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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 April 2020

* World 2.0 — “There are decades where nothing happens, and weeks where decades happen” >>
* Bill Gates is funding new factories for 7 potential coronavirus vaccines, even though it wastes billions of dollars >>
* What Will the World Be Like After Coronavirus? Four Possible Futures >>

* Video Friday: This Omnidirectional Drone Flies Using 12 Tiltable Propellers >>
* British 5G towers are being set on fire amid coronavirus conspiracy theories >>
* Thank You Bill Gates >>

* Mobile Phone Location Data Used To Track Australians Movements >>
* Coronavirus Pandemic Prompts Privacy-Conscious Europe to Collect Phone Data >>
* JRE: #1453. Eric Weinstein is a mathematician and economist, and he is also the managing director at Thiel Capital >>

* A Hacker Found a Way to Take Over Any Apple Webcam >>
* Thousands of private Zoom videos are online for anyone to watch >>
* Keeping Fit With Tech at Home >>

* Zipline Wants to Bring Medical Drone Delivery to U.S. to Fight COVID-19 >>
* SpaceX SN3 Starship Destroyed – Liquid Oxygen Tank Crumpled >>
* How we Ended up with short on medical equipment >>

* Experimental diabetes device works by killing gut cells with hot water >>
* How Sewage Could Reveal True Scale of Coronavirus Outbreak >>
* Meet the Xenobots, Virtual Creatures Brought to Life – The New York Times >>

* Will China be the global winner from COVID? >>
* When two tribes go to war >>
* Don’t listen unquestioningly to ‘experts’ >>

* Pay up, mega shopping mall landlord warns tenants >>
* Tech News Briefing’s Guide to Zoom >>
* Start-Ups Are Pummeled in the ‘Great Unwinding’ >>

* Beating Coronavirus With Electronic Quarantines and Contact Tracing >>
* Best Case Global Coronavirus Ends August But Less Than 10% Chance >>
* Chinese rocket sells for $5.6 million in livestreamed auction: report >>

* How to Refuel a Nuclear Power Plant During a Pandemic >>
* Pandemic puts the brakes on micromobility >>

* Astronomers are hoping to see the very first stars and galaxies in the Universe >>
* Astronauts will return to Earth soon amid the coronavirus pandemic >>
* Why telehealth can’t significantly flatten the coronavirus curve—yet >>

* Saturday assorted links >>
* Coronavirus: Five-year-old among latest UK victims >>
* You Can Watch A Ton Of HBO Shows For Free Right Now >>

* New trailers: Snowpiercer, Normal People, The Innocence Files, and more >>
* The Best Graphs And Data For Tracking The Coronavirus Pandemic >>
* I threw boyfriend his birthday party on The Sims >>

* Apple appears to to be acquiring virtual event company NextVR >>
* E3 will return June 15th, 2021 >>
* Skype rolls out ‘Meet Now’ calls that don’t need a a sign-up or installation >>

* Tesla Has Best First Quarter Ever Despite Coronavirus Shutdowns >>
* AlphaGo – The Movie | Full Documentary >>
* How Do Coronavirus Tests Work? >>

* Amazon To Delay Marketing Event Prime Day Due To Coronavirus >>
* Automation may take jobs but ai will create them >>
* PlayStation 5 will feature a 10.2-teraflop GPU and a speedy custom SSD >>

* Vint Cerf ‘No Longer Contagious’ With Covid-19 >>
* ‘Fear’ is the most widespread emotion on social media for the fourth day in a row as coronavirus continues to spread around the world, study shows >>
* COVID-19: The Need for Secure Labs–and Their Risks >>

* Coronavirus will play out very differently in world’s poorest nations >>
* Elon Musk silences critics who said Tesla accidentally shipped sleep apnea BiPAP machines to NY hospital instead of ventilators >>
* Medical Students Can Give Vital Help in the COVID-19 Crisis >>

* Facebook: They deleted the app, said goodbye to friends. Then came coronavirus >>
* Coronavirus: RFU boss Bill Sweeney says crisis will change rugby union >>
* BA cabin crew virus fears after long-haul flights >>

* After coronavirus: ‘We can’t go back to business as usual’ >>
* Brazil coronavirus: medics fear official tally ignores ‘a mountain of deaths’ >>
* Trump Stops Masks from Going to Canada >>

* Building an e-commerce business: Lessons on moving fast >>
* The Biggest Ideas in the Universe | 1. Conservation >>
* The Biggest Ideas in the Universe | 2. Change >>

* How Much Longer Do We Have to Live Like This? >>
* E3 will return June 15th, 2021 >>
* Mine Digital Exchange: Q1, 2020 [Report] >>

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