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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 March 2020

* Japanese flu drug appears ‘effective’ in coronavirus treatment in Chinese clinical trials >>
* Around is the new floating head video chat multitasking app >>
* When will school reopen? No date in sight, and schools struggling to put learning online >>

* Amazon struggles to be the everything store during the coronavirus crisis >>
* Labs for Diagnostics: Then, Now, and Next >>
* Airlines Use Empty Passenger Jets to Ease the Cargo Crunch >>

* Launch HN: Fly.io (YC W20) – Deploy app servers close to your users >>
* AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint close thousands of retail stores nationwide >>
* With COVID-19 comes the real dawn of the digital age >>

* PlayStation 5 will feature a 10.2 teraflop GPU and a speedy custom SSD >>
* SpaceX breaks a Falcon 9 rocket re-use record with successful Starlink launch >>
* Surveillance Company Says It’s Deploying ‘Coronavirus-Detecting’ Cameras In US >>

* Nokia’s Worldwide IoT Network Grid gets new 5G and edge capabilities >>
* A new app would say if you’ve crossed paths with someone who is infected >>
* A bloody battle or a long war? The ethical dilemma of tackling coronavirus >>

* A Guide to Managing Your (Newly) Remote Workers >>
* Is Coronavirus Speeding the Adoption of Driverless Technology? >>
* Snag With Linking Google’s Undersea Cable to Saint Helena Could Leave Telecom Monopoly Entrenched >>

* Vodafone proposes five-point plan to fight COVID-19 >>
* Distanced dining >>
* It’s an unprecedented crisis: 8 things to do right now >>

* Reddit: I’m Bill Gates, AMA about COVID-19.>>
* US Ignite’s Mari Silbey on smart cities opportunities and O-RAN testing >>
* Hackers Created Thousands of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Related Sites As Bait >>

* THREE British babies catch coronavirus within a week >>
* DeepMind’s Protein Folding AI Is Going After Coronavirus >>

* Uber and Lyft suspend carpool services on coronavirus contagion concerns >>
* US talks to tech firms about employing user data to track spread of COVID-19 >>
* POD: Nearing zero >>
* POD: Why This Recession Will Be Different >>

* Coronavirus isolation pods made by Mexican engineers >>
* Chinese overseas head home to safe haven under Beijing’s tough quarantine regime >>
* Amazon to stop accepting all products other than medical supplies and household staples to its warehouses amid coronavirus crisis >>

* Food Delivery Services Introduce Zero Contact Delivery >>
* Urgent moves to build ventilators here >>
* New data shows children can get severely ill from coronavirus; first known child death >>

* On-Demand Webinar: How to Support the Surge in Remote Working >>
* Virus confronts leaders with one of modern history’s gravest challenges >>
* Tracking coronavirus’ global spread >>

* China’s new Long March 7A rocket fails in debut launch: reports >>
* Could Supercomputers and Rapid Treatment Trials Slow Down Coronavirus? >>
* Bacterial enzyme could become a new target for antibiotics >>

* Lime pauses scooter operations in select markets amid COVID-19 >>
* Real-World Lessons From a World of Warcraft Virtual Outbreak >>
* Coronavirus Is Showing Us How To Live Online >>

* How Persistent Storage Offers Cloud Native Developers More Freedom >>
* Managing Change in a Modern DevOps Powered Enterprise >>
* Unleashing Data With Data Lakes [Webinar Sign-up] >>

* Windows as a Service: A Method of Life Cycle Management >>
* No, Donald Trump can’t cancel the 2020 general election >>
* Calling Himself a ‘Wartime President,’ Trump Invokes Act to Marshal Private Sector >>

* TED: Why Covid 19 Is Hitting Us Now And How To Prepare For The Next Outbreak >>
* TED: A Fascinating Time Capsule Of Human Feelings Toward Ai >>
* I’m a Doctor in Britain. We’re Heading Into the Abyss. >>

* All the companies from Y Combinator’s W20 Demo Day, Part I: B2B Companies >>
* All the companies from Y Combinator’s W20 Demo Day, Part II: Consumer Companies >>
* All the companies from Y Combinator’s W20 Demo Day, Part III: Hardware, Robots, AI and Developer Tools >>
* All the companies from Y Combinator’s W20 Demo Day, Part IV: Healthcare, Biotech, Fintech and Nonprofits >>

* As Pandemic Strikes, Pop Culture Migrates to Streaming Sites >>
* Google launches the next Android 11 developer preview >>
* Lasers and smart pills could eventually replace injections >>

* Italy reports 475 new virus deaths, highest one-day toll of any nation >>
* UK to shut schools as deaths rise to 104 >>
* Global COVID-19 cases pass 200,000, death >>

* During Coronavirus, Can Food Delivery – Well, Deliver? >>
* Working From Home: Coronavirus Edition >>
* Stocks Hit 3-Year Low, Oil Tumbles; Dollar Surges: Markets Wrap >>

* Covid-19, can survive on some surfices, for as long as 28 days in low temperatures. >>
* Italian doctors don’t know if the coronavirus lockdown is working. But there’s no plan B >>
* Israeli-made oral vaccine for coronavirus on track, but testing will take months >>
* Coronavirus: US, Canada to close border as stocks, oil sink again >>

* Can Astronauts Use GPS to Navigate on the Moon? NASA Scientists Say Yes >>
* AI adoption in the enterprise 2020 >>
* Virtual reality: Now even the online Google Cloud Next event is postponed >>

* Delta Air Lines will park at least half its fleet and close airport lounges >>
* Text Adventures, Startups & the Virus, Free Textbooks, and Software Engineering at Google >>
* IBM at the Intersection of Human-Computer Interaction and AI >>

* ‘Westworld’ remembers that TV is supposed to be fun >>
* Oxford scientists develop new coronavirus test that provides results in just 30 minutes >>
* Boeing burned through $13.8 billion of loans in just over a month as coronavirus derails its 737 Max recovery >>

* Asia’s Generation Z comes of age >>

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