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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 February 2020

* Maxar and NASA will demonstrate orbital spacecraft assembly with a new robotic arm >>
* Super Bowl 2020: How to watch free without cable on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, PS4 and more >>

* Total fatalities rises to 305, 14,500 confirmed cases >>
* Coronavirus:10 days of hospital building in 60 seconds >>
* Coronavirus: scientists identify possible new mode of transmission in human faeces >>

* Alleged leaked video shows off Samsung’s folding Galaxy Z Flip >>
* POD WSJ: Where AI Is Headed Next >>
* POD AI Hiring, Never Retiring: Working in the 21st Century >>

* Israel Electric inks deal to help safeguard Tokyo Olympics from cyberattack >>
* Iranian hackers monitor hotels, travel industry to follow targets, expert warns >>
* FLOW SESSIONS: Alain De Botton and Jason Silva >>

* The Battle for End-to-End DevOps Champion Is On >>
* DevOps Deeper Dive: DevOps Consolidation This Way Comes >>
* Cringely Predicts IBM ‘Disappears Into Red Hat’ >>

* Microsoft Azure Flaws Could Have Let Hackers Take Over Cloud Servers >>
* Buffer overflow when pwfeedback is set in sudoers >>
* Researchers Find Some LoRaWAN Networks Vulnerable to Cyber-Attacks >>

* This Week in Programming: Forget Microservices, Monoliths Are the Way Forward >>
* Monoliths Are the Future (changelog.com) >>

* PETA Suggests Celebrating Groundhog Day With a Weather-Predicting AI-Enabled Robot >>
* Newly funded Legacy, a sperm testing and freezing service, conveys a message to men: get checked >>
* The Data Exchange >>

* 5G Now Carrying 21% of All Mobile Traffic in South Korea >>
* Record Labels Will Ask Potential Piracy Trial Jurors if They Read TorrentFreak >>

* SpaceX Starship Update, Starlink 3 launch and NASA International Space Station Commercial Module >>
* CNN Analyst Says Donald Trump ‘Won’ In Impeachment Trial: ‘That’s How History Will Remember What Went On Here’ >>

* Japan succeeds in isolating Wuhan coronavirus in step toward vaccine and test kit >>
* Philippines reports first coronavirus death outside China >>
* Health officials testing the first possible Wuhan coronavirus case in New York >>
* Cocktail of Flu, HIV Drugs Appears to Help Fight Coronavirus: Thai Doctors >>

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