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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 May 2020

* Moderna Reports Positive Coronavirus Vaccine Results >>
* Mike Dano: Microsoft’s new telecom territory >>
* SoftBank in Talks to Sell T-Mobile Shares to Deutsche Telekom >>

* Google Heeds Phony Copyright Claims, Hides News >>
* 16 Minutes on the News #30: CRISPR for Covid Testing and FDA EUAs >>
* TED2020 seeks the uncharted >>

* Lockdown easing in Europe, but virus hits hard in South America, Africa >>
* UK ‘may live with virus for months if not years’ >>
* J.C. Penney says it plans to close nearly 29% of stores – or 242 locations >>
* Uber cuts 3,000 more jobs, closes offices around the world >>
* Coronavirus: WHO ‘let pandemic spin out of control’, says US >>
* Xi seeks to cast China as guardian of global order >>

* Vodafone teams up with a China-based smartphone vendor not called Huawei >>
* China Telecom and ZTE are already working on 6G technology >>
* Oculus Quest Hand-Tracking Gets Full Release, Official Games Coming Soon >>

* Gillmor Gang: Freed Media >>
* Microsoft wins multiyear cloud and AI deal with FedEx to improve package deliveries >>
* Stack Overflow ramps up SaaS model as it builds relationships with Microsoft and developers >>

* SpaceX’s next launch will officially have astronauts on board >>
* Apple begins reopening some stores with temperature checks and other safeguards in place >>

* Five robots that hope to save the US food supply chain >>
* Grafana 7 Adds Tracing, Data Transformation, Plugins >>
* Oculus Quest games are getting controller-free hand tracking this month >>

* Cable and edge computing: The rest of the story >>
* TED: To overcome challenges, stop comparing yourself to others >>
* The Imperative for Visibility into Cloud Native Web Services Traffic >>

* Xi Vows China Will Share Vaccine and Gives WHO Full Backing >>
* Bill Gates’ summer reading list will keep your brain busy during lockdown >>
* Puppet launches new IT infrastructure security compliance service >>

* Coronavirus vaccine: First evidence jab can train immune system >>
* Moderna’s latest vaccine results are promising—but it’s still too early >>
* Wall St rallies on hopes for vaccine and economy >>

* Elon Musk Reveals Plans for His Million-Mile Battery >>
* Unit Test AWS Lambda in Go >>
* How the Retail Industry is Implementing Machine Learning and Deep Learning >>

* RedisConf 2020: Why Redis Is More Than Just a Cache Provider >>
* The Case for Boring Tech: Relational Databases in the Cloud >>
* GitLab Survey Sees DevOps Gains as Developers Exercise More Control >>

* Cloud and an Architectural Perspective Between Risk and Services >>
* GitOps for Kubernetes >>
* Porsche joins forces with Israeli smart car startup to ‘feel the road’ better >>

* More details of China’s space station unveiled >>
* Space exploration’s next frontier: remote-controlled robonauts >>
* Microsoft: we were wrong about open source >>

* World’S First 8-Feet Artificial Wave Generating Pool To Safely Up Your Surfing Game! >>
* Inside the cleaner (but less convenient) McDonald’s of the future >>
* If Rockets were Transparent: Video Shows You How Rockets Use up Their Propellant >>

* How Smart City Planning Could Slow Future Pandemics >>
* How coronavirus is accelerating a future with autonomous vehicles >>
* How a Chinese AI Giant Made Chatting—and Surveillance—Easy >>

* MediaTek’s latest processor will help take dual-SIM 5G phones mainstream >>
* How AI could predict sight-threatening eye conditions >>
* Melting glaciers cool the Southern Ocean >>

* Gartner Predicts $300 Billion Less IT Spending, More Spending on Cloud Services and Automation >>
* Fitbit’s Chinese rival Amazfit mulls a transparent, self-disinfecting mask >>
* Dyson’s scrapped electric car: founder reveals what could have been >>

* Andrew Yang’s Nonprofit Helps Fund Five-Year, $500-a-Month Basic Income Experiment >>

* Dilbert: Monday May 18, 2020 Makeup Under Mask >>
* 3 views on the future of work, coffee shops and neighborhoods in a post-pandemic world >>

* Ramsey Malware >>
* OpenAI Finds Machine Learning Efficiency Is Outpacing Moore’s Law >>
* How AI could predict sight-threatening eye conditions >>

* CloudWalk raises $250M and plans IPO as biometrics firms flourish in China during pandemic response >>
* Mercedes-Benz Onboard Logic Unit (OLU) Source Code Leaks Online >>
* Strange ‘space cow’ explosion may have been the birth of a black hole >>

* Seven new coronaviruses have been found lurking in bats in Africa >>
* Covid-19 pandemic risks worst global food crisis in decades >>
* ‘Pain switch’ discovered brain associated with negative emotions and responses could lead to new wave of anaesthetics >>

* Most Dangerous Storm Season Since Katrina May Be Ahead >>
* Why contact tracing may be a mess in America >>
* Why Software Delivery Management Matters >>

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