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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 June 2020

* Apple WWDC 2020: the 18 biggest announcements >>
* Preview: macOS Big Sur >>
* Apple announces Mac mini powered by its own chips for developers >>
* Our Guide to Apple’s WWDC >>
* Apple is switching Macs to its own processors starting later this year >>

* WHO Reports Record Jump in Coronavirus Cases >>
* White House Prepares for Second Coronavirus Wave, Trade Adviser Says >>
* GitLab 13.1 released with Alert Management and Code Quality Enhancements >>

* The pandemic will change how we watch sports >>
* A generic, simple and fast implementation of Deepmind’s AlphaZero algorithm. >>
* Deep Learning From Scratch, Part 3: Generalizing Gradient Descent >>

* CloudBees Continuous Integration Platform Meets U.S. Military Specs >>
* HashiCorp launches new multicloud automation platform after $5.1B valuation >>
* ServiceNow to acquire configuration data management startup Sweagle >>

* Watch live: HPE Discover 2020 evolves at the edge >>
* Eurobites: Deutsche Telekom offers glimpse of ‘world’s first open IoT network’ >>
* Archaeologists find massive ring of ancient shafts close to Stonehenge >>

* Siri won’t take over your entire screen in iOS 14 >>
* Apple will debut a Translate app in iOS 14 >>
* Apple’s revamped Messages focuses on groups >>
* The next version of macOS will be called Big Sur >>
* Live from Apple’s virtual WWDC 2020 >>

* Graph shows stark difference in US and EU responses to Covid-19 >>
* The Detail: What is Rocket Lab doing in space – and who for? >>
* Google Takes Us Closer to Star Trek Holodecks with Light Field Video >>

* Meet the summer’s sleeper hit product: A bag you pee into >>
* The clouds part, cash rains on Microsoft’s UK money-making machine >>
* Baidu’s deep-learning platform fuels the rise of industrial AI >>

* Bringing fact check information to Google Images >>
* Cloud and complexity in IT >>
* Equity Monday: Heartbest and Acquire raise capital as tech turns to Apple’s WWDC >>
* Root Causes, Humor, Bluetooth Latency, and Computing with Vision >>

* HashiCorp to offer managed versions of its developer tools starting with Consul >>
* How green sand could capture billions of tons of carbon dioxide >>
* Improving data strategy to create the best customer experiences >>

* Microsoft buys IoT security firm CyberX >>
* Microsoft confirms acquisition of CyberX to boost security in its Azure IoT business >>
* Microsoft starts rolling out consumer features for its Teams apps on iOS and Android >>
* Use AI responsibly to uplift historically disenfranchised people during COVID-19 >>

* ‘Crash Bandicoot 4’ pretends the PS2-era games never happened >>
* Android Developer Challenge: the winning apps, powered by ML >>
* Hasura launches managed cloud service for its open-source GraphQL API platform >>

* Retailers Face a Data Deficit in the Wake of the Pandemic >>
* Covid-19 news: WHO says poor global leadership making pandemic worse >>

* Automate campaign management with Display & Video 360’s API >>

* Planets With Large Oceans are Probably Common in the Milky Way >>
* Lab Mice Telomeres Do Not Break Them as Disease Models >>

* A Super Sensitive Dark-Matter Search Yields Strange Results >>
* How Did Vietnam Become the Largest Nation Without Coronavirus Deaths? >>

* How to Succeed in Your Office Job When There Is No Office >>

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