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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 June 2020

* AWS launches Amazon Honeycode, a no-code mobile and web app builder >>
* Oprah (Harpo Studios) >>
* An Algorithm That ‘Predicts’ Criminality Based on a Face Sparks a Furor >>

* Olympus quits camera business after 84 years >>
* U.S. Unemployment Claims Hold Steady at 1.5 Million >>
* Vodafone partners with Ford to deploy private 5G network in UK >>
* Why Trump’s Campaign is Looking for Alternatives to Facebook, Twitter >>

* Japan debates creating ‘backup’ city to capital Tokyo >>
* Roscosmos will send two tourists to ISS in 2023 — and one of them will spacewalk >>
* Slothbot saves endangered species by moving slowly to see the big environmental picture >>
* Global Stocks Mixed Following Wall Street’s Sharp Selloff >>

* For Those Getting Married, a Searchable Domestic Violence Database >>
* Almost 1 in 3 pilots in Pakistan have fake licenses, aviation minister >>
* How Linedata Streamlined CI/CD and Optimized AWS Cloud Spend >>

* Herman Brown, City of San Francisco & Tarkan Maner, Nutanix >>
* Jas Sood & Sandy Ono, HPE | HPE >>
* 100 million people watch YouTube on TVs each month >>
* In mice, scientists decode how the brain recognizes scent >>

* Special Sauce Gets Ai To Cope With Chaos >>
* US Treasury sent $1.4bn of pandemic aid to dead people >>
* Volvo will use Waymo’s self-driving technology to power a fleet of electric robotaxis >>
* Paresh Kharya & Kevin Deierling, NVIDIA >>

* The vision for 2025: Hyperpersonalized care and ‘care of one’ >>
* Instana Releases First Automated Monitoring and Tracing Solution for Applications Running on AWS Fargate >>
* “Cloud graduations” trendy among Chinese colleges >>
* Introducing Foundering by Foundering >>

* JFrog ChartCenter, GitLab 13.1, and Hasura Cloud public beta announced >>
* JFrog Extends Reach and Scope of CI/CD Platform >>
* Eggplant Injects AI Into Application Testing >>
* If AI is going to help us in a crisis, we need a new kind of ethics >>

* Human rights activists want to use AI to help prove war crimes in court >>
* Human genetics provides clues about mysteries of coronavirus >>
* US government sent $1.4bn in stimulus cheques to dead Americans >>
* The Osprey Tiltrotor Officially Joins the U.S. Navy >>

* Where the Site Reliability Engineer Role Overlaps with DevOps >>
* Building and Running a Successful Remote SaaS Operations Team >>
* TED2020: The case to infect volunteers with COVID-19 to accelerate vaccine testing >>

* Google launches ARCore Depth API to enable more powerful AR apps on Android >>
* As pandemic drags on, venture capitalists place bets on healthcare – and profits >>
* Why Amazon is sizing up a ‘live’ video play for Prime Video >>
* Light Reading’s Leading Lights 2020: The Finalists >>

* Security a key part of Nokia’s new Digital Operations Center for 5G >>
* COVID-19 killed the era of ‘big’ flying >>
* Google Photos gets a map view as part of a big new redesign >>
* Skydio 2 self-flying drone is back on sale, with a fix we’ve been waiting for >>

* Europe virus cases rise ‘for first time in months’ >>
* Border breach uncertainty traced to IT oversight >>
* Take care with AI tech used to fight Covid >>

* Why AWS built a no-code tool >>
* Relation-shifts >>
* Technology and innovation: Building the superhuman agent>>
* Entering a new decade of AI: The state of play >>
* Customer care: The future talent factory >>

* How to make an SMS bot with Google Sheets + Twilio >>
* Analyzing IoT Security Best Practices >>
* How the coronavirus kills people – and how to stop it >>

* The coronavirus is leaving some people with permanent lung damage >>

* Peacock will stream on LG and Vizio TVs at launch >>
* Salesforce announces a new mobile collaboration tool for sales called Anywhere >>
* IdeaStream 2020 goes virtual >>
* Google makes its AR-centric Depth API available to all developers >>
* Google Sets Limit on How Long It Will Store Some Data >>
* Art software, Facial Recognition, No Code, and Firmware Update >>

* Apple Maps to tell you to refine location by scanning the skyline >>
* AWS makes cloudy Outposts available across more of Asia >>
* Air Conditioning Wasn’t Invented to Provide Comfort to Human Beings >>
* Calculate the Number of Alien Civilizations in the Milky Way for Yourself. >>
* Building AI-powered forecasting automation with Amazon Forecast by applying MLOps >>

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