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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 November 2019

* WhatsApp hacked to spy on top government officials at U.S. allies >>
* One robotic arm to grasp them all is developed at Ben-Gurion University >>
* AlphaStar: Grandmaster level in StarCraft II using multi-agent reinforcement learning >>

* Experimental cancer drug that targets gene mutation can shrink tumours >>
* Europe’s first brain stimulation device for depression launched in UK >>
* Delivery drones could land on public transport to extend their range >>

* This MIT Robot Wants to Use Your Reflexes to Walk and Balance >>
* NASA’s Voyager Missions Were Amazing. Now Scientists Want a True Interstellar Probe >>
* AI pet-swapping app shows you what your dog would look like as a bear >>

* Driving license tests just got smarter in India with Microsoft’s AI project >>
* Forget self-driving cars, this plane landed itself >>
* With Garmin Autoland, small planes can land themselves if the pilot becomes incapacitated >>

* AI Startup Brings Computer Vision to Customer Service – Ep. 102 >>
* TED: The Medical Potential Of Ai And Metabolites >>
* ROSCon 2019 >>
* TED: WHat Productive Conflict Can Offer A Workplace >>
* TED: How To Bring Affordable Sustainable Electricity To Africa >>
* Digital Anarchist Talk Videos >>
* Digital Anarchist Live – DOES DAY 3 >>
* Cloud Native Drift: The Roadblock for Achieving Architectural Governance >>

* Sidewalk Labs (Alphabet’s grand experiment in smart cities) will move forward in Toronto >>
* Aussie-made autonomous submarine draws immersive 3D underwater maps >>
* System provides cooling with no electricity >>

* UQ’s supercomputer makes AI training for digital pathology hundreds of times faster >>
* Moovit-Waze collaboration to provide pilot car-pooling service >>
* Inside the dystopian nightmare of an internet shutdown >>

* 10 Scariest VR Games For Horror Fans On Quest, PSVR, And PC VR >>
* Why We’re Investing in Tmunity >>

* Microsoft to release an alpha of WinUI 3.0 next week >>
* Microsoft is poised to add machine-reading results to Microsoft Search >>
* IoT in eCommerce: Technologies Change the Industry >>

* Turning Google traffic into leads, and what’s new in SEO >>
* YouTubers raise $10 million for tree charity — and bring in tens of millions of views >>
* The SpaceX Starship is a very big deal >>

* This Field Of Explosive Charges Going Off In Sync Is Obscenely Satisfying >>
* The Origin of Consciousness in the Brain Is About to Be Tested >>
* A call for the next big ideas in news >>

* Intel Launches Core i9-9900KS 8-Core CPU At 5GHz Across All Cores >>
* IBM: AI Will Change Every Job and Increase Demand For Creative Skills >>
* How to Recognize and Adapt to Transformational Changes Happening in Your Industry >>

* Double-sided tape for tissues could replace surgical sutures >>
* Bosun Tijani talks strategy as CEO of Africa’s new largest tech hub >>
* Why Does Israel Have So Many Startups? >>

* Stem Cell Therapies are Closer to Not Needing Anti-Rejection Drugs >>
* Radiation Experiment, Cookie Oven and More Headed to Space Station on Cygnus Cargo Ship >>
* Orange Supermoon Lights Up a Portuguese Castle in Night-Sky Photo >>

* Giant Magellan Telescope Inks Key Construction Contract, Eyes 2029 ‘1st Light’ >>
* Elon Musk: SpaceX to Launch Vital Crew Dragon Escape System Test Soon >>

* Demystifying Security on AWS Cloud >>
* Cloud Migration Benefits and Strategies for Businesses in 2019 >>
* It’s the Great PumpGAN, Charlie Brown >>
* Best Practices to Handle Large-Scale Cloud Migration Like a Pro >>

* 2020 will be the year of the tall phone, I want no part of it >>
* Motorola’s foldable display RAZR leaks in first official-looking images >>
* New Telescope Instrument Will Watch the Sky with 5,000 Eyes >>

* Walmart is reportedly looking to sell its Vudu streaming service >>
* Fisker’s affordable all-electric SUV is called ‘Ocean’ >>
* GraphQL a cut above the REST, say query lang’s fans: Airbnb, Knotel, others embrace the tech >>

* Apple profits hit by slowing iPhone sales >>
* Artificial networks shed light on human face recognition >>
* AI allows paralyzed person to ‘handwrite’ with his mind >>

* Zombie apocalypse: Attempts to wipe out a horde of the undead would not work, mathematicians >>
* Second CIIE to bring more surprises to the world >>
* Gif Is Dead. Long Live The Gif. >>

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