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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 April 2020

* Movies Anywhere launches movie-sharing feature ‘Screen Pass’ into open beta >>
* As cinephiles shelter, studios are catching on to virtual movie nights >>
* New Zealand isn’t just flattening the curve. It’s squashing it. >>

* AI that can diagnose COVID-19 using X-RAYS could help identify cases more quickly >>
* New data coronavirus deaths: Most had these underlying illnesses; 61% were men >>
* WhatsApp puts new limits on the forwarding of viral messages >>

* How did coronavirus Start? Theories abound, race to solve genetic detective story >>
* Technology That Could Free America From Quarantine >>
* Alexa, Google could be listening to your work calls. Here’s what to do. >>
* Coronavirus doctor’s diary: ‘Our hospitals weren’t made to use this much oxygen’ >>

* A spacecraft headed to Mercury will observe the moon this week during an Earth flyby >>
* Boeing will launch a 2nd uncrewed test flight of its Starliner spacecraft for NASA >>
* SpaceX Dragon cargo ship, the last of its kind, heads back to Earth from space station >>
* Russian Telco Hijacked Internet Traffic of Google, AWS, Cloudflare, and Others >>

* Google Offers Location Data to Health Officials Fighting Pandemic >>
* Washington State OKs Facial Recognition Law Backed by Microsoft >>
* JRE #1454 – DAN CRENSHAW >>
* Microsoft’s CTO explains how AI can help health care in the US right now >>
* NTT Research CEO Kazu Gomi: Creating a new network infrastructure >>
* The Telecoms.com Podcast: China, 5G and network traffic >>
* Dustin Kirkland, Apex | CUBE Conversation, April 2020 >>
* Stefanie Chiras, Red Hat Summit 2020 Preview >>
* The Story of Schizophrenia >>
* Mastering DevOps with AI powered Change Risk Prediction >>
* Don’t be a DevOps Failure >>
* New IBM CEO Arvind Krishna says hybrid cloud will be bigger than mainframes, services, middleware >>

* Google backs Apple’s SMS OTP standard >>
* COVID-19 broadband usage starts to plateau—OpenVault >>
* Boeing suspends 787 airplane production >>

* Peak evening demand still the network capacity challenge >>
* Chrome 81 released with initial support for the Web NFC standard >>
* It’s Now Amazon’s Turn in the Spotlight >>

* SD Times April 2020 >>
* Git at 15: How Git Changed the Way We Code >>
* Airbnb turns to private equity to raise $1 billion >>

* Oculus Quest Gets ‘Prototype’ OpenXR Support >>
* Running your own secure communication service with Matrix and Jitsi >>
* Assemble and adjust your Face Shield >>

* Lets Modularize the Open Source Ventilator Problem >>
* Relativity Space’s focus on 3D printing and cloud-based software helps it weather COVID-19 >>
* Understanding NPM Security [Deep Dive] >>

* Microsoft opens Project xCloud beta signups in 11 new European countries >>
* NASCAR driver ‘rage quits’ esports race >>
* Swarm finally gets full regulatory approval to launch its satellites >>

* This Map Shows the Global Spread of Zero-Day Hacking Techniques >>
* Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson on shifting a 3,000-person company to fully remote >>
* Turns Out, Traffic Spreads Like the Coronavirus >>

* Google Fit redesign focuses on your step count >>
* Host A Quick Meeting With Skype’s ‘Meet Now’, No Login Needed >>
* Prep for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam for just $13 >>

* ‘Smart toilet’ monitors for signs of disease >>
* Amid coronavirus, students flock to Kahoot! and Duolingo. >>
* Pandas use lockdown privacy to mate after a decade of trying >>

* Coronavirus shortage: Looking for a Logitech? Webcams hard to find as we all work from home >>
* Blood Is the Next Critical Tool In the Coronavirus Fight. Here’s Why >>

* The DevOps Life Cycle >>
* The Percentage Of American Workers In Each Income Bracket, Visualized >>
* SpaceX Will be Flying Cargo to the Moon >>
* Trump signs executive order to support moon mining, tap asteroid resources >>

* Wuhan significantly improves medical waste handling capacity without environmental problems >>
* Japan to declare state of emergency over coronavirus pandemic >>
* Coronavirus: Raab ‘confident’ prime minister will recover from illness >>
* EU privacy experts push a decentralized approach to COVID-19 contacts tracing >>
* Fighting Coronavirus with Big Data >>

* A Tiger Is Slightly Sick With the Coronavirus. Your Cats Are Probably OK. >>
* Coronavirus exit strategies: How do we get out of lockdown? >>
* Young Adults, Burdened With Debt, Are Now Facing an Economic Crisis >>

* Coronavirus: New York reports highest single-day virus death toll >>
* See How the Coronavirus Death Toll Grew Across the U.S. >>
* The Virus Changed the Way We Internet >>
* Covid 19 coronavirus: Why virus is fatal for some, mild for others >>

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