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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 November 2019

* Former Go champion beaten by DeepMind retires after declaring AI invincible >>
* Tesla wants to replace windshield wipers with LASER BEAMS that target zap debris automatically >>
* Ford will pass on a tug-of-war with Tesla’s Cybertruck >>
* PBS; In The Age of AI >>

* Cows wearing VR headsets might produce better milk >>
* 5G driverless microbus starts trial operation in E China >>
* Chinese Tesla challenger’s new car costs a third of the price of a Model S >>
* China’s completed ‘artificial sun’ to start operation in 2020 >>

* Amazon launches medication management features for Alexa >>
* Alexa is coming to low-spec devices like light switches and thermostats >>
* Amazon’s internal injury records expose the true toll of its relentless drive for speed >>
* Activists Build a Grass-Roots Alliance Against Amazon >>
* Amazon straightens up its IoT house, complete with virtual Alexa, ahead of Las Vegas >>
* New Amazon Aurora integrations make machine learning more accessible to developers >>

* An Internet of Tires? Pirelli Marries 5G And Automobile Wheels >>
* The Fight Over Encrypted DNS: Explained >>
* How the technology behind deepfakes can benefit all of society >>

* Facebook is buying Beat Saber’s development studio >>
* Alexa’s voice can now express disappointment and excitement >>
* Google Photos finally lets you manually tag people in pictures >>

* Wyze’s AI-powered person detection feature will ‘temporarily’ disappear next year >>
* Tinder may not actually be very good for finding a partner >>
* Grocery-carrying robots are coming. Do we need them? >>

* World-first testing strategy for penicillin >>
* Researchers take first steps toward a vaccine for pancreatic cancer >>
* We still don’t know whether vaping is safe or not >>

* Turn any object into a robot using this program and a 3D printer >>
* AI recreates videos people are watching by reading their minds >>
* ‘Smart’ table tennis table that can detect exactly where a ball strikes >>

* Use agile budgeting to manage your cash >>
* the-case-for-sending-robots-to-day-care-like-toddlers >>
* OK Boomer, Who’s Going To Buy Your 21 Million Homes? >>
* Microsoft Says ‘Nobody’s Asking For VR’ — Sony and Fans Fire Back >>

* Disney’s cringe-worthy Baby Yoda merch goes on sale >>
* Build Machine Learning models with Minimal Effort with AutoML >>
* Australian Defence Force looks to integrate robots >>

* AI Innovators should be listening to Kids >>
* Even the mere appearance of a FedEx delivery robot freaks out the mayor of NYC >>
* Solar Power Tesla Cybertruck Could Have Free 15-40 Mile Daily Commutes >>

* How Your Phone Company Aims to Stop Robocalls >>
* What factors shape a culture of innovation? >>
* Amazon Transcribe now supports speech-to-text in 31 languages >>

* We Should Explain Why This Cow Is Wearing a VR Headset >>
* The Boston Dynamics Robot Dog Has Joined a Bomb Squad >>
* Fabric’s new app helps parents with the hard stuff, including wills, life insurance & shared finances >>

* As facial recognition tech races ahead of regulation, Chinese residents grow nervous about data privacy >>
* Google’s Go computer ‘cannot be beaten’ so South Korean master Lee Se-Dol has quit playing the Chinese strategy game >>
* China narrows gap with US in scientific research activity amid trade war >>

* AWS expands DeepRacer league, announces car updates >>
* Carbonics 100 GHz Wafer Scale Nanotube Technology Shows Nanotubes Can Finally Compete With Silicon >>
* Why Use Time-Of-Flight for Distance Measurement? >>

* The State of CI/CD w/ Darby Frey GitLab >>
* Data Privacy Compliance Can Be Easy w/ Arlo Gilbert, Osano >>
* Nokia axes chief operating officer role as part of its reorg >>
* a16z Podcast: How We Podcast >>

* The Color of Surveillance: Monitoring of Poor and Working People >>
* KubeCon 2019 – Protect Cloud and Container Environments >>
* AI or not AI, that is the question >>
* 2020 Predictions: Personalizing AI for Patients – The True Path Forward >>
* 2020 Predictions: Six Ways Cloud Will Further Impact the Business Climate in 2020 >>
* PagerDuty 2020 Predictions: By 2025, “real time” won’t be good enough >>
* KubeCon 2019 – Kubernetes-as-a-Service (KaaS) >>
* KubeCon 2019 – Comprehensive Platform Approach to Security >>

* Emerging Technologies and New Technical Concepts will Introduce New Challenges and Opportunities in 2020 >>
* The software industry can’t agree on who owns QA, and that’s okay >>
* Should We Send Bacteria to Mars Before Humans? >>

* Best Data Visualization Tools for 2020 Reviewed >>
* Israeli researchers hope new chemotherapy method could reduce side effects >>
* Automating financial decision making with deep reinforcement learning >>

* UK Reaches Out to Israel For Health and Medical Technology Innovations >>
* Artificial eyes: How robots will see in the future >>
* Huawei: Trouble overseas but boom time in China >>

* Feng shui and hi-tech work in perfect harmony in 492 sq ft flat that accommodates five >>
* Watch Wall-To-Wall Traffic Get Jammed On 405 Freeway For Thanksgiving Travel >>
* American Express launches new in-app restaurant reservation booking following its Resy acquisition >>

* Will Europe Finally Get Its Asteroid-Deflection Mission Off the Ground? >>
* Ariane 5 Rocket Launches Satellites into Orbit for Egypt, Inmarsat >>
* Indian Rocket Launching Earth-Observation Satellite, 13 Cubesats Tonight: Watch Live >>
* Russian Military Launches Secret Surveillance Satellite Into Orbit >>

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