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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 March 2020

* Coronavirus pandemic upends life as we know it >>
* The coronavirus pandemic is “accelerating”, the World Health Organization warns >>
* WHO Changes ‘Social Distancing’ to ‘Physical Distancing’ >>

* Four-Way and Now Nine-Way Valve Hacks for Ventilators >>

* Smart Thermometers Could Be Key To Tracking The Coronavirus, For Better Or Worse >>
* Hundreds of Millions Go Into Lockdown in India as Coronavirus Measures Come Into Force >>
* Governments around the world are increasingly using location data to manage the coronavirus >>

* Google Cloud launches Game Servers, a managed cloud backend for games >>
* New initiatives from TED to share ideas, build community and stay hopeful >>

* Strong leaders forge an intersection of knowledge and experience >>
* Leaders need to mobilize change-ready workforces >>
* Great leaders inspire innovation and creativity from within their workforces >>

* Hong Kong appeared to have the coronavirus under control, then it let its guard down >>
* Can soap really ‘kill’ the coronavirus? (video) >>
* Online learning platform sees 50,000 pupils a day signing up for classes as schools close >>

* Amazon delays shipments of nonessential items in the US by up to a month >>
* Ericsson: COVID-19 isn’t affecting equipment production, but ‘a few’ employees have virus >>
* Which Covid-19 drugs work best? >>

* Fed’s Message: The Money-Printing Presses Are Fired Up and Ready to Go >>
* Trump Weighs Easing Stay-at-Home Advice to Curb Economic Rout >>
* Trump itching to scale back social distancing after 15 day-period, aides say >>
* Senate Democrats Block Aid Package, Seeking Stronger Protections for Workers >>

* Jeff Bezos tells Amazon staff grappling with pandemic: ‘People are depending on us’ >>
* Rio’s favelas prepare for the worst amid coronavirus fears >>
* More than one billion told to stay home worldwide over virus >>

* Kubernetes Going Mainstream — Innovative Startups Rise >>
* Australia’s hospitality sector goes contactless to reduce COVID-19 spread >>
* Human vaccine trial gets underway >>

* 400,000 new people have joined Folding@Home’s fight against COVID-19 >>
* This Bugatti Hyper Truck Is the Escape From Reality We Need >>
* Will Governments Restrict Foreign Access to Pandemic Supplies? >>

* Door to door cocktails allowed as nsw government lifts restrictions >>
* Tokyo 2020: Olympics to be postponed until 2021, says IOC member >>

* Younger people critically ill with coronavirus in Sydney hospitals >>
* Crowds packed California beaches despite shelter in place order >>
* Coronavirus pandemic upends life as we know it >>

* What Happens When Tech Companies Offer to Fight Coronavirus With Digital Surveillance? >>
* Emirates will suspend most passenger flights by March 25 >>
* Huawei P40 Pro may feature 50X zoom, custom photography chip >>

* Coronavirus transforms peak internet usage into the new normal >>
* The a16z WFH Podcast: Remote Work and Our New Reality >>
* KDDI preps 5G service sandwich, puts AWS Wavelength to work >>

* Google launches Kubernetes-built ‘Game Servers’ beta for high-scalability cloud gaming backend >>
* New normal: Coronavirus shifts IT spending to work-from-home infrastructure >>
* IBM-backed consortium opens up 16 supercomputers for coronavirus research >>

* Microsoft says hackers are attacking Windows users with a new unpatched bug >>
* A look inside one startup’s work-from-home playbook >>
* Living in Lockdown: What’s the Appropriate Response to the Coronavirus? >>

* GitLab’s Timely Survey Explores the Benefits of Working from Home >>
* Top 10 Jobs With AWS Certification >>
* Verizon gives customers extra mobile data, drops broadband data caps >>

* Amazon to start paying US warehouse workers double time for all overtime hours >>
* The Verge Guide To Working At Home >>
* Predicting a Post-Pandemic Future: Remote Working and Distance Learning? >>

* What San Francisco Looks Like Now After The Shelter In Place Order >>
* Once Again, Florida Waited Too Long >>
* Lockdown in the ‘land of plenty’ >>

* Coronavirus: What are essential services? >>
* Coronavirus: Ventilator solution is there if we look hard enough, says Glen Herud >>
* Coronavirus is bringing a plague of dangerous doomsday predictions >>

* Survey: US consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis >>
* Nanostructured rubber-like material could replace human tissue >>
* Hacking Voice Assistants with Ultrasonic Waves >>

* Antibodies from COVID-19 survivors could be used to treat patients, protect those at risk >>
* Flat-panel technology could transform antennas, wireless and cell phone communications >>
* Coronavirus pandemic: Welcome to The Cabin Fever Podcast >>

* Stock-market turning point might depend on easing of fear, not arrival or end of recession >>
* You are not alone: Coronavirus crisis has damaged retirement plans >>
* Hand Sanitizer: What Can You Do in the Meantime? >>

* Critical coronavirus patients in Italy are being treated with bubble-shaped containers over their heads. Here’s what they do. >>
* When Coronavirus Closes Your Lab, Can Science Go On? >>
* WIRED’s Video Guide to Extreme Indoor Activities >>

* One neat plug-in to join a Zoom call from your browser >>
* Oprah Winfrey’s new Apple TV+ show, ‘Oprah Talks COVID-19 >>
* Non-profit launches COVID-19 treatment and vaccine tracker with daily updates >>

* Google is rolling out a redesigned Podcasts app to some Android users >>
* Amazon Prime Video finally introduces viewer profiles >>
* A Third of Coronavirus Cases May Be ‘Silent Carriers’, Classified Chinese Data Suggests >>

* NASA pauses work on James Webb Space Telescope due to coronavirus >>

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