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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 09 March 2020

* How digital events should be run in the age of coronavirus >>
* Stanford moves classes online to deal with coronavirus outbreak >>
* Coronavirus didn’t stop Hong Kong school from hosting a virtual sports day >>
* LP Show Preview: Remote Work, No-Code, and Products that Sell Themselves >>
* Startups Weekly: Remote-first SaaS products boom as workers stay home >>
* Are Virtual Conferences Better Than Real-World Conferences? >>

* This Week in Programming: It’s All Canceled >>
* GitHub’s Plan to Freeze Your Code for Thousands of Years >>
* US Navy robot submarine would be able to kill without human control >>

* Lotus has already sold out of its electric hypercar for 2020 >>
* “Doing machine learning the right way” >>
* Elon Musk Wants To Build a New Starship Every 72 Hours >>

* AT&T and Google Cloud forge 5G edge compute partnership for enterprises >>
* Microsoft, Cisco team up for IoT at the edge >>
* NTT DoCoMo leans on Ericsson for AI-enabled RAN optimization >>

* Cloud developers are falling in love with serverless computing – and more soon should >>
* Biggest-ever auction of 5G mmWave spectrum ends at $7.6B >>
* WebML — A Standard ML compiler for the Web >>

* But what is the Fourier Transform? A visual introduction >>
* Google’s New ML-Powered Voice Recording App >>
* Chinese bankers optimistic about country’s economy >>

* The original Philips Hue Bridge hub is losing all internet connectivity on April 30th >>
* Great Barrier Reef, Queensland: The best new luxury experiences >>
* Curiosity Finds Organic Molecules That Could Have Been Produced by Life on Mars >>

* Amtrak canceling nonstop Acela between New York and DC after coronavirus concerns reduce demand >>
* Coronavirus Outbreak Has Caused The Biggest Global Oil Demand Dip In History >>
* Airlines are burning gallons of fuel flying empty ‘ghost’ planes so they can keep their flight slots during coronavirus outbreak >>
* Coronavirus: China’s ravaged manufacturing heartlands force international firms to speed up exit strategies >>

* How to restart your stalled digital transformation >>
* Study: Modern electric grid needs smarter modeling for improved resilience >>
* The Queen gets shut out of Windsor Castle >>

* Exponential growth and epidemics >>
* Is Italy the Future of Coronavirus >>
* Italy quarantines 15 million people, creating chaos after plan leaks >>
* Are China-style lockdowns the answer to containing the coronavirus? >>
* China May Be Beating the Coronavirus, at a Painful Cost >>
* There Is a ‘Tipping Point’ Before Coronavirus Kills >>
* Another Wild Trading Week Awaits in the Age of Coronavirus >>
* COVID-19 Disease Resources & Readings >>
* Coronavirus: What can we learn from the Spanish flu? >>
* German researchers identify existing drug with potential to treat coronavirus Covid-19 >>
* Will the World Be Able To Limp Back to Normalcy After The Coronavirus Scare? >>
* Coronavirus ‘highly sensitive’ to high temperatures, but don’t bank on summer killing it off, studies say >>
* How Pandemics Change History >>
* 16 deaths from COVID-19 in Washington as officials scramble to contain >>
* This ‘isn’t Mad Max,’ Australian police say after 3 women get into a brawl while panic-buying toilet paper >>
* Toilet paper is ‘like gold’: Coronavirus fears create queues out the door at grocery shops >>

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