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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 31 May 2020

* SpaceX’s first mission carrying humans aboard. >>
* Microsoft lays off journalists to replace them with AI >>

* Sony will show off the first PlayStation 5 games on June 4th >>
* Sony confirms PS5 will have exclusive games playable only on next-gen hardware >>
* First map of tumour microbiomes finds bacteria live in many cancers >>

* Vergecast: Examining Donald Trump’s executive order targeting social media >>
* Video Friday: Robot vs. Human Workout Challenge >>
* NVIDIA’s Jonah Alben Talks AI – Ep. 120 >>

* About Twenty SpaceX Starship Prototypes to Reach Starship V1.0 >>
* Everyone’s Ordering Delivery, but Apps Aren’t Making Money >>
* Machine learning helps map global ocean communities >>

* Software Bug In Bombardier Airliner Made Planes Turn the Wrong Way >>
* Oumuamua Might Be a Giant Interstellar Hydrogen Iceberg >>
* Implementing hyperparameter optimization with Optuna on Amazon SageMaker >>

* a16z: SaaS Go-to-Upmarket >>

* Powerful Telescope Confirms There’s an Earth-Sized World Orbiting Proxima Centauri >>
* This Rocket Engine’s Thrust Chamber was 3D-printed and Only has Three Parts >>
* Biosensors May Hold the Key to Mass Coronavirus Testing >>

* Lasers Write Data Into Glass >>
* Mass Production Rate and SpaceX Starship Costs >>
* Meet COBO, a COVID-19 Self-Assessment Chatbot >>

* New Alloy Enables Nuclear Reactors to Safely Work 200 Degrees Hotter >>
* The Biggest Robotics Research Conference Is Now More Accessible Than Ever >>
* Using Weak Electric Fields to Make Virus-Killing Face Masks >>

* A.C.L.U. Accuses Clearview AI of Privacy ‘Nightmare Scenario’ >>
* AI could help scientists fact-check covid claims amid a deluge of research >>
* Entrepreneurs, Look to Your Network to Help You Through the Pandemic >>

* HBO Max was downloaded by 87K new users yesterday (Sensor Tower) >>
* Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey disagree on fact checking the president >>
* New technology enables fast protein synthesis >>

* Qualcomm’s 6GHz WiFi tech helps with crowded wireless networks >>
* HP revealed its $599 Reverb G2 VR headset >>
* The Simpsons can now be watched in 4:3 aspect ratio on Disney+, as nature intended >>

* TinyML is giving hardware new life >>
* Your AI Chatbot Therapist Isn’t Sure What It’s Doing >>
* Google’s ‘Sodar’ is an AR tool for social distancing >>

* Google’s latest experiment encourages social distancing through AR >>
* It’s hard to make real money selling virtual goods >>
* Podcast: Why do people think 5G makes them sick? >>

* The UK is cracking down on sales of fraudulent ‘anti-5G’ USB sticks >>
* AI Lets Robotic Prosthetics ‘See’ Uncertain Terrain >>
* PlayStation 5: Sony confident coronavirus won’t change release plans >>

* World’s deepest octopus captured on camera >>
* Reflections in crisis >>
* The future of brand strategy: It’s time to ‘go electric’ >>

* The toughest leadership test >>
* Designing human review workflows with Amazon Translate and Amazon Augmented AI >>
* Fitness wearables provide early-warnings for Covid symptoms, .. >>

* SpaceX launch: Nasa astronauts set for second try >>
* Coronavirus live news: deaths surge in Brazil and Russia as Trump says US is quitting WHO >>
* Egypt records most deaths so far as Trump severs WHO ties – as it happened >>

* Why is Kubernetes getting so popular? >>
* Google’s AutoML-Zero Evolves Machine Learning Algorithms Using Basic Math >>
* Tutorial: Train Machine Learning Models with Automated ML Feature of Azure ML >>

* TED: My story of love and loss as a transracial adoptee >>
* TED2020: The future of capitalism, commerce and cash >>
* Docker and Microsoft help first-responder developers build a way out of crisis >>

* COVID-19 is teaching firms overdue lessons on scalable database infrastructure >>
* Shelves are well-stocked with cloud-native tools, but simplicity remains a moving target >>
* The post-pandemic ‘new normal’ starts with the network >>

* The Rise of Design; The ETL→ELT Shift >>
* In virtual international hackathon, teams to tackle coronavirus challenges >>
* China’s SMEs seek to become more digitalized amid epidemic >>

* Robot waiters to the rescue amid Covid-19 in Netherlands >>
* Inside the last of Germany’s disappearing nuclear plants >>
* China’s SMEs seek to become more digitalized amid epidemic >>

* SpaceX Starship test vehicle explodes moments after test-firing >>
* Dilbert: Saturday May 30, 2020 Why Use Tests >>
* 2020s Will See Trillions of Molecular Devices on CMOS Chips >>

* Tomorrow Docking With the Space Station >>
* Eye-Catching Advances in Some AI Fields Are Not Real >>
* Week’s Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through May 30) >>

* Using a crisis nerve center to help reopen the economy >>
* Reopening and reimagining Africa >>
* Reopening safely: Sample practices from essential businesses >>

* A cute stuffed dinosaur hitched a ride on SpaceX’s historic launch >>
* President Donald Trump pulls the US out of the World Health Organisation >>
* Unboxing The World’s Cheapest New Car Reveals It’s So Much Better Than You Think >>

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