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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 June 2020

* Japanese Supercomputer Is Crowned World’s Speediest >>
* How activists should be thinking about cybersecurity >>
* What Wirecard’s Downfall Could Mean for Tech Investing >>

* Apple WWDC 20: New tools enable developers to create all-new app experiences >>
* Apple’s WWDC keynote was like no other. Why that’s a good thing >>
* Apple’s virtual WWDC wasn’t just okay—it could be the future of keynotes >>

* NASA proposes 2025 mission to Neptune’s mysterious moon Triton which orbits in OPPOSITE direction >>
* CarKey unlocks your car with your iPhone >>

* Ampere announces latest chip with a 128-core processor >>
* How Trump’s China obsession undermined the coronavirus effort >>
* Trump Says China Trade Deal ‘Intact’ After Adviser Stirs Controversy >>

* Barcelona opera house reopens with performance to 2,292 plants >>
* Novak Djokovic tests positive for coronavirus >>
* NVIDIA Selene Supercomputer Delivers 1 exaFLOPs for AI and 27 petaFLOPs Regular Computing >>

* Cybersecurity practices for remote workers >>
* Google adds contextual fact-checking for some image search results >>
* Microsoft ships expanded Microsoft Teams for consumers >>

* US tech firm Nvidia teams up with Mercedes-Benz in self-driving car push >>
* Facebook discontinues Oculus Go headset to focus on the Quest >>
* Facebook asks its users to predict the future with its Forecast app >>

* HPE Discover 2020 Analysis | HPE Discover 2020 >>
* Kumar Sreekanti & Robert Christiansen, HPE | HPE Discover 2020 >>
* Alice Taylor, The Walt Disney Studios & Soumyendu Sarkar, HPE | HPE Discover 2020 >>
* Breaking Analysis: Emerging Tech sees Notable Decline post Covid-19 >>

* Verizon to launch its own Visa credit card later this month >>
* Eurobites: Deutsche Telekom offers glimpse of ‘world’s first open IoT network’ >>
* China edges forward on 5G private networks >>
* Optical network automation gets real >>
* Big telcos have cut headcount by 9% since 2015 >>
* Nokia confirms plan to slash 1,233 jobs in France >>
* Vodafone open to 5G infrastructure share >>
* 5G Networks Will Inherit Their Predecessors’ Security Issues >>
* Meet the 5G Network Digital Twin >>

* Amazon creates a $2 billion climate fund, as it struggles to cut its own emissions >>
* TikTok teens and K-pop stans don’t belong to the “resistance” >>
* The Percy Primer: Everything You Need To Know About NASA’s New Mars Rover >>

* Researchers Use Lasers to Bring the Internet Under the Sea >>
* HashiCorp Cloud Platform unveiled – but in private beta for AWS only >>
* South Korea Makes Progress to Lithium-Oxygen Batteries With Ten Times Higher Energy Densities >>

* Business Continuity with Microservices Based Apps and DevOps Learnings from 8×8’s Experience >>
* How To Get Better At Testing Automations in Docker >>
* The End of OS X >>

* Microsoft buys Israeli firm CyberX to boost internet of things offering >>
* Border talks: No timeline set but India, China look at a roadmap >>
* What went wrong with Quibi? >>

* NASA eyes flying astronauts and personnel to the edge of space on commercial rockets >>
* Trump Suspends Visas Allowing Hundreds of Thousands of Foreigners to Work in the U.S. >>
* Video game ‘Fortnite’ appears to remove police cars >>

* Pandemic could push an additional 120 million children in South Asia >>
* Deadly 85m-high tsunami in Indonesia has lessons >>
* Loneliness and the digital divide >>

* Cloud Testing — The Future of Software Testing >>
* Fear-Driven Development: Fears of A Software Developer >>
* Best iPaaS Platforms and Tools for 2020 >>
* Realistic Challenges Faced for DevOps Implementation >>
* A Complete Keyword-Driven Test Automation Framework with JSON Format. >>

* AWS DeepComposer Chartbusters: generate compositions in the style of Bach and compete to top the charts >>
* Detecting fraud in heterogeneous networks using Amazon SageMaker >>
* Scheduling Jupyter notebooks on SageMaker >>

* A New Search for Evidence of Technological Civilizations in the Milky Way >>
* Dilbert: Tuesday June 23, 2020How To Identify Good Ideas >>
* Use Google Assistant to Listen to Articles on Android >>

* The next software disruption: How vendors must adapt to a new era >>
* Five priorities for corporate India in the next normal after COVID-19 >>
* A New Startup Intends to Build the World’s First Large-Scale Quantum Computer >>

* Apple announces switch from Intel to its own silicon chip in future Macs >>
* Apple brings picture-in-picture and gaming updates to Apple TV >>
* Facebook acquires VR studio behind ‘Lone Echo’ >>

* Building Resilient Supply Chains Won’t Be Easy >>
* Coronavirus and the big shift to cloud >>

* How to Convince Your Sales Team to Adopt a Subscription Model >>
* How to Network When There Are No Networking Events >>
* If You Have Free Time Right Now, Spend It Helping Others >>

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