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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 09 May 2020

* Boston Dynamics’ Spot is patrolling a Singapore park to encourage social distancing >>
* SpaceX Has a Good Starship Engine Firing So Next is the 150 Meter Hop >>
* 4K Film Made With A Week’s Worth Of Data From NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory Is Absolutely Stunning >>

* Welcome Back to the Office. Your Every Move Will Be Watched. >>
* On-demand food delivery apps are letting minors order alcohol, regulators say >>
* China’s new manned spacecraft prototype successfully returns to Earth >>

* Radio Wave Breakthrough Helps Stabilize Fusion Reactions >>
* A foolproof way to shrink deep learning models >>
* Apple ramps up ‘made in Vietnam’ AirPods amid pandemic >>

* CBS plans to overhaul All Access with more shows and live sports >>
* YouTube TV subscribers getting access to Viacom channels including VH1, BET, MTV and others >>
* Mission details secretive X-37B space plane detailed for the first time, will carry out research on space radiation and microwave energy >>

* Why telcos need open core surgery >>
* Katie Bullard, A Cloud Guru | CUBE Conversation, May 2020 Katie Bullard, A Cloud Guru | CUBE Conversation, May 2020
* Defiant Vs. Valor: Inside the Head-to-Head Helo Battle To Replace the Black Hawk >>

* Stock Markets Brush Off Grim Jobs Report >>

* Unemployment Reached Record 14.7% in April >>
* Automate Your Emails and Digitize Your To-Do Lists >>

* With movie theaters closed, Alamo Drafthouse gets into on-demand movie streaming >>
* NVIDIA’s Keith Strier Talks AI Nations – Ep. 119 >>
* Engadget Podcast: Microsoft’s Surface bonanza! >>

* Go read this Wall Street Journal story about Elon Musk’s personal finances >>
* Elon Musk returns to Joe Rogan’s podcast and explains his baby’s name >>
* Elon Musk says his Neuralink company will do human brain implants ‘within a year’ to help cure injuries >>
* Elon Musk, Tech’s Cash-Poor Billionaire >>
* Tesla secures $565m loan from Chinese bank for Shanghai plant >>

* Microsoft seeks to improve HoloLens business experience with Windows Autopilot >>
* Microsoft to add new cloud regions in Italy, New Zealand and Poland >>
* SaaS stocks defy gravity amid pandemic, record job losses >>

* To emerge stronger from the COVID-19 crisis, companies should start reskilling their workforces now >>
* Uber may use its selfie tech to verify drivers are wearing masks >>
* Best home gym fitness equipment in 2020: Peloton, Hydrow, Mirror, Bowflex, and more >>

* Machine Learning Math, Nerd Humour, Open Data Analytics, Radar Trends >>
* A Fast Radio Burst Has Been Detected From Inside The Milky Way >>
* ThereCraft’s Lifting Body Drone Acrobatically Delivers Packages With Pinpoint Accuracy >>

* More Pictures of Planet-Forming Disks Around Young Stars >>
* The Closest Black Hole to Earth >>
* 6 Tips to Help Your Startup Survive the Coronavirus Pandemic >>

* Dilbert: Friday May 08, 2020: Version 2 Kills >>
* Watch today’s Xbox Series X event in just 15 minutes >>
* Japanese, Chinese and Korean Cars Makers Are Serious About Catching Tesla >>

* Tracking COVID-19 With the IoT May Put Your Privacy at Risk >>
* And when does it get boring? >>
* China’s next-generation crew spacecraft sticks its test mission landing >>

* TED2020: The Prequel; How American and Chinese values shaped the coronavirus response >>
* Supernatural – Is The VR Fitness Subscription Worth It At $20 A Month? >>

* GitHub Codespaces: VS Code was ‘designed from the get-go’ for this, says Microsoft architect >>
* Microsoft’s GitHub Account Allegedly Hacked, 500GB Stolen >>
* This 3D-printed foam expands up to 40 times its original size >>

* Samsung Pay expands to take on rival Apple with launch of branded debit card this summer >>
* This Airship Can Study The Skies While Distributing Wi-Fi To Cities >>
* Boom in Canned Food Means a Boom in Cans, Too >>

* I’m a scientist. We should try testing for COVID-19 using laser beams >>
* Scientists discover a new way to search for dark matter >>
* A Chinese city to pump life into local business with WeChat live streaming >>

* Facebook and YouTube are rushing to delete “Plandemic,” a conspiracy-laden video >>
* Good Entrepreneurs Don’t Set Out to Disrupt >>
* Original Content podcast: ‘Waco’ offers a surprising look at a real-world tragedy >>

* Google’s Duo video chat app gets a family mode with doodles and masks >>
* In a potential big win for renewable energy, Form Energy gets its first grid-scale battery installation >>
* MIT’s second virtual town hall addresses the months ahead >>

* Zoom, Xoom, Zum: Why Does Every Start-Up Sound Fast Now? >>
* Attend a Zoom Meeting From Inside a TARDIS >>
* Zoom consultant Alex Stamos weighs in on Keybase acquisition >>

* Lead Your Team Into a Post-Pandemic World >>
* Millions of historic newspaper images get the machine learning treatment at the Library of Congress >>
* The Results Are In for the Sharing Economy. They Are Ugly. >>

* Target to acquire same-day delivery tech from Deliv >>
* Uber Eats grew like hell in Q1 but Uber still lost nearly $3B >>
* ‘Breakthrough’ COVID-19 Tests Are Currently Cheap, Fast—and Not Very Accurate >>

* Boston Dynamics Spot deployed in Singapore parks to tell people to keep safe distance – cameras record how many people are in public spaces >>
* Digital collaboration for a connected manufacturing workforce >>
* Fast-forward China: How COVID-19 is accelerating five key trends shaping the Chinese economy >>

* The DevOps Journey: Virtual Day of Podcasts with Dell Technologies >>
* Coronavirus spurs debate on whether startups should get aid too >>
* Mobileye’s Shashua takes control of Israel’s new digital bank >>

* Nintendo’s Switch console and ‘Animal Crossing’ game smash sales records amid pandemic >>
* China’s hi-tech industries capitalise on Covid-19 pandemic health care needs >>
* The Terrible Jobs Report Gets Worse The More You Read It >>

* This Parody Of ‘The Coworker You Hate During A Zoom Meeting’ Is Painfully Accurate >>

* COVID-19’s effect on jobs at small businesses in the United States >>
* a16z Podcast: What’s Next in Gaming >>
* Podcast: How broadband traffic patterns change as the world works from home >>

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