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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 May 2020

* Astronomers spot a strange, first-of-its-kind asteroid near Jupiter >>
* Samsung starts building cutting-edge 5-nanometer chip production line >>
* Video Friday: This Robot Wants to Talk to You >>

* a16z Podcast: Don’t Call it a Brain in a Dish! >>
* 16 Minutes on the News #31: The Security and Privacy of Contact Tracing >>
* a16z Podcast: Pandemics — Early Detection, Networks, Spreaders >>

* How Polio Research is Helping in the Hunt for a Vaccine >>
* U.S. Markets Rise 3% For the Week >>
* Joblessness Rises in All 50 States >>
* China Drops GDP Growth Target for First Time in Over 25 Years >>

* What Getting Hired in Silicon Valley Looks Like Now >>
* Richest nations face $17tn government debt burden from coronavirus >>
* VR Download: Quest Anniversary, Alyx Workshop, Apple Glass Leaked, NVIDIA CloudXR >>
* Mass Firing on Zoom Is Latest Sign of Weight Watchers Unrest >>

* Remote-First Companies Are Another Covid-19 Calamity >>
* Sundar Pichai Says Google Doesn’t Plan to Go Entirely Remote >>
* USS Portland conducts a high-energy laser weapon test in the Pacifc Ocean on May 16, 2020. >>

* Hackers release a new jailbreak that unlocks every iPhone >>
* What Happens When Software Development Environments Move to the Cloud? >>
* First Floating Ocean Hybrid Platform Can Generate Power From Waves, Wind And Solar >>

* SpaceX Gets Go-Ahead for NASA Astronaut Launch Next Week >>
* SpaceX launch: Astronauts complete rehearsal for historic mission >>
* Ocean Circulation Might Be the Key to Finding Habitable Exoplanets >>

* New trailers: Tenet, Space Force, Da 5 Bloods, and more >>
* Google Messages may finally be adding end-to-end encryption for RCS >>
* Marvel’s Iron Man VR – The First 25 Minutes No Commentary >>

* Vergecast: Microsoft Build 2020, Elon Musk’s factory play, and Joe Rogan moves to Spotify >>
* Joe Rogan helped create a podcast culture on YouTube, and now he’s leaving it >>
* JRE #1479 – DAVID PAKMAN >>

* DoE’s Argonne Labs battles COVID-19 with AI (Years to Months) >>
* Vodafone Australia and TPG merger: Everything you need to know >>
* Microsoft open sources GW-BASIC code >>

* As the GDPR turns 2, Big Tech should watch out for big sanctions >>
* GitLab runs phishing test against employees – and 20% handed over credentials >>
* GitLab 13 rolls out with new cybersecurity features and more analytics >>

* IT’s moonshot moment: Five lessons for organizations from the pandemic >>
* COVID chronicles: Inside Cisco’s massive shift to working from home >>
* Miniconf Conference Management >>

* Tutorial: Linux Task Scheduling and Automation with cron >>
* This Week in Programming: Microsoft Build Keeps Pace Amidst Pandemic >>
* AT&T faces more pressure to jettison DirecTV – report >>

* Huawei befuddled by reports of total 5G ban in UK >>
* Beijing Warns Americans Are Pushing Countries Toward ‘New Cold War’ >>
* When will travel return? Predictions for cruises, international destinations, tours and more >>

* Memorial Day weekend pool party in Ozarks draws national attention >>
* Why Beijing’s new tech master plan will make it more dependent on the US, not less >>
* Border friction: New Zealand set to open for NSW, Victorian tourists before Queensland >>

* Here’s how Covid-19 could change the way we fly >>
* Here’s what Virgin Orbit hopes to achieve with their first full orbital test launch on Sunday >>
* The Internet of Dogs: How to Build a $50 IoT Dog Collar That Locates Your Pet >>

* Covid 19 coronavirus: Wuhan lab head Wang Yanyi breaks her silence >>
* Coronavirus: Covid-19 vaccine ‘long way’ off, NZ could be bottom of list >>
* A New Bionic Eye Could Give Robots and the Blind 20/20 Vision >>

* UK physicist creates fifth state of matter from her living room >>
* The Morning After: SpaceX prepares for Crew Dragon’s biggest test >>
* Scale AI releases free lidar data set to power self-driving car development >>

* Deep learning accurately stains digital biopsy slides >>
* Covid-19 Will Accelerate the AI Health Care Revolution >>
* An eighth Amazon warehouse employee has died from COVID-19 >>

* Dilbert: Saturday May 23, 2020 Smartphones Spread Viruses >>
* Princeton Satellite Systems – $100 Million Plan for a Fusion Space Drive by 2027 >>
* Latest Progress Towards Laser Pushed Solar Sails >>

* SpaceX Starship Could Fly This Summer! >>
* OSIRIS-REx Will Collect a Sample from Bennu on October 20th >>
* How Upbeat Vaccine News Fueled a Stock Surge, and an Uproar >>

* UK government reverses course on Huawei’s involvement in 5G networks >>
* The Drones Were Ready For This Moment >>
* Samsung gets approval for Galaxy Watch Active 2’s ECG, but only in Korea >>

* Living and working in a worsening world >>
* Google is working on end-to-end encryption for RCS texts in Messages >>
* As Russia Stalks US Satellites, a Space Arms Race May Be Heating Up >>

* APOD: Valles Marineris: The Grand Canyon of Mars >>
* Extreme parkour team whose death-defying jumps caught the attention of Hollywood >>
* This Guy Built A Castle Out Of Shipping Containers And It’s An Absolute Wonder To Behold >>
* Giant Monument to Elon Musk Has Tulsa Residents Furious >>

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