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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 January 2020

* World’s first smart wooden STICK >>
* The Next Big Thing Panel: Anticipatory Tech >>
* Watch Ivanka Trumps FULL Keynote address at CES 2020 >>

* Talking with Neon AI, Samsung’s best attempt at being human >>
* Smart PILLOW uses airbags to adjust your head position in your sleep to stop you snoring >>
* AI matches humans at diagnosing brain cancer from tumour biopsy images >>

* A NASA telescope has found its first habitable Earth-sized planet >>
* White House cautions against over-regulating AI in new guidelines >>
* This rechargeable lunchbox uses steam to reheat your food >>

* Apple’s rare CES appearance was another privacy pitch >>
* CES 2020: Robot Vacuums That Don’t Repeat Mistakes, and Other Little Fixes to Life’s Annoyances >>
* Bello’s belly-fat scanner should inspire you to get on the treadmill >>

* Virgin Galactic’s second commercial tourism spaceship hits key construction milestone >>
* Researchers Demonstrate How to Hack Any TikTok Account by Sending SMS >>
* First potentially habitable Earth-size planet discovered >>

* Virtual Incision Corporation raises $20 million for its abdominal surgery robot >>
* Following Iranian missile strikes, a surge in bitcoin >>
* 5G Is Doing Surprisingly Well >>

* Sony’S Electric Car Is The Best Surprise Of Ces >>
* This robotic dress can adapt to its surroundings >>
* Looking Glass is targeting enterprises and eventually gamers with 8K holographic display >>

* CES 2020: Building Smart Home 2.0 >>
* 5G Networks in 2020: Show Me, Don’t Tell Me >>
* 16 Key Metrics for the Passion Economy >>

* Smart mirrors just make you hate yourself >>
* CES 2020: The bandaid for your taint promises to fix premature ejaculation >>
* CI/CD success requires a sound approach >>

* Flow Sessions: Jason Silva And Kevin Kelly >>
* CES reveals a surge in AI, 5G and edge computing – especially in the enterprise >>
* Ep95: Idit Levine >>

* What to expect in digital media in 2020 >>
* Blockchain Reference Architecture >>
* Lidar Pioneer Velodyne Debuts $100 Auto Safety Sensor As Self-Driving Cars’ Pace To Market Slows >>

* This laser aid helps Parkinson’s patients maintain their mobility >>
* Opte is a printer that covers up only the blemishes on your skin >>
* CES 2020 News: TV Makers Face Consumers Who Don’t Need So Many TVs >>

* China says robots and AI won’t lead to “significant” loss of jobs >>
* I remotely patrolled a house with a $10,000 security drone >>
* Why you get fat in your 50s >>

* A primer in resilience: A conversation with Kevin Carmody >>
* Boeing now recommends 737 Max flight simulator training for pilots >>
* Smart garbage disposal composts your food scraps instead of grinding them up >>

* 9 additional books for the Next Economy >>
* High-tech 40-foot yacht debuts at CES communicate with hand gestures and voice commands >>
* Under-The-Skin Sensor Reports Health Stats To Wireless Reader >>

* CES 2020 recap: Day two >>
* CES Editors’ Choice Awards: The best and coolest tech to expect in 2020 >>
* CES 2020: A roundup of cutting-edge technology from the massive trade show >>

* The PowerEgg X drone doubles as a handheld camera >>
* Samsung SelfieType is a more virtual virtual keyboard >>
* Intel’s new ‘Thunderbolt 4’ spec quickly turns into a confusing mess >>

* Internet pioneers join forces to block the sale of .org domain >>
* How Corporate Cultures Differ Around the World >>
* CES 2020: NURVV’s Smart Insoles May Help You Run Faster >>

* Google suggests the best times to travel and where to stay >>
* Google makes it easier to ask the Assistant about your data privacy >>
* Google and ClimaCell team up to launch a new high-resolution weather forecast for India >>

* Finland To Introduce Four-Day Working Week and Six-Hour Days >>
* Business lessons from “Ford v. Ferrari” >>
* Bots Are Destroying Political Discourse As We Know It >>

* App Store customer spending hit record $1.42B from Christmas Eve through New Year’s Eve >>
* Hiro-chan Is a Faceless Robot Baby >>
* Hubble Captured a Photo of This Huge Spiral Galaxy, 2.5 Times Bigger than the Milky Way With 10 Times the Stars >>

* How NASA’s Webb Telescope Will Search for Oxygen on Alien Worlds >>
* In Australia, Rain Falls, But Wildfires Expected to Intensify, NASA Says >>
* Robotic Cats, “Pooptime Robot Pal” Among The Hot New Gadgets At C.E.S. 2020 >>

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