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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 November 2019

* This transforming drone can be fired straight out of a cannon >>
* Dynamic projection mapping onto deforming non-rigid surfaces using high-speed projector >>
* Chinese scientists create ‘cultured pork’ >>

* SpaceX’s first Starship pops its top during a ‘pressure test’ in Texas >>
* Alphabet’s Loon balloons will provide internet to remote parts of the Amazon next year >>
* NASA’s Undersea Robot Crawls Beneath Antarctic Ice in Test for Icy Moons >>

* Wearable artificial kidney works well in first tests in people >>
* Semen seems to help female fruit flies remember things better >>
* How Scientists Grew Perfect New Lungs in Mouse Embryos >>

* Google Cloud launches Bare Metal Solution >>
* Wave Energy Tech Is Ready to Plug Into a Real Grid >>
* Wireless E-Skin Patch Conveys a Gentle Touch >>

* The Flying Taxi Future Is Coming, But It’S Elitist And Underwhelming >>
* What’s In A Title? How Your Identity At Work Now Can Shape Your Future >>
* Planning To Go Digital? 12 Steps Businesses Should Take First >>

* Speaking the Same Language: How Oracle’s Conversational AI Serves Customers – Ep. 104 >>
* Ep92: Open Sourcing Mental Health >>
* Ep91: Is your Kubernetes cluster a pet? >>
* a16z Podcast: Brand Building Ideas… and People >>

* 5G decoded: Here’s how to tell real 5G from the marketing fluff >>
* China has 113,000 5G base stations: MIIT minister >>
* Tech companies vying to be the next banks are facing trust issues >>

* The Most Powerful Explosions in the Universe Emit Way More Energy Than Anyone Thought >>
* It’s 2019, and women CEOs are losing representation at top companies >>
* Bot can beat humans in multiplayer hidden-role games >>

* Google Stadia wants to be the future of gaming. So do Microsoft, Sony and Amazon >>
* Amazon’s Cloud Gaming Service Could Arrive Next Year With Twitch Integration >>
* Days Until Google Stadia Shuts Down >>

* Amazon is planning to open supermarkets with no cashiers next year, expanding its push into groceries >>
* Striking Color Film Footage Of Berlin In July, 1945 Shows How Much The City Was Destroyed In WWII >>

* New Map of Saturn’s Moon Titan Reveals a Liquid-Filled World >>

* Caltech and JPL Firing Quadrotors Out of Cannons >>
* Lunar Tourism: Catalyst for Jumpstarting a Cislunar Economy >>
* Perfect Waveforms for Optical Tweezers to Move Atoms, Molecules and Living Cells >>

* Si–Gr–Ge Transistor Made for Better Terahertz Electronics >>
* Elon’s prototype Moon ferry Starship blows its top during fuel tank test >>
* This Automotive Concept Embodies Lamborghini’S Raging-Bull Spirit >>

* 3 million people move to urban areas every week. How will we meet the challenge? >>
* Microsoft’s “Love” of Linux >>
* Android Alert: New Threat That Can Control Your Phone’s Camera Discovered >>

* Apple has a plan to ensure iOS 13’s buggy launch doesn’t happen again >>
* Apple is finally building a TV app for Windows because it still doesn’t care about PCs >>
* Apple says it’s lost money on repairs over the last decade >>
* Apple starts production of new Mac Pro as it expands in Austin >>

* Bill Gates Says Open Research Beats Erecting Borders in AI >>
* Building Ethical AI for Talent Management >>
* Ctrl-labs CEO: We’ll Have Neural Interfaces In Less Than 5 Years >>

* Worker-Owned Apps Are Trying to Fix the Gig Economy’s Exploitation >>
* How to recognize AI snake oil >>
* Google Assistant uses ‘Duplex on the Web’ to buy your movie tickets >>

* Google Earth’s ‘creation tools’ let you make personalized maps >>
* How AI is about to take us back into NZ’s weather past >>
* Lyft expands Grocery Access Program to Baltimore, Chicago and NYC >>

* Brexit: The bigger picture—Rethinking talent for the long term >>
* The CEO’s new technology agenda >>
* SU Global Summit 2019 | Solving Today’s Problems with AI >>

* Smart Compose is coming to Google Docs >>
* The Difference Between a First Mover and a Category Creator >>
* Taking a moonshot at a rare childhood cancer >>

* This ‘Robot Lawyer’ Can Take the Mystery Out of License Agreements >>
* Verizon’s 5G coverage maps are here, and they’re sparse >>
* What Is End-to-End Encryption? Another Bull’s-Eye on Big Tech >>

* Artificial skin could be used to make video games more realistic >>
* Thanks, Elon! Astronomers’ fury as Musk’s train of 19 SpaceX satellites wrecks the view of their telescopes >>
* Human activities could make a third of tropical African plants extinct >>

* Scientists come up with new rule for comparing age of dogs and humans >>
* Elon Musk Ordered to Stand Trial in Cave Explorer’s Defamation Case >>
* Facial recognition payments could overtake QR codes in China >>

* How a Gig Worker Revolt Begins >>
* Jeff Bezos might be visiting India in the New Year >>
* Warp speeds in ‘Star Trek’ is achingly slow, and a simple animation proves it >>

* Ayahuasca shows ‘promise’ in treating suicidal thoughts, researchers say >>
* Watching This Unearthed Footage Of Jeff Bezos Talking About Amazon From June 1997 Is Like Stepping Out Of A Time Machine >>

* Rancher Labs K3s Rides Kubernetes to the Edge >>
* Google Cloud Toughens Up Encryption, Network Security >>
* Solo.io’s Autopilot: A Framework for Automating Service Mesh Operations >>

* Codefresh Releases a Live Debugger for CI/CD Pipelines >>
* Cisco Cloud Unfiltered Podcasts >>
* Vodafone picks Google Cloud to develop and host its global data platform >>

* Local First, Worker-Owned Apps, Differently Correct, and Recommender Simulations >>
* 2020 Predictions: The Customer and the Cloud >>
* 2020 Predictions: Small businesses will integrate AI into their overall business strategy >>
* 2020 Predictions: The Year of the Mobile Edge >>
* 2020 Predictions: Driving Action from Governed Feedback >>
* 2020 Predictions: The emergence of hybrid edge cloud computing >>
* Agile costing and capitalization – How to work with finance to scale Agile >>
* Kubecon 2019 CI/CD darling Codefresh took to the high seas of Kubecon to announce that it would be flinging $100m at the open-source ecosystem >>

* Digital Anarchist Live – Day 2 at KubeCon & CloudNative Con, San Diego, CA >>
* Digital Anarchist Live – KubeCon & CloudNative Con, San Diego, CA >>

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