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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 February 2020

* SpaceX will fly space tourists on Crew Dragon for Space Adventures >>
* 96-Core Processor Made of Chiplets >>
* Spacety Has Big Plans for Small Satellites >>

* Alphabet quits work on its energy-generating kites >>

* Nanotronics Brings Deep Learning to Precision Manufacturing – Ep. 109 >>
* Accelerate & Modernize Enterprise Application Development and Digital Process Automation >>
* Planet Money #772: Small Change >>
* 16 Minutes on the News #23: Coronavirus Updates >>

* Nokia turns up AI for railroad crossing safety trials in Japan >>
* Nokia snaps up optical networking vendor Elenion >>
* Facebook’s gigabit wireless rolls out in Puerto Rico >>

* Intel outlines chip that will make quantum computers smaller and faster >>
* Go Language Tops List of In-Demand Software Skills >>
* AI could help make fast-charging, long-lasting electric car batteries >>

* ‘Child friendly’ Tone e20 smartphone that blocks users from taking naked selfies >>
* Antimatter looks just like matter – which is a big problem for physics >>
* Can we quit cobalt batteries fast enough to make electric cars viable? >>

* China is using mass surveillance tech to fight new coronavirus spread >>
* SpaceX has plans to fly space tourists twice as high as the ISS >>
* 737 Max: Debris found in new planes’ fuel tanks >>

* An Indian politician is using deepfake technology to win new voters >>
* Researchers develop portable test to detect deadly mushrooms >>
* Ransomware took an American gas pipeline operator offline >>

* The EU just released weakened guidelines for regulating artificial intelligence >>
* Artificial-intelligence development should be regulated, says Elon Musk >>
* what-ai-still-cant-do >>

* TikTok introduces parental controls with new ‘Family Safety Mode’ feature >>
* Apple applies for machine learning GNSS device >>
* The people-first approach to business building >>

* Informatica | CUBEConversations, Feb 2020 >>
* Automation Anywhere revamps its process discovery technology >>
* Google updates Dialogflow AI engine to help customers create better virtual agents >>

* Adobe’s product chief explains how pro apps are changing in response to TikTok >>
* Analyst interview: Heavy Reading’s Gabriel Brown on 5G market changes >>
* Devil’s Dictionary, Bioinformatics, OpenAI, and AI Research Rankings >>

* Adobe celebrates Photoshop’s 30th anniversary with new desktop and mobile features >>
* Ring Makes 2-Factor Authentication Mandatory Following Recent Hacks >>

* This app lets you see IoT devices around you, and what data they’re taking >>
* Every new movie and show on Netflix: March 2020 >>
* Google Cloud updates Dialogflow for better Contact Center AI agents >>

* IDC: Coronavirus will drag down China’s ICT market by 10% in the first quarter of 2020 >>
* GitLab Updates Core CI/CD Platform >>
* Integrating With SaaS Applications – Common Architectural Elements >>

* Facial recognition is easy to fool. This tech aims to fix that >>
* If slowing growth, unsound financial systems and the coronavirus don’t trigger a market meltdown, central banks will >>
* Live in the time of coronavirus: sleeping man, farmers ride wave of streaming popularity in China >>

* America is falling in love with electric SUVs >>
* Google releases Android 11 developer preview earlier than expected >>
* Microsoft’s new Office app arrives on iOS and Android with mobile-friendly features >>

* This Video Comparing The Actual Sizes Of Asteroids Is Making Us Feel Incredibly Puny >>
* ElectionGuard could be Microsoft’s most important product in 2020. If it works >>
* The Most Popular Windows Operating Systems From 2003 To 2020, Visualized >>

* Big Tech threatens to geo-block NZ >>
* 175+ Customers Achieve Machine Learning Success with AWS ML >>
* An Ariane 5 rocket will launch 2 satellites for Japan, Korea today. Watch it live! >>

* There Could be Meteors Traveling at Close to Speed of Light When They Hit Atmosphere >>
* 5G Hybrid Beamforming Design >>
* Estimates of Coronavirus Deadliness Compared to Flu >>

* Google v. Oracle Explained: The Fight for Interoperable Software >>
* SpaceX Plans Starship Gigafactories to Introduce the Hypersonic Age >>
* McKinsey study: reveals-ceos-dont-understand-design-leadership-at-all >>

* Aircraft, Big and Small, Are Changing Our Relationship With Flight >>
* Cloud spending said to top $30B in Q4 as Amazon, Microsoft battle for market share >>
* Daily Crunch: Apple blames coronavirus for revenue miss >>

* Data-Driven Cultures Start at the Top >>
* Don’t Just Put on a Happy Face at Work >>
* Driver Stranded After Connected Rental Car Can’t Call Home >>

* Google Cloud acquires mainframe migration service Cornerstone >>
* Google is bringing Stadia to 18 new phones, including the Galaxy S20 >>
* Mall Madness electronic board game gets an update for 2020 >>

* Mozilla’s latest Android app takes its VPN service beyond Firefox >>
* Dubai Daredevil Sets Jetpack World Record >>
* Researchers Combine Lasers and Terahertz Waves In Camera That Sees ‘Unseen’ Detail >>

* Well, Bill Gates is never going to buy a Tesla now >>
* Coronavirus Epidemic Keeps Growing, but Spread in China Slows >>
* Why coronavirus superspreaders may mean we avoid a deadly pandemic >>

* Coronavirus is dramatically changing food consumption in China — here’s how >>
* NASA Could Get a Raise Next Year to Help Fund a 2024 Human Trip to the Moon >>
* Farms inside shipping containers could grow more local produce >>

* How does a 140-year-old newspaper reinvent itself? >>
* Automation and adaptability: How Malaysia can navigate the future of work >>

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