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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 November 2019

* Robot debates humans about the dangers of artificial intelligence >>
* Scooters, self-driving cars, and bots: San Francisco is finally launching an office to regulate new tech >>
* Global AI Survey: AI proves its worth, but few scale impact >>

* Ambulance runs to provide timely medical care for pets >>
* U.S. Army Develops a Robot Brain for Controlling Armored Vehicles >>
* The brothers behind Cambricon, the chip start-up powering China’s AI ambitions >>

* Using Bacteria to Build a Base on Mars >>
* Facebook, Amazon, Samsung: 2019 is the year tech couldn’t stop screwing up >>
* Groundbreaking Indie VR Projects, Taking Flight & Tracking Hands || The VR Culture Show >>

* Facebook Built a Facial Recognition App That Let Employees Identify People By Pointing a Phone at Them >>
* Digital advances are never-ending. Here’s how to keep up. >>
* These are the steps you should take to be successful at a new job >>

* Record and Share Bedtime Stories for Your Kid Using Google Home >>
* Samsung’s smaller Galaxy S11e might pack more cameras, too >>
* Microsoft Releases a List of Deprecated Windows 10 Features >>

* Text Savvy AI is here to write Fiction >>
* Using artificial intelligence to determine whether immunotherapy is working >>
* An Electric Tesla Truck , the 8-Hour Workday lie, and More >>
* Single Photon Detection Array of Nanowires Will Make Supertelescopes >>

* Astronauts Take Second Spacewalk to Fix Dark Matter Experiment >>
* Episode 21: ‘Fake Believe’ >>
* Clear, conductive coating could protect advanced solar cells, touch screens >>

* Tesla Cybertruck reservations hit 146,000 >>
* Most polarizing vehicles of the century: Tesla Cybertruck just joined the list >>
* Elon Musk loses it as Tesla Cybertuck demo goes wrong >>
* Elon Musk’s chaotic business strategy for Tesla is actually brilliant >>
* Tesla Cybertruck hailed by some in China as country embraces pickup trucks >>

* Evidence for New Physics Could Mean Fifth Force >>
* Dilbert Sunday November 24, 2019 Manufacturing In Elbonia >>
* Apollo 12! ‘Pinpoint’ Moon Mission Returned Home 50 Years Ago Today >>

* Facebook prototypes Favorites for close friends microsharing >>
* An Alarming Discovery In an Astronaut’s Bloodstream >>
* China’s Vaping Boom Alarms the Government >>

* Making sense of a multi-cloud, hybrid world at KubeCon >>
* MIT conference focuses on preparing workers for the era of artificial >>
* Learn any topic in 12 minutes. This app boils best-selling books down to their essence. >>

* MIT AgeLab and Transamerica symposium spotlights the growing challenge of caregiving in the US >>
* Maryanna Saenko and Steve Jurvetson of Future Ventures talk SpaceX, the Boring Co. and . . . ayahuasca >>
* Microsoft adds Māori to translator as New Zealand pushes to revitalize the language >>

* Microsoft boss’ message for kiwi tech industry >>
* More than 1 million T-Mobile customers exposed by breach >>
* New Linux/Windows Malware Allows Arbitrary Execution of Shell Commands >>

* Play Chess Against Simulated Grand Masters On Chess DB >>
* Gainsight 2020 Predictions: The Customer and the Cloud >>
* Verizon Business throws a zero trust lasso around its private IP networks >>

* Science Can Now Find You With Just a Tiny Piece of Hair >>
* The Ultimate 2019 Security Team Assessment Template >>
* Solo.io’s Autopilot: A Framework for Automating Service Mesh Operations >>

* How to Install Jenkins X on an Existing Kubernetes Cluster >>
* Scaling DevSecOps >>
* Igniting Your Digital Transformation With Microservices >>

* DevOps Chats: Enterprise Continuous Testing With a Shift-Right Mindset >>
* Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and DevOps, Tricentis >>
* Enterprise Continuous Testing With A Shift Right Mindset, Tricentis >>
* Software Architecture for Cloud Native, .NET Core, & Open Source, Donald Lutz >>

* Why Andrew Yang’s Democratic Debate Closing Statement Was A Mic Drop Performance >>
* 10 Predictions How AI Will Improve Cybersecurity In 2020 >>
* China’s high-speed railway to stretch 35,000 km by year-end >>

* Week’s Best Memes, Ranked >>

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