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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 April 2020

* Rocket Lab catches an Electron stage mid-air, demonstrating rocket recovery plan >>
* Bernie Sanders drops out of race, concluded path to victory was virtually impossible >>
* MIT project turns spray paint into a functional user interface >>

* Take a wild ride with SpaceX in this ’emergency egress’ test for Crew Dragon (video) >>
* Thanks to A.I., Machines Get a Taste for the Right Kinds of Food >>
* You Can’t Spell Creative Without A.I. >>

* Windows 10 is getting Linux files integration in File Explorer >>
* Passover and Easter are now Zoom events >>
* Netflix will allow parents to remove movies and shows, filter by rating in new update >>

* Microsoft’s CTO explains how AI can help health care in the US right now >>
* JRE #1455 – LEX FRIDMAN >>
* The Robots Cleaning Where Humans Can’t >>

* Face Recognition Startup AnyVision to Deploy Thermal Cameras at Tel Aviv Hospital >>
* Dark Nexus: A New Emerging IoT Botnet Malware Spotted in the Wild >>
* COVID-19 shutdown is making weather prediction more difficult >>

* Countries flock to China to collect medical supplies amid epidemic >>
* Mobile-only streaming service Quibi sees more than 300,000 downloads on launch day >>
* Startup’s Organ-on-a-Chip System Could Help Eliminate Animal Testing >>
* UC Berkeley’s AI-Powered Robot Teaches Itself to Drive Off-Road >>

* A Rapid Test for Covid-19 Arrives Via a 20-year-old Technology Already in Many Hospitals >>
* Coronavirus: Grounded planes in UK may be turned into intensive care units >>
* Most COVID-19 patients put on ventilators will not survive >>
* WHO boss says politicising COVID-19 will lead to ‘more body bags’ >>
* Germany turns to fitness-tracking app to help monitor coronavirus infections nationwide >>
* France is developing an app to track the spread of COVID-19 >>
* Coronavirus: A visual guide to the world in lockdown >>
* How Much World Governments Are Spending On Coronavirus Economic Relief, Visualized >>
* AI-powered software can detect coronavirus in chest X-rays in SECONDS w 98% accuracy >>
* Engineered virus tested on mice offers hope for a VACCINE for coronavirus >>
* Blood plasma taken from covid-19 survivors might help patients fight off the disease >>

* Blood pressure drugs may do more harm than good for some older people >>
* China to set up 46 new integrated pilot zones for cross-border e-commerce to revive foreign trade >>
* Boeing finds two more 737 Max software flaws >>

* Eurobites: Vodafone and friends take on COVID-19 – with your smartphone >>
* Desperate times as VMware hurls old-timer NFV into Vodafone’s COVID-19 fight >>
* Non-IP squares up to New IP in battle for Internet’s future >>

* Zoom sued by shareholder for ‘overstating’ security claims >>
* Twitter’s quarantine house meme is full of terrible roommates and hard choices >>
* Why the coronavirus lockdown is making the internet stronger than ever >>

* Three astronauts are launching to space tomorrow after lengthy quarantine >>
* Cruise Lines Are Getting Desperate >>
* London buses trial new boarding methods after drivers die from Covid-19 >>

* Insane Footage Of A Huge Containership Demolishing A Port Crane >>
* Experience vs. Expense? Hiring Strategy 101 — For New Entrepreneurs >>
* Using Coronavirus Quarantines to Boost Your Skills >>

* Covid-19: Contact Tracing Apps for Proximity Alerts >>
* A Call for Inspirational Stories: Developers Fighting COVID-19 >>
* Scientists in Argentina decipher complete genome of SARS-Cov-2 >>

* Don’t try to be a Black Fern on day one of fitness kick >>
* Weekly Space Hangout: April 8, 2020 – Colonel Mike Mullane, Astronaut >>
* How to design a least privilege architecture in AWS >>

* Squeezing Light Out of Silicon >>
* Waste Natural Gas Powers Computers Seeking Coronavirus Cure >>
* Microsoft bought corp.com to keep it away from hackers >>

* To Build an Agile Team, Commit to Organizational Stability >>
* Cybersecurity During COVID-19 >>
* How to restart national economies during the coronavirus crisis >>

* CIOs are redefining what a successful relationship with their IT providers looks like >>
* An instant economic crisis: How deep and how long? >>

* Wuhan reopens after 76-day lockdown >>
* Italy discharges 2000 people from hospital in one day >>
* Coronavirus pandemic alters life as we know it >>
* Coronavirus: ‘Drop in global trade to be worse than 2008 crisis’ >>
* Coronavirus deaths in UK hospitals now over 7,000 >>
* Look Inside US Navy Hospital Ship Sent To Help During Pandemic >>
* Why New Zealand’s Covid-19 death rate remains low compared to other countries >>

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