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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 November 2019

* Video Friday: Robotic Endoscope Travels Through the Colon >>
* Google Assistant will now help you read to your kids from across the world >>

* Alphabet Dream of an ‘Everyday robot’ is just out of reach >>
* Alphabet’s rebooted robotics program starts with trash-sorting machines >>
* A Plug-and-Play Microgrid for Rooftop Solar >>

* Elon Musk’s Cybertruck is here, and so are the jokes >>
* Watch this supercut of Elon Musk unveiling the Tesla Cybertruck >>
* Tesla Cybertruck will get up to 500 miles of range and start at $39,900 >>
* A Physics Analysis of Tesla’s Shattered Cybertruck Windows >>
* Leave the Tesla Cybertruck alone >>
* Radical Truck Design Sends Tesla Down 6% >>
* ‘Oh my f*cking god.’ Elon Musk’s Tesla Cybertruck reveal goes awkwardly wrong >>
* Tesla Cybertruck First Ride: Inside Elon Musk’S Electric Pickup Truck >>

* New ‘Spelfie’ App Takes Photos of You from Space >>

* Swarms of golf ball-sized robots could detect leaks in the sewers >>
* Suspended animation for emergency medicine: your questions answered >>
* Microscope Teaches Itself To Shine Light On The Vital Stuff >>

* 1.2 Billion Records Found Exposed Online in Single Server >>
* How Brexit Will Affect Europe’s Research Infrastructure >>
* AI and the Future of Work: The Economic Impacts of Artificial Intelligence >>
* Startup IOTree: A Spritz in Time Saves Crops From Flies >>
* Scientists Can Now Identify Someone From a Single Strand of Hair >>
* After 10 years, Google Cloud Print will finally be out of beta… straight into graveyard >>

* New Satellites Will Tell Us Exactly how Quickly the Oceans are Rising >>
* NASA Eyes a New Moon Rover for Astronauts and Robot Lunar Explorers >>
* Astronauts Are Taking a Spacewalk to Fix Cosmic Ray Detector Today: Watch It Live >>

* The Air Force will change how it selects its next launch providers following Blue Origin protest >>
* Ariane 5 Rocket to Launch 2 Communications Satellites Saturday: How to Watch >>
* China’s reliance on US-origin platforms for deep learning raises questions about country’s AI push >>
* Men and better-paid white-collar workers’ jobs more likely to be affected by AI, research suggests >>

* Sierra Nevada Unveils ‘Shooting Star’ Cargo Module for Dream Chaser Space Plane >>
* With a Floating Bead, This Device Makes Truly 3D Holographs >>
* This Wireless System Can Power Devices Inside The Body >>

* Artificial eyes: How robots will see in the future >>
* The price of love: how much being in a relationship costs you every year >>
* Buffy’s new sheets made from eucalyptus >>

* The Future of Farming >>
* World-Changing Technologies That Are Poised To Rattle The Status Quo >>
* Convert your dog’s age into human years using this new formula >>

* Brain Circuit Involved in Compulsive Drinking Identified in Mice >>
* An AI doctor is analysing heart scans in dozens of hospitals >>

* When fashion and choreography meet artificial intelligence >>

* The ‘X17’ particle: Scientists may have discovered the fifth force of nature >>
* Splice teaches AI to sell Similar Sounds as users double >>
* Samsung Galaxy S11 renders show an even more complicated camera array >>

* Russia bans the sale of devices without Russian software >>
* MIT researchers develop a much better way to optimize the control of soft robots >>
* IBM aims at hybrid cloud, enterprise security >>

* How Remote Workers Make Work Friends >>
* How Much Rest You Need To Prevent Burnout >>
* Here’s Everything Coming to Netflix in December 2019 >>

* Why relationship-based payments are the future >>
* Why firms are welcoming MLOps into the fold of software development >>
* Cloud Innovation and Job Automation: Building Undeniable Success >>

* Five trends changing the way people travel for work >>
* GM’s first electric truck could be ready in 2021 >>
* Facebook can flesh out your Dating profile with existing Stories >>

* Engadget Podcast: Google Stadia and the future of game streaming services >>
* Cloud Foundry’s Kubernetes bet with Project Eirini hits 1.0 >>
* Another US court says police cannot force suspects to turn over their passwords >>

* Predicting the Future with AI and Sound, Starting With Robots in Space >>
* Fugaku Could Be First Exaflop Supercomputer in 2021 If US and China Delay Beyond 2020 >>
* AI and the Future of Work: What to look out for >>
* Set Your Phasers to ‘Fun’ With HBO’s New Space Comedy ‘Avenue 5 >>
* Boeing’s 1st Starliner Space Capsule Rolls Out to Launch Site for Test Flight >>
* Nanoracks Books SpaceX Rocket to Launch Space Habitat Demo in 2020 >>

* Astronauts Enjoy Space Veggies and Look to the Future of Cosmic Salads >>
* A Brand New Island in the Pacific has Survived 5 Years >>
* Real-time music recommendations for new users with Amazon SageMaker >>

* Chaining Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth jobs to label progressively >>
* How to design and control robots with stretchy, flexible bodies >>
* Google’s latest AI experiment allows you to explore fashion through color >>

* Chinese spy defects to Australia, alleging election interference and cybercrimes >>
* Augmenting Humans: IBM’s Project Debater AI gives human debating teams a hand at Cambridge >>

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