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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 April 2020

* SpaceX’s future deep-space rocket passes key test, paving the way for short flight >>
* AI-Powered Rat Could Be a Valuable New Tool for Neuroscience >>
* MIT muscle-control system for drones lets a pilot use gestures for accurate and specific navigation >>

* Google’s medical AI was super accurate in a lab. Real life was a different story. >>
* Delivery Robots Could Keep Workers Safer >>
* TED2020: The Prequel; Crisis support for the world, one text away >>

* Equity Monday: Startups run low on cash, and why some Internet tailwinds are fading >>
* How the Pandemic Is Pushing Blockchain Forward >>
* The unlikely plan to save COVID-19 patients with planes >>

* Automatic Instacart Bots >>
* As Ericsson advances, Nokia’s 5G business may be finished in China >>
* YouTube announces free global film festival starting May 29 >>

* Smart windows can let visible light through while blocking out heat >>

* Smart ring maker Motiv acquired by ‘digital identity’ company >>
* Tesla vehicles recognize and respond to traffic lights, stop signs with latest software update >>
* Stay-at-home order for 7 million Bay Area residents extended to end of May >>

* Digging Up Regolith: Why Mining the Moon Seems More Possible Than Ever >>
* How An Image Could’ve Let Attackers Hack Microsoft Teams Accounts >>
* Assets Monitor as a Function >>

* U.S. Space Force’s First Weapon Is a Satellite Jammer >>
* We’re still untangling Ramanujan’s mathematics 100 years after he died >>
* New Bandage Repels Blood and Promotes Clotting >>

* Red Hat Expands Analytics on the Ansible Automation Platform >>
* How 200 CIOs Responded to a Fully Remote Economy >>
* Why Cloud Native? Speed, Stability, and Full Cycle Development >>

* UPS will use drones to deliver prescriptions to retirees in Florida >>
* The algorithms big companies use to manage their supply chains don’t work during pandemics >>
* Cloud Application Design Pattern >>

* Netflix’s new Michelle Obama documentary arrives May 6th >>
* How The Coronavirus Is Changing Television Production >>
* Six months out, Biden jumps to lead over Trump amid coronavirus concerns >>

* When Your Freedom Depends On An App >>
* Digital landscape the education sector was forced to take up during the Covid-19 lockdown “will absolutely accelerate change for good” >>
* SpaceX Starship SN4 passes key test, Elon Musk says >>

* Teleforking a process onto a different computer! >>
* Reinventing Your Career in the Time of Coronavirus >>

* AWS Augmented Artificial Intelligence adds human review to machine learning predictions >>
* Zoom is so popular in Silicon Valley, even Google executive’s child reportedly prefers it over Google’s software >>
* What happened before the Big Bang? >>

* Fresh Tiger Stripes on Saturn’s Enceladus >>
* Magnet Enhanced Aerocapture Would Enable 39 Day Mars Crewed Flights >>
* 8 CEOs on books they read in a crisis >>

* India launches e-government platform for 125,000 villages and drone land surveys to put them on the map >>
* $4 million richer, Walrus.ai has a pitch for companies looking for QA-testing tools >>
* 10 More Virus Researchers Say ‘Virtually No Chance’ Coronavirus Escaped From a Lab >>

* A Crisis Playbook for Family Businesses >>
* Codota picks up $12M for an AI platform that auto-completes developers’ code >>
* Disney+ will start streaming ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ on May 4th >>

* Drone Deliveries, Food Supplies, and More Car News This Week >>
* Empathy Starts with Curiosity >>
* Distributed Computation, Consistency Maps, WebAssembly on FPGA, and Reliable Information >>

* Germany ditches centralized approach to app for COVID-19 contacts tracing >>
* Shift Your Organization from Panic to Purpose >>
* USGS releases first complete geologic map of the Moon >>

* Pandemic is far from over, World Health Organization says >>
* Coronavirus cases pass 3 million around the world >>
* New Zealand claims ‘elimination’ of coronavirus with new cases in single digits >>
* Working at home injury claims set to skyrocket during coronavirus crisis >>
* Argentina Government bans selling of tickets for flights until September 1 >>
* India: Record rise of 60 deaths in last 24 hours >>
* Coronavirus: how will China’s role in global economy change when faced with pandemic backlash? >>
* Bill Gates predicts when we’ll get a coronavirus vaccine >>
* Bill Gates’s vision for life beyond the coronavirus >>
* Photos reveal Qantas and Jetstar aircraft parking lot in Melbourne >>
* Wuhan discharges outbreak’s last coronavirus patient >>

* Names of UK’s coronavirus science advisers to be revealed >>

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