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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 June 2020

* How New Immigration Measures Could Impact Tech >>
* Stocks Fall as Coronavirus Cases Rise >>
* a16z Podcast: Building Products for Power Users >>

* Telecoms.com Podcast: Nokia, Huawei and social media censorship >>
* Podcast: What’s the story with HBO Max? >>
* Brazil’s Central Bank forces WhatsApp to suspend mobile payments >>

* Mercedes and Nvidia Announce the Advent of the Software-Defined Car >>
* The Software-Defined Power Grid Is Here >>
* SpaceX Starship tank prototype EXPLODES following intentional stress test >>

* Data Theorem releases full-stack security analyzer for modern web apps and cloud services >>
* Toronto would like to be seen as the nice person’s Silicon Valley, if that’s not too much trouble >>
* Congress Wants To Load Up Zumwalt-Class Destroyers With Hypersonic Weapons >>

* Apple Watch will prompt owners to wash their hands properly for at least 20 seconds >>
* DNS Push Notifications >>
* Ubisoft To Announce New VR Arcade Title With Zero Latency At Forward Event >>

* Someone Spotted A Boston Dynamics Robot Dog Inspecting A Potentially Dangerous SpaceX Test Site >>
* Drone With Bubble Machine Can Pollinate Flowers Like a Bee >>
* Amazon establishes new Counterfeit Crimes Unit >>
* Mars Is About to Have Its ‘Wright Brothers Moment’ >>

* Announcing Perl 7 >>
* Apple’s Intel Breakup Will Reshape Macs—and Beyond >>
* What went wrong at Edge Gravity? >>
* NBCU’s Peacock cuts streaming deal with Google >>
* Dell said to be considering ‘options’ for VMware stake >>
* Why Acting Fast Is the Key to Beating a Second Wave of Covid-19 >>

* Chinese on-demand service provider Ele.me takes urgent action after courier tests positive for Covid-19 >>
* Trump’s worker visa ban will hit Silicon Valley hard >>
* TED2020; A vision for the future of Afghanistan >>

* Emerging tech firms face COVID-19 headwinds as buyers choose ‘safe bets’ >>
* Harshul Asnani, Tech Mahindra | HPE Discover 2020 >>
* Paresh Kharya & Kevin Deierling, NVIDIA | HPE Discover 2020 >>
* Herman Brown, City of San Francisco & Tarkan Maner, Nutanix | HPE Discover 2020 >>
* Chinese on-demand service provider Ele.me takes urgent action after courier tests positive for Covid-19 >>

* Cloud-native development – An advanced deployment blueprint >>
* Securing Red Hat OpenShift Containerized Applications At Enterprise Scale >>
* A Modern Approach to Cloud Security >>
* The State of Linux 2020 >>
* Genius At Guessing A Location From Google Street View Images. Some Of His Most Insane Guesses >>
* Researchers Demo a New Polarization-Based Encryption Strategy >>

* Virgin Galactic and Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin may soon be rocketing NASA scientists to the edge of space >>
* Scientists Used Dopamine to Seamlessly Merge Artificial and Biological Neurons >>
* New On-Chip Laser Shines in Many Colors >>
* Enhancing enterprise search with Amazon Kendra >>
* Repeating Fast Radio Burst Has Been Found. It Flares for 4 Days and then Remains Silent for 12 Days >>

* If You Could See in X-rays, This is What the Universe Would Look Like >>
* Dilbert: Wednesday June 24, 2020 Wally The Generalist >>
* Welcome to the whack-a-mole stage of coronavirus >>
* Recession is much worse than the IMF expected and the hit to jobs ‘catastrophic’ >>

* Pandemic’s Worst-Case Scenario Is Unfolding in Brazil >>
* COVID-19 Risks of Flying >>
* Ocasio-Cortez overcomes Wall Street foes to win primary >>
* Jennifer Aniston promises ‘really fun’ Friends reunion >>
* Hope, action, change: The talks of Session 5 of TED2020 >>
* Apple’s first virtual WWDC keynote set a new standard for remote presentations >>
* China’s GPS competitor is now fully launched >>
* Cloud Foundry gets an updated CLI to make life easier for enterprise developers >>

* COVID-19 and Complex Systems >>
* Delivering Grim News to Covid-19 Patients’ Families >>
* If AI is going to help us in a crisis, we need a new kind of ethics >>
* Our shower drains are a breeding ground for drug-resistant bacteria >>

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