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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 March 2020

* First US clinical human trial of potential coronavirus vaccine set to start Monday >>
* Stock markets halted for unprecedented third time due to coronavirus scare >>
* Microsoft Teams goes down — just as everyone starts working from home >>

* Canada shuts borders to non-citizens and non-residents in dramatic escalation of pandemic fight >>
* UK goes into lockdown as Boris Johnson orders Brits to stop all ‘non-essential’ social contact >>
* Argentina to close schools for two weeks, borders to visitors >>
* Coronavirus updates LIVE: Canada, Egypt, Switzerland, Malaysia close borders, UK urges against ‘non-essential’ travel >>
* WHO says global confirmed COVID-19 cases surpass 150,000 >>
* CDC issues new guidance against gatherings of 50 or more people for the next 8 weeks >>

* TED How Can We Control The Coronavirus Pandemic >>
* POD Peter Hotez, COVID-19: transmissibility, vaccines and risk reduction >>
* POD Is There Really a “Loneliness Epidemic”? >>
* POD A Search for Everything >>

* Coronavirus vaccines and treatment: Everything you need to know >>
* Top doctor: Coronavirus vaccine will take 18 months — rush it at your own peril >>
* Ten-Minute Coronavirus Test for $1 Could Be Game Changer >>

* Grocery delivery apps see record downloads amid coronavirus outbreak >>
* Amazon sold out of bottled water and toilet paper, too >>
* Some Amazon Prime deliveries are delayed and it’s running out of staples due to coronavirus >>
* Amazon reports supply shortages from coronavirus panic buying >>

* Countries Use Tech to Fight Coronavirus >>
* Coronavirus: Trainer hosts rooftop workouts in quarantined Spain for people >>
* Intel’s neuromorphic chip learns to ‘smell’ 10 hazardous chemicals >>

* Ask HN: What happens next after a successful lockdown? >>
* New Android Cookie-Stealing Malware Found Hijacking Facebook Accounts >>
* npm is joining GitHub >>

* NASA warns Moon base plans might slip by a year >>
* Slow Down to Make Better Decisions in a Crisis >>
* Startups developing tech to combat COVID-19 urged to apply for fast-track EU funding >>

* Monkeys CAN’T be reinfected with coronavirus in a sign ‘herd immunity’ WILL kick >>
* Introducing our daily Coronavirus podcast >>
* The Problem with U.S. Health Care Isn’t a Shortage of Doctors >>

* Coronavirus deals China’s economy a ‘bigger blow than global financial crisis’ >>
* Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of The Week on BitTorrent – 03/16/20 >>

* Social distancing: It’s not about you, it’s about us >>

* On Lockdown in Rome: A Preview of American Life in 11 Days >>
* Don’t be Italy >>
* One-third of Israeli tech firms planning layoffs due to pandemic, survey finds >>

* Echodyne Shows Off Its Cognitive Radar for Self-Driving Cars >>
* Intel’s Neuromorphic Nose Learns Scents in Just One Sniff >>
* Why and How Governments Need to Mobilize Sanitizer Supply >>

* Phones Could Track the Spread of Covid-19. Is It a Good Idea? >>

* Google Maps is making ‘Live View’ AR navigation more prominent >>
* Managing the Stress and Uncertainty of Coronavirus >>

* A Travel Ban, Gig Economy Risks, and More Car News This Week >>
* AI is an Ideology, Not a Technology >>
* Apple hit with record-breaking $1.2 billion antitrust fine in France >>

* Scientists quantify how wave power drives coastal erosion >>
* SimCam 1S security camera review: Superb AI features are the highlight of this affordable camera >>
* There are now 1 billion Windows 10 devices in the wild >>

* TikTok will stop using China-based moderators to screen foreign content >>
* What Democracy’S History Tells Us About Its Future >>
* What Happened After San Francisco’s Market Street Went Car-Free? >>

* This Demonstration Of How Waves Move Through Spinning, Hanging Loops Is Absolutely Fascinating >>
* Could Coronavirus Cause as Many Deaths as Cancer in the U.S.? Putting Estimates in Context >>
* Microsoft unveils full Xbox Series X specs with 1TB expansion cards >>

* What Happens To Your Body If You Hang Upside Down For Too Long >>
* Where’s the Zoom of VR? >>
* Aging Out of the Mammogram >>

* Coronavirus: What we know so far about risks to pregnancy and babies >>
* Could Video Games and Other Entertainment Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19? >>
* Microsoft launches an interactive map that tracks the global spread >>

* Type 1 diabetes may be two conditions that need different treatments >>
* A Smart Sprinkler Controller Can Help Revive Your Lawn For Spring—Here’s How >>
* Coronavirus: Seven Ways Collective Intelligence Is Tackling the Pandemic >>

* DARPA taps four companies for critical unmanned underwater vehicle tech >>
* Coronavirus live updates: Schools close, business curtailed, stocks crash as tough measures sweep nation >>
* Supreme Court, for first time since 1918, postpones oral arguments >>

* Uncensored Library, Shmoocon 2020, Differential Privacy, Layoffs >>
* While You Were Offline: Everything Is Canceled >>
* Lockheed Martin CEO Marilyn Hewson to be succeeded by board member James Taiclet >>

* ‘Cosmos: Possible Worlds’ episode 2 will make you think >>
* Azure admins’ cold sweat likely caused by a ‘isolated’ power problems that browned out West Central USA region >>
* Microsoft frees Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 from the shackles of, er, Windows? >>

* Is coronavirus the iceberg that will sink the cruise ship industry? >>
* Coronavirus: UK, New York in lockdown >>
* As a hospital doctor, I know that I will begin to be exposed to patients who don’t even know they are harbouring the virus >>

* Wedding In Jerusalem Has Creative Ways Of Handling Social Distancing In The Face Of Coronavirus >>
* The Man Who Saw the Pandemic Coming >>
* Why outbreaks like coronavirus spread exponentially, and how to “flatten the curve” >>

* How did we get to 5G? The history of mobile networks >>
* Coronavirus: anti-Chinese conspiracy theories go viral in India, amid frayed ties >>
* The Gig Economy Is a Public Health Risk >>

* Verizon girds network in the face of coronavirus, AT&T suspends data caps >>
* Euro operators call for broadband discipline as COVID-19 drives people home >>
* China telcos issue tenders for 480K 5G basestations >>

* How bad can coronavirus get in the US? We’re about to find out. >>
* Why There Aren’t Enough Coronavirus Tests in the U.S. >>
* 6 Effective Ways to Stay Ahead of Your Competition Using Social AI >>

* A Sneak Peek Into Amazon Web Services Cloud (AWS) >>
* WTF is AWS Traffic Mirroring? >>
* AWS Session Manager: less infrastructure, more features >>

* ‘Sub-nevers’ will alter streaming market with new viewing habits >>
* A Taxonomy of Consequences >>
* A K8S Tech Stack for the Real World >>

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