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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 May 2020

* Facebook’s new AI will trawl users’ pictures in an attempt to identify consumer goods and ‘make everything shoppable’ >>
* New Artificial Eye Mimics a Retina’s Natural Curve >>
* Google is developing a ‘smart’ hoodie drawstring that lets you control the music on your phone by twisting and tapping the cord >>

* Cloud Adoption in 2020 >>
* Apple Glass Coming Late 2021, Targeting $500 >>
* Facebook, YouTube, Netflix and more get eye-tracking apps from Tobii >>

* O’Reilly Survey Reveals More than 88% of Organizations Use Cloud Computing >>
* Apple TV 2020 refresh: What I want to see in a new 4K streaming box >>
* Bionic eye that is as sensitive as human retina could give millions of people the chance to see again and will be available in just five years >>

* At digital Build conference, Microsoft unifies Windows app development, boosts Teams and AI >>
* Microsoft Build 2020: Everything announced at the company’s all-digital event >>
* Microsoft hid lots of secret nerdy messages to devs in its Build stream >>
* Microsoft adds new Learn TV video channel for daily technical content >>
* Microsoft Build Looks Very Different This Year >>

* More vaccines have protected monkeys against covid-19, suggesting they might work in people >>
* 5 million confirmed infections and 326,500 deaths. >>
* Nasa head of human spaceflight suddenly resigns days before ‘historic’ space mission’ >>

* Europe’s Debate Over Contact Tracing >>
* Target Sales Rise Nearly 11% >>
* Stocks Pull Back From Monday’s Big Rally >>
* How One Airline Sees the Future of Flying >>
* JRE # – TONY HAWK >>
* Leadership Styles: Shawn Fair (Leadership Coach, CEO, Fair Consulting Group) >>

* 5G Americas’ Chris Pearson: On the road to standalone 5G >>
* Light Reading’s Iain Morris on the US vs. Huawei >>
* The future of tech, with Kevin Scott and guests >>

* UiPath Live >>
* SUSECON Digital ’20 | Digital Event >>
* SUSE infuses portfolio with artificial intelligence and edge technology >>
* Google lands multicloud cybersecurity project with the DOD >>

* Claris launches FileMaker 19 to boost low-code development for business users >>
* Connecting Your Old Jenkins Pipelines With The New Ones [A How-To Guide] >>
* Why is This Website Port Scanning me? >>

* Emerging from stealth, Octant is bringing the tools of synthetic biology to large scale drug discovery >>
* Shopify announces a new merchant debit card and support for payment installment plans >>
* Podcast: Who watches the pandemic watchers? We do >>

* AWS’ cdk8s, a Dev-Friendly Alternative to YAML for Managing Kubernetes Clusters >>
* Top 3 Challenges to Cloud 3.0 >>
* All roads lead to Rome DOCSIS 4.0 >>

* China’s 6G grandstanding will ruffle US feathers >>
* HBO Max adds distribution partners as launch nears >>
* T-Mobile’s 5G reaches 1Gbit/s, and that’s just the beginning >>

* TED2020: How to rebuild the global economy >>
* Kubernetes 101 an Introduction to Containers, Kubernetes, and OpenShift >>
* Building Resilient Applications with Cloudflare DNS >>

* How We Reduced AWS Bill from $2,000 to $200 >>
* Ultrasonic Soundwaves Create Touch-Free Tech Solutions >>

* 30 US cities on verge of a coronavirus pandemic-driven housing crisis >>
* Cyclone Amphan bashes Indian, Bangladesh coasts, 2.6 million evacuate >>
* This image could be the first direct evidence of a planet being born >>

* China-Laos railway tunnel’s border drilling finished >>
* China’s New Outbreak Shows Signs the Virus Could Be Changing >>
* Hospital is first in US to use artificial intelligence to analyze COVID-19 patients >>
* Jacinda Ardern says a 4-day workweek could help New Zealand’s economy recover from the coronavirus downturn >>

* Lenovo set to benefit from increased demand for PCs and IT infrastructure in post-pandemic world >>
* Man sentenced to death in Singapore via Zoom >>
* Autonomous aviation startup Xwing raises $10M to scale its software for pilotless flights >>

* Consumer organization and operating models for the next normal >>
* How restaurants can thrive in the next normal >>
* Beyond contactless operations: Human-centered customer experience >>

* What people tend to get wrong about remote work >>
* Samsung made a Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition for the military >>
* Work resumes on major Hollywood films – minus the actors >>

* A reintroduction to our Knowledge Graph and knowledge panels >>
* Artificial pieces of brain use light to communicate with real neurons >>
* Human Viruses Can Jump into Animals, Too—Sowing the Seeds of Future Epidemics >>

* Watch Mitsubishi Heavy Industries launch a milestone Space Station resupply mission live >>
* Facebook takes on Amazon with new ‘Shops’ feature that turns business pages into online storefronts >>
* Will Covid-19 Have a Lasting Impact on Globalization? >>

* Nature-inspired CRISPR enzymes for expansive genome editing >>
* Hulu is rolling out a new home screen to Apple TV and Roku users >>
* How to stay sane when the world’s going mad >>

* Google Cloud earns defense contract win for Anthos multi-cloud management tool >>
* The Paradox of Source Code Secrecy >>
* Five questions for Microsoft EVP of Cloud and AI Scott Guthrie >>

* Don’t Let Digital Transformation Make You Less Human >>
* Daily Crunch: Facebook unveils its Shops e-commerce platform >>
* Building Better Cities After Covid-19 >>

* Apple rolls out iOS 13.5 with COVID-19 features >>
* Apple and Google’s COVID-19 contact tracing tech is ready >>
* AI-Powered Biotech Can Help Deploy a Vaccine In Record Time >>

* Windows Terminal hits the big 1.0: Fit for production? >>
* Microsoft aims to spread JAMstack through Azure App Service via GitHub and Visual Studio Code >>
* PowerShell inventor Jeffrey Snover gets new gig driving ‘modern workforce transformation’ >>

* The Tunguska Explosion Could Have Been Caused By An Asteroid That Still Orbits The Sun >>
* Google Chrome gets major privacy boost: Here’s how to enable DNS-over-HTTPS >>
* Wired | AI-Powered biotech can help deploy a vaccine in record time >>

* AWS Machine Learning Scholarship Program from Udacity is now open for enrollment >>
* NASA Proposes the Artemis Accords. The New Rules for Lunar Exploration >>

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