Tech CTO and Innovation Lab >>
* Why Japan is emerging as NASA’s most important space partner >>
* AT&T tells customers to buy new phones or their old ones will stop working >>
* Quantum Tunneling Is Not Instantaneous, Physicists Show >>

* Dilbert: Wednesday July 22, 2020: No Talk About Morale >>
* Elon Musk tweets first renders of Boring Las Vegas loop station where passengers will board high-speed Teslas >>
* JRE #1512 – BEN SHAPIRO >>
* Flexential Announces New Desktop-as-a-Service Solution to Empower Today’s Remote Workforce >>

* Ambitious designs for underwater ‘space station’ and habitat unveiled >>
* Apple will provide ‘hacker-friendly’ phones to security researchers >>
* Understanding the True Cloud and Kubernetes Costs of SaaS Tenants at Relativity >>

* Dead hedgehogs will be placed in front of robotic lawnmowers following a spate of injuries >>
* State of Software Delivery Management Report, Accelerated Strategies Group >>
* US Charges 2 Chinese Hackers for Targeting COVID-19 Research and Trade Secrets >>

* Chinese Hackers Escalate Attacks Against India and Hong Kong Amid Tensions >>
* How I Fell In Love With Python >>

* TED2020: New ways to understand life in a pandemic >>
* TED2020: The new invisible workforce >>
* TED2020: How to connect while apart >>
* Power Panel | Commvault FutureReady >>

* Amazon launches new Alexa developer tools >>
* Twitter purges 7,000+ accounts related to QAnon conspiracy theories >>
* China reportedly weighing export ban on Nokia, Ericsson >>

* Podcast: What’s the story with Huawei bans? >>
* US, Japan, India and Australia simulate ‘Quad’ drill in Indo-Pacific >>
* Gedmatch confirms data breach after users’ DNA profile data made available to police >>

* Alexa will soon be able to launch Android and iOS apps using voice commands >>
* What Would Happen If You Shot The World’s Most Powerful Laser Beam At The Moon? >>
* What Could Happen If Donald Trump Rejects Electoral >>
* Skydiving and wingsuiting down a 4,500-foot mountain >>

* Mars is the latest arena in the US-China rivalry, with both countries launching probes this month >>
* Painting an airplane: Why every layer counts >>
* China’s latest starfish-shaped airport set to boost tourism in northeast >>
* 1,000 people died of Covid-19 in 1 day. Now the US is on track to hit 1 million new cases in 2 weeks >>

* Three actions CEOs can take to get value from cloud computing >>
* The CEO moment: Leadership for a new era >>
* Ten ‘antipatterns’ that are derailing technology transformations >>
* Resetting supply chains for the next normal >>

* Should We Cancel Aristotle? >>
* IBM Seriously Just Turned an Atom Into The World’s Smallest Hard Drive >>
* Is Machine Learning Getting Us Closer to Predicting Eruptions? >>
* Go on a 4K video tour of Mars with images captured by NASA’s Mars rovers >>

* Elon Musk briefly becomes fifth-richest person >>
* Coronavirus: What jobs are available post-lockdown? >>
* World’s smallest imaging device has heart disease in focus >>

* COVID-19 is only making Hong Kong’s inequality worse >>
* Kerala mulls complete lockdown as daily Covid cases breach 1,000-mark for first time >>
* Could Australia eliminate COVID-19 like NZ and how would it work? >>
* Australia records highest COVID cases as fears NSW following Victoria >>
* What AIDS Taught Us about Dealing with COVID-19 >>

* Everything you need to know about the Oxford coronavirus vaccine >>
* Microsoft’s latest Windows beta connects with Eye Contact >>
* Nielsen is revamping the way it measures digital audiences >>

* Neural vulnerability in Huntington’s disease tied to release of mitochondrial RNA >>
* Microsoft details potential new designs for the Office UI >>
* Here’s one way to make daily covid-19 testing feasible on a mass scale >>
* Global Coronavirus Cases Exceed 15 Million >>

* Don’t Work on Vacation. Seriously. >>
* Coronavirus Threatens the Luster of Superstar Cities >>
* COVID-19 Vaccines With ‘Minor Side Effects’ Could Still Be Pretty Bad >>

* James Webb Completes a Comprehensive Systems Test for the First Time >>
* Infoblox Inc. built a patent-pending homograph attack detection model for DNS with Amazon SageMaker >>
* Atlassian continuously profiles services in production with Amazon CodeGuru Profiler >>

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