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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 01 May 2020

* Can Electric Cars on the Highway Emulate Plane-to-Plane Refueling? >>
* Here’s how Blue Origin’s human lander system will carry astronauts to the lunar surface >>
* Here’s what NASA’s Mars helicopter will look like when it makes history with the first extraterrestrial powered flight >>

* An Australian bank wants to spray disinfectant from drones in schools and aged care >>
* AI can’t be legally credited as an inventor, says USPTO >>

* Facebook Reports Earnings Amid Push to Refresh >>
* Covid hoaxes are using a loophole to stay alive—even after content is deleted >>
* Targeted Phishing Attacks Successfully Hacked Top Executives At 150+ Companies >>

* A Texas Zoo is opening back up to the public with a drive-thru experience >>
* Waze offers lane guidance in beta >>
* Researchers control a game of Tetris using a breathable wearable sleeve >>

* NYC will halt subway service overnight to disinfect trains >>
* Party royale could fulfill Fortnite’s promise as a true social space >>
* OpenAI introduces Jukebox, a new AI model that generates genre-specific music with lyrics >>

* Microsoft says COVID-19 had ‘minimal’ impact on its business >>
* Microsoft will show off Xbox Series X gameplay next week >>
* Microsoft Build 2020 goes back to developers, developers, developers >>
* Microsoft makes it easier to get started with Windows Virtual Desktops >>
* Microsoft’s Visual Studio Online code editor is now Visual Studio Codespaces and gets a price drop >>
* Microsoft’s big bet on a ‘Netflix of gaming’ is paying off: The service now has over 10 million users >>

* Australia, New Zealand Ponder Mutual Reopening Once Virus Is Contained >>
* Redis 6.0 Released and Now Available in Redis Enterprise Cloud >>
* Redis 6.0.0 GA is out! >>

* Intel’s new flagship desktop processor offers 5.3GHz peak speeds on thinner die >>
* Zoom retracts claim of 300M daily active users as rivals narrow the gap >>
* Americans skeptical of COVID-19 tracking apps as researchers raise security concerns >>

* Dibert Thursday April 30, 2020 Ceo Has Pandemic Plan >>
* Building a smart garage door opener with AWS DeepLens and Amazon Rekognition >>
* Tesla’s ‘full self-driving’ feature is coming in subscription form >>

* Mark Zuckerberg: Oculus Quest “Has Surpassed Our Expectations” >>
* Qualcomm: The 5G outlook is still good >>
* Microsoft cloud has a COVID-19 silver lining >>

* Nokia gives up on 5G radio business in China >>
* Brits lead the world on 5G mast burning >>
* There won’t be a Fortnite World Cup in 2020 >>

* At the Bionic Olympics, Engineers and Athletes Make Miracles >>
* 30 Years Later, This Big Boy Fusion Reactor Is Almost Ready to Turn On >>
* Introduction to Object-Oriented Design Patterns >>

* This baby goat live stream is the mood-booster we need >>
* Drive Continuous Delivery (CD) on Kubernetes With GitOps >>
* The dark side of working from home: loneliness >>

* US jobless claims hit 30m on coronavirus lockdowns >>
* Russia’s PM tests positive for coronavirus >>
* It’s Time to Build for Good >>

* This Footage Of Cameraman Filming A Nuclear Test And Getting Hit By Shockwave Is Truly Wild >>
* Weapons Experts Compare The Effectiveness Of A Katana Versus A Medieval Long Sword >>
* Economists in the Wild >>

* Meet Ingenuity: NASA’s pioneering Mars Helicopter >>
* China’s First Mars Lander is Going to be Called “Tianwen” >>
* Securing Internet Videoconferencing Apps: Zoom and Others >>

* Everyone’s an Epidemiologist >>
* Tesla Has Profitable First Quarter Despite Coronavirus >>
* Zuck vs. Musk: Reopen the country or wait for coronavirus to subside? >>
* Uber mulls laying off 20% of its staff as CTO resigns >>

* Companies Bet On AI Cameras to Track Social Distancing, Limit Liability >>
* A Hypothesis on Production of Tachyons >>

* Service industries can fuel growth by making digital customer experiences a priority >>
* Safely back to school after coronavirus closures >>
* Coronavirus’ impact on service organizations: Weathering the storm >>

* The first ‘Assassin’s Creed’ game for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X was just revealed, and it’s a Viking epic >>
* Morning After: Facebook.com is about to show off a new look >>
* Facebook’s WhatsApp Eyes Lending Feature in India >>

* We must act quickly to avoid a pandemic-related mental health crisis >>
* We can’t rely on rampant consumerism to get us out of this mess >>
* Tiger survival threatened by mass road-building in precious habitats >>
* Robot with pincers can detect and remove weeds without harming crops >>
* Most people’s mental health conditions morph into others over time >>
* Poll suggests 60% of Americans are unable or unwilling to use coronavirus-tracking apps >>

* USB 4 will fully support DisplayPort 2, including 8K HDR monitors >>
* TikTok tops 2 billion downloads >>
* The Most Important Metrics You’re Not Tracking (Yet) >>

* Tesla pushes Tesla Semi deliveries to 2021 >>
* Quibi offers a preview of its originals on YouTube >>
* Oculus sales are booming despite stock shortages >>

* How to Refuel When You’re Feeling Emotionally Drained >>
* How to Handle the Pressure of Being a Manager Right Now >>
* CRISPR-based diagnostic chips perform thousands of tests simultaneously to detect viruses >>

* 7 VCs talk about today’s esports opportunities >>
* Human intelligence may not be enough: US military turns to machine learning algos to predict food shortages >>
* Alibaba takes VMware where AWS and Microsoft don’t – behind the Great Firewall >>

* How tourism will change >>
* McDonald’s branches ‘eaten out of stock’ >>
* KFC stores run out of chicken >>

* a16z Podcast: The Chief Security Officer in (and out of) a Crisis >>
* JRE #1467 – JACK CARR >>
* POD Coronavirus in Africa >>
* POD FT News Briefing Fed’s ‘medium-term’ warning, Microsoft growth, Barclays loan provisions >>
* Lisa Spelman, Intel | Red Hat Summit 2020 >>
* Communicating Risk What to Do When You Can’t Test Everything >>
* Securing Kubernetes Applications with HashiCorp Vault >>
* CopyLeft2020 Conference videos >>
* Coronavirus Career Limbo >>

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