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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 June 2020

* Software will reshape our world in the next decade >>
* Startup plans space tourist ‘cruises’ using stratospheric balloons, set for 2021 >>
* Artificial Intelligence is Able to Code Python >>

* Rocket Lab will fly back-to-back missions from its two New Zealand launchpads for US national security agency >>
* DOJ Proposes Limiting Protections for Internet Companies >>
* Startups Tortoise, Swiftmile are combining their tech to solve scooter chaos >>

* The Stock Market Is Wild. Investors Are Piling In. >>
* Hewlett Packard Enterprise Unleashes New Revenue Streams for Telcos With One Click Deployment of Apps at the Edge of 5G Networks and Telco Clouds >>
* Therapist in chatbot app >>

* Here’s how genes from covid-19 survivors could help you >>
* The Milky Way is about to completely obliterate a neighbouring galaxy >>
* Apple’S App Store Fees Are ‘Highway Robbery,’ Says House Antitrust Committee Chair >>

* SpaceX Wants a Flotilla of Launch Pads Off the Texas Coast >>
* Artificial Intelligence Brings to Life Figures from 7 Famous Paintings: The Mona Lisa, Birth of Venus & More >>
* A Decade of DevOps Design Patterns for Future Proofing your DevOps Strategy >>

* Why 536 was ‘the worst year to be alive’ >>
* Innovation in a crisis: Why it is more critical than ever >>
* Introducing GitHub Super Linter: one linter to rule them all >>

* RPA firm UiPath is in talks to raise capital at possible $10B+ valuation >>
* Intel debuts new AI-optimized Cooper Lake and Stratix chips >>
* AT&T’s CTO floats post-pandemic use case for 5G, edge computing >>

* Chinese AI researchers based overseas sweep top awards at leading computer vision conference CVPR >>
* Hong Kong’s regional telecoms hub role, 5G mobile plans imperilled by US block of cable system link >>
* Harnessing the power of simplicity in a complex consumer-product environment >>

* Implement DevSecOps to transform your business to IT-as-code >>
* Astronomers find the first known regular pattern of fast radio bursts >>
* Integrate Amazon Kendra and Amazon Lex using a search intent >>

* SETI: Intermittency and Detection >>
* Intel Screwed Up at 10 Nanometers and Must Catch Up at 7 and 5 Nanometers >>
* SpaceX Starship Will Have Hundreds of Improvements Over 50+ Prototypes >>

* Volkswagen’s E-Car Rollout Slips on Software >>
* Are Our Management Theories Outdated? >>
* Asana for Microsoft Teams lets you turn chats into action items >>
* Dress for the (Remote) Job You Want >>

* Freedom launches Pilot to simplify teleoperation on third-party robots >>
* Lecturing at home >>
* Microsoft reportedly plans Xbox Series X upgrades for xCloud next year engadget.com/microsoft-plans-xbox-series-x-upgrades-x-cloud-164454490.html
* Online and independent: The future of journalism is already here >>

* Spotify is working with DC Comics to create exclusive podcasts >>
* UC Berkeley Study Finds Diluting Blood Plasma Reverses Aging In Mice >>
* NASA ‘perseveres’ with launch of Mars 2020 mission next month despite coronavirus setbacks >>
* Online video game showcases a remedy for coronavirus-caused summertime blues without E3 trade show >>

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