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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 May 2020

* No Cow Necessary: Here’s How to Make Plant-Based Milk >>
* NVIDIA CEO Introduces NVIDIA Ampere Architecture in News-Packed ‘Kitchen Keynote’ >>
* Pioneering implant allows blind people to ‘see’ letters by bypassing their damaged eyes and delivering info directly to brain >>

* Facebook, telcos to build huge subsea cable for Africa and Middle East >>
* Samsung and SK Telecom reveal world’s first smartphone with quantum security tech >>

* Mouse embryos that are 4 per cent human are step towards spare organs >>
* Virtual reality game lets you play with hypercubes in four dimensions >>

* Couples in Xian, China will soon be able to register their marriages with face scans >>
* Chinese engineers from Huawei, China Mobile build world’s highest 5G base station on Mount Everest >>
* People ‘see’ letters traced on their brain’s surface by an implant >>

* Microsoft is acquiring Metaswitch Networks to expand its Azure 5G strategy >>
* Loud talking could leave coronavirus in the air for up to 14 minutes >>
* Bring Deep Focus to Working from Home >>

* Doctor On Demand is first nationwide, full-service telemedicine vendor >>
* Goldman Sachs slashes forecasts, now sees GDP shrinking 39% this quarter and unemployment at 25% >>
* Jeff Bezos could become world’s first trillionaire, and many people aren’t happy about it >>

* You can now have your very own digital avatar on Facebook and Messenger >>
* Here’s what SpaceX and NASA’s crucial Crew Dragon mission should look like on May 27 >>
* It’s time to build 21st century companies: Learning to thrive in a radically different world >>

* Practical Skills for The AI Product Manager >>
* How NASA Certifies New Spacecraft Safe Enough for Humans >>
* Wiggly Wheels Could Help Keep Rovers from Dying on Mars >>

* Contactless Outdoor Temperature-Check Station Screens People Before They Enter Buildings >>
* Sales automation: The key to boosting revenue and reducing costs >>

* Why we need to rethink the purpose of AI: A conversation with Stuart Russell >>
* Taking ownership of a sustainable future >>

* The Bio Revolution: Innovations transforming economies, societies, and our lives >>
* The general lesson still has yet to sink in >>
* Thursday assorted links >>

* Security Flaws in Adobe Acrobat Reader Allow Malicious Program to Gain Root on macOS Silently >>
* Announcing Google Cloud VMware Engine: Accelerating your cloud journey >>
* Running on Amazon EKS – How Greenlight Gets Security Right >>

* ESA spacecraft might accidentally fly through the tail of a comet >>

* Covid-19 news: 36 million US citizens have filed for unemployment >>

* Windows 10 Previews DNS Over HTTPS >>

* Why we’re doubling down on cloud investments right now >>
* This AI generates gibberish words with nonsensical definitions to match >>
* AI chatbots take call center jobs during coronavirus pandemic >>

* Nvidia begins shipping the A100, its first Ampere-based data center GPU >>
* Nvidia’s bleeding-edge Ampere GPU architecture revealed: 5 things PC gamers need to know >>
* New trend report: The Future 100: 2.0.20 >>

* How CEOs Can Lead Selflessly Through a Crisis >>
* Google makes it easier to migrate VMware environments to its cloud >>
* COVID-19 shows we need Universal Basic Internet now >>

* Blockchain’s next frontier: Shaping the business model >>
* Are stable SaaS valuations driven by logic or hope? >>
* Amazon Prime Day 2020: Everything you need to know about Amazon’s shopping extravaganza >>

* 3 Ways to Put Your Corporate Purpose into Action >>
* AWS pulls its Red Hat on with managed OpenShift collab >>
* Technology Progress = Iterations Times Progress Between Iterations >>

* Dilbert: Thursday May 14, 2020Placebo Effect New >>
* COVID-19 Digital Contact Tracing: Apple and Google Work Together as MIT Tests Validity >>
* Finally! InSight’s Mole is Making Slow and Steady Progress >>

* Better Tires to Drive on Mars >>
* Another Starship Success! Raptor Engine Fires for 4 Seconds and Nothing Explodes htTrump extends Huawei ban to May 2021
* Trump extends Huawei ban to May 2021 >>

* Nearly 3 Million More File for Unemployment in U.S. >>

* Global Stocks Follow Wall Street Lower >>
* Learn How to Build a Crypto Company >>

* Avatar 2: See Kate Winslet and Zoe Saldana in behind-the-scenes water photo >>
* The making of Avatar 2 looks like absolute hell >>

* McDonald’s is going to look drastically different when it opens >>
* X-Wing Scenes From Star Wars With ‘Top Gun’ Theme >>
* America’s coronavirus testing numbers are really improving — finally >>

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