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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 March 2020

* Now you can transcribe speech with Google Translate >>
* White House avoid gatherings of more than 10, could last until August >>
* Trump admin wants to send American workers cash ‘immediately’ >>

* Amazon limiting shipments to certain types of products due to COVID-19 pandemic >>
* Amazon is prioritizing stocking medical supplies and household staples at its warehouses >>
* Facebook is giving $1,000 to every employee to help them amid the coronavirus pandemic >>

* FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel on staying connected during a pandemic >>
* Will coronavirus make mobile payment systems like Apple Pay, Google Pay mainstream? >>
* 3D printer saves ten Italian coronavirus patients’ by producing replacement valve for broken ventilator >>

* Workos; Add Single Sign-On (SSO) to your app for free. >>
* AI, machine learning could put cell sites to sleep (and slash energy costs) >>
* Eurobites: UK’s Carphone Warehouse shuts stores, makes 2,900 redundant >>
* The Telecoms.com Podcast: 5G race, coronavirus and optical >>

* Coronavirus: From 93 infected to 0, what did this Chinese City do to contain the virus? >>
* Adam Kucharski on what should (and shouldn’t) worry us about the coronavirus >>

* We’re not going back to normal >>
* A new app would say if you’ve crossed paths with someone who is infected >>
* Apple’s A14 Chip Rumored To Become First Arm-Based Mobile Processor To Exceed 3GHz >>

* Ransomware targets hospitals and medical providers during coronavirus pandemic >>
* Remote workers targeted with coronavirus phishing campaigns and malware >>
* Amazon is looking to hire 100,000 employees to keep up with demand >>

* GitHub Acquires npm, Buying Microsoft a Presence in the Node/JavaScript Community >>
* Remote Workers Are Here to Stay- 5 Things To Do To Make Everyone Happy and Make Your Job Easier >>
* The Nyc Subway’S New Tap-To-Pay System Has A Hidden Cost — Rider Data >>

* A Critical Internet Safeguard Is Running Out of Time >>
* NASA’s ‘critical path’ to the moon no longer requires a Lunar Gateway: Report >>

* Working From Home: Coronavirus Edition >>
* Countries Use Tech to Fight Coronavirus >>
* New Federal Rules Ease Access to Your Health Data >>

* The Top 10 Acquisitions fo All-Time >>
* What sports venues will do next and the coming wave of Wi-Fi 6 >>
* COVID-19: Dealing with Social Distancing >>

* Watching people try to act normal on live TV during a pandemic >>
* Despite All The Warnings About Social Distancing, Here’s How Packed Clearwater Beach In Florida Is >>
* People Fleeing Coronavirus Head To a New Safe Haven: China >>

* Virus-related cancellations bring ‘force majeure’ for contracts into play >>
* Creating resilient, sustainable water supplies means flipping the management paradigm >>
* This Experimental Drone Could Change America’s War Strategy >>

* Brawling Monkeys. Wandering Deer. Blame Coronavirus. >>
* AI can pick out specific odours from a combination of smells >>
* Coronavirus: Spanish deaths surge close to 500 >>

* Vitalik Buterin: Ethereum, Cryptocurrency, and the Future of Money >>
* Jacob James Banas – live SU COVID-19 Summit | Day 2 >>
* Most Airlines Could Be Bankrupt By May. Governments Will Have To Help. >>

* Virus creates world’s longest passenger flight >>
* Intel’s neuromorphic chip learns to ‘smell’ 10 hazardous chemicals >>
* HashiCorp soars above $5B valuation in new $175M venture round >>

* Ridiculous ways companies are trying to profit from coronavirus, From anti-spitting hats to doctor robots >>
* Responding to coronavirus: The minimum viable nerve center >>
* Leadership in a crisis: Responding to the coronavirus outbreak and future challenges >>

* Britain’s mobile networks hit with outages as millions work from home >>
* ‘Bonehenge’: Stone Age structure of mammoth bones discovered in Russia >>

* AI pollution monitor could forecast harmful particles in the air >>

* All the virtual concerts, plays, museums and other culture you can enjoy from home >>
* Coronavirus lockdowns: 24 hours of confusion around the world >>
* YouTube warns of increased video removals during COVID-19 crisis >>

* Coronavirus updates: Stocks rally, $1,000 for all considered, blood donors needed, death toll reaches 94 >>
* Coronavirus updates LIVE: Donald Trump to grant Americans cash stimulus payments >>
* Health chiefs warn population to stay away from hospitals unless it’s urgent >>

* High demands send Woolworths and Coles’ online delivery into disarray >>
* Stocks Jump With Wall Street Seeing ‘Crazy Swings’: Markets Wrap >>
* The state of the restaurant industry >>

* Elections amid coronavirus: How officials aim to keep voters safe >>
* DOT holds first GPS backup technology demonstration >>
* Google Fiber halts sales calls, closes retail stores >>

* Sony to reveal new PS5 details in a ‘deep dive’ tomorrow >>
* Lime is yanking its electric scooters from California and Washington due to coronavirus >>
* Israel is using cellphone data to track the coronavirus >>

* Covid-19: How much is a NZ life worth? >>
* Coronavirus: remembering the polio epidemic of the 1940s >>
* This controversial website uses AI to create fake nudes of women >>

* SpaceX will launch Intelsat’s next satellite using a re-used Falcon 9 in 2022 >>
* Rocket Lab to acquire satellite hardware maker Sinclair Interplanetary >>
* Peloton stock spikes as the at-home fitness company finds potential customers stuck at home >>

* Facebook, Reddit, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube issue joint statement on misinformation >>
* Coronavirus Lockdown Boosts Interest in Pirate Sites and Services >>
* Apex’s electric supercar includes an AR race coach and partial self-driving >>

* Europol Arrests 26 SIM Swapping Fraudsters For Stealing Over $3 Million >>
* Have hundreds of unicorns missed their exit window as Q1 IPOs grind to a halt? >>
* Climate change: The rich are to blame, international study finds >>

* Big Tech’s Response to the Corona Virus Outbreak >>
* Innocent Vulnerabilities vs Malicious Backdoors How to Manage Your Risk >>
* How to Use the Jira API >>
* Delivering a Successful API: Know What it Takes >>

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