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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 February 2020

* Samsung’S Galaxy S20, Plus, And Ultra First Look: Cameras, 5g, And 120hz Screens $1k-$1.6k March 6th >>
* Samsung’s new foldable Galaxy Z Flip arrives on February 14th for $1,380 >>
* The Galaxy S20 Ultra squeezes 108 megapixels of data into 12-megapixel photos >>

* Watch Samsung Unpacked event >>
* How to watch Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2020 >>
* Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event >>

* China is Ready for CBD. But Regulators Might Not Be. >>
* Mastercard given approval to prepare for entry into China’s payments market >>

* App Used by Israel’s Ruling Party Leaked Personal Data of All 6.5 Million Voters >>
* Keys to Successful Cohabitation Governance and Autonomous Teams >>
* Randori introduces ‘Red Team’ attack platform as a service >>

* Nok Nok Labs Introduces Strong Authentication for IoT Devices >>
* Tufin SecureCloud Enables Companies to Secure Hybrid Cloud Environments >>
* POD Tufin Secure Cloud Secures Hybrid Cloud Environments >>

* MWC now stands for ‘Most Won’t Come’ >>
* A list of MWC coronavirus cancellations so far: Facebook, Sprint, Intel now also staying away >>
* MWC2020: Why 5G and live sports is a winning combination >>
* MWC2020: Omdia analyst highlights Barcelona’s smarts >>
* MWC2020: Hot trends in telco IoT >>
* ViacomCBS preparing a supersized streaming service – report >>
* Ericsson pushes private wireless networking product toward AT&T >>
* T-Mobile, Sprint merger approved >>
* T-Mobile and Sprint merger approved by federal judge >>

* Build Your Cloud Strategy >>
* TED How online marketplaces can help local economies not hurt_them >>
* IBM picks Slack over Microsoft Teams for its 350,000 employees >>

* Solid rocket fuel startup Adranos raises $1 million to scale up manufacturing >>
* The engineers behind Google’s Bookbot have launched a delivery robot startup >>
* The Government Wants to Use Your Brainwaves to Train Swarms of Military Robots >>

* Someone Remastered The Dancing Baby GIF In HD, And It’s Even More Unnerving >>
* Mad Geniuses Crush A Plastic Cube, Pyramid, Dome And Other Objects To See Which Shape Is The Strongest >>
* Hurling Satellites Into Space Seems Crazy—but Might Just Work >>

* Greta Thunberg: Climate activist gets her own TV series >>
* This Video Of An Explosion’s Shockwave Racing Through A Tunnel Is Cool As Hell >>
* Third GPS III arrives at Cape Canaveral for April launch >>

* ‘World’s Largest’ Firework Successfully Launches Over Colorado Town >>
* Bill Gates ‘not buying our hydrogen yacht’ >>
* Record-breaking hot years look set to continue through the next decade >>

* This Pillow Has A Built-In Cooling Pad Because Nobody Likes Sweaty Necks >>
* Brain activity can help predict who’ll benefit from an antidepressant >>

* African nations step up efforts to prevent spread of coronavirus >>

* Why Microsoft’s new Edge could eventually win the browser wars >>
* we-need-to-talk-about-cloud-neutrality >>
* Why Catalogs Are Making a Comeback >>

* Tesla ramps up solar tile roof installations in US, eyes China and Europe expansion >>
* Premier League plans Netflix-style service – which would cut the likes of Spark and Sky out of the loop >>
* Is this what an early-stage slowdown looks like? >>

* How to Work with a Leader Who Doesn’t Care About Details >>
* Google backs productivity startup building algorithmic inbox for Slacks, emails and texts >>
* Google Assistant’s ambient mode is coming to OnePlus phones >>

* Facebook Workplace co-founder launches downtime fire alarm Kintaba >>
* Facebook quietly acquired another UK AI startup and almost no one noticed >>
* Data-Driven Decisions Start with These 4 Questions >>

* Aptiv’s self-driving cars have given 100,000 paid rides on the Lyft app >>
* 2021 NASA budget request includes $3.3B for human lunar landers, $430M for Moon resource development >>
* Software Engineering Salaries Jump, Demand for AR/VR Expertise Skyrockets >>

* How to Program Sony’s Robot Dog Aibo >>
* Launch of the Solar Orbiter >>
* Ep. 558: Supernova SN 2006gy >>

* ‘Planetary simulator’ could help identify habitable alien worlds >>
* Trump calls for $25 billion NASA budget for 2021 to boost moon and Mars goals >>
* Iran satellite launch fails to reach orbit >>
* Flagging suspicious healthcare claims with Amazon SageMaker >>

* Covid-19: The new coronavirus disease now officially has a name >>
* Coronavirus Rare Incubation of 24 Days Means Longer Quarantines >>
* China has launched an app so people can check their risk of catching the coronavirus >>
* China says coronavirus ‘close contact detector’ mobile app checks if you’ve been exposed >>
* An inside report of what happens when you get the coronavirus >>
* Novel coronavirus not a type of SARS, experts say >>
* At least 500 Wuhan medical staff infected with coronavirus >>
* Chinese hospitals deploy robots to help medical staff fight coronavirus outbreak >>
* To fight the coronavirus, labs are printing its genome >>
* Cruise Ship Denied Entry by Multiple Countries Over Coronavirus Fears Despite Having No Cases >>
* Coronavirus breakthrough? Scientists successfully use antiviral drug on patient >>
* Coronavirus mortality rate 1 per cent: researchers >>
* Could the new coronavirus really kill 50 million people worldwide? >>

* Next Two Weeks Will Show if We Have Global Pandemic Coronavirus >>

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