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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 01 March 2020

* Coronavirus corrections and the rise of remote work >>
* Video Friday: Child Robot Affetto Learning New Facial Expressions >>
* Engadget Podcast: Reviewing Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra >>

* Citroën’s tiny Ami electric car can be driven by 14-year olds for $22 a month >>
* SpaceX Starship Explosion of SN1 – Moving to SN2 >>

* Chinese police now have AI helmets for temperature screening >>
* Robot, 3D printing, drone, 5G deployed in fight against epidemic >>
* Coronavirus is the first big test for futuristic tech that can prevent pandemics >>
* How Coronavirus Could Impact the Global Supply Chain by Mid-March >>

* Vergecast: S20 Ultra’s camera issues and Bob Iger steps down as Disney CEO >>
* How Resident Microbes Restructure Body Chemistry >>
* Illustrated Self-Supervised Learning >>

* Meet the Roomba’s Ancestor: The Cybernetic Tortoise >>
* Mark Humayun Builds Bionic Eyes >>
* Crosstalk Analysis of High-Speed Serial Technology with VNAs >>

* ‘Robot’ was coined 100 years ago, in a play predicting human extinction by android hands >>
* AI Helps Scientists Discover Powerful New Antibiotic >>
* Apple has blocked Clearview AI’s iPhone app for violating its rules >>

* Smarter Grids Pave the Way for More Open Grids >>
* The Open Source CIO >>
* 16 Minutes on the News #24: What’s Up With All These Fintech Acquisitions; SEC Rules >>

* Could deepfakes be used to train office workers? >>
* A new management science for technology delivery >>
* Enhancing the tech backbone >>

* This Slow Motion, Super-Zoom 4K Footage Of An Airshow Is Just Spectacular >>
* Ability to Take on Diverse Roles May Be Key to Which Animals Survive Mass Extinction >>
* Drones are flying UNDERGROUND in Japan to inspect parts of the Tokyo Metro’s sprawling subway tunnels >>

* The rise of cloud computing has had a smaller climate impact than feared >>
* Vivo’s new concept phone comes with a ‘gimbal camera’ >>
* Tencent teams up with ‘Sars hero’ Zhong Nanshan on AI, big data lab to combat coronavirus and predict outbreaks >>

* Shanghai introduces QR codes on subway to track potential contact with coronavirus >>
* Clearview AI leak names businesses using its facial recognition database >>
* Big data helps with China’s emergency management >>

* First private space rescue mission sees two satellites latch together >>
* Rocket start-up Astra tries back-to-back launches to win $12 million >>
* Boeing didn’t conduct end-to-end tests on Starliner before its failed flight >>

* A New Mini-Moon Was Found Orbiting Earth. There Will Be More. >>
* Clearview AI, which has facial recognition database of 3 billion images, faces data theft >>
* 10 sites to watch movies for free >>

* How Would The World’s Largest Planes Perform On The World’s Shortest Runway? >>
* This Mashup Of ‘Toy Story’ And ‘Westworld’ Works Terrifyingly Well >>
* Imagine A World Without Youtube >>

* Recycling Plants Are Catching On Fire, And Lithium-Ion Batteries Are To Blame >>
* Geneva Motor Show canceled after coronavirus causes government to ban large events >>
* Hillary Clinton is launching her own podcast >>

* Moscow police seize a fully-functional Batmobile replica >>
* Bill Gates’s plan to tackle a possible pandemic only works if governments handle health care >>
* Provisioned Concurrency: The Silver Bullet to AWS Lambda Cold Starts >>

* The Cloud Is Dead, Long Live On-Premise! >>
* Data Theorem: API Security from Mobile to Serverless >>
* Why Businesses Should Consider Managed Cloud-Based WAF Protection >>

* China Removed a Pandemic-Themed Game From Its iOS App Store >>
* Optimizing application performance with Amazon CodeGuru Profiler >>
* Wondering about getting a job at SpaceX? Elon Musk says innovation is the main criterion >>

* Recycling Plants Are Catching On Fire, And Lithium-Ion Batteries Are To Blame >>
* Recycled nuclear waste will power a new reactor >>
* Google Plots Course to the Cloud >>

* I Used Minecraft to Cope With My Apocalypse Anxiety >>
* Fear and liability in algorithmic hiring >>
* British Airways is testing autonomous electric wheelchairs at JFK >>

* BMW’s teases its iNext prototype EV during a hot-weather test >>
* Cloud Computing Is Not the Energy Hog That Had Been Feared >>
* A Flaw in Billions of Wi-Fi Chips Let Attackers Decrypt Data >>

* Two private satellites just docked in space in historic first for orbital servicing >>
* Leap years and why we need them >>
* Clearview’s Facial Recognition App Has Been Used By The Justice Department, ICE, Macy’s, Walmart, And The NBA >>

* Coronavirus: US confirms first death, in Washington state >>
* Coronavirus: Iran’s deaths at least 210, hospital sources say >>
* It’s going to take a lot longer to make a COVID-19 vaccine than a treatment >>
* Coronavirus: ‘Self-isolating will cost me £600’ >>
* Coronavirus: UK schools and offices could close for up to two months >>
* FDA Identifies First Drug Shortage Blamed on Coronavirus—but Won’t Name the Drug >>
* Coronavirus: England only has 15 beds for worst respiratory cases >>
* Quarantines Won’t Save Us From Coronavirus >>
* Promising Antiviral Is Being Tested for the Coronavirus—but Results Are Not Yet Out >>
* US’s newest coronavirus patient had no known exposure to anyone sick and hadn’t gone to China, which suggests containment might be impossible >>
* Silent Epidemic? Experts Fear Coronavirus Is Spreading Undetected in Southeast Asia >>
* Coronavirus Could Pose Risk To More Than 150 Million Due To ‘Overloaded’ Medical System, Says Statistician >>
* Coronavirus: First case of virus in New Zealand >>
* Coronavirus: Supermarkets working hard to restock in-demand and sold-out items as customers buy up large >>
* Most Coronavirus Cases Are Mild. That’s Good and Bad News. >>
* First Covid-19 outbreak in a U.S. nursing home raises concerns >>
* Tokyo 2020 Olympics threatened due to coronavirus >>

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