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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 October 2019

* 1.5 MILLION packages are delivered each DAY in New York City adding to gridlock as internet ordering economy booms >>
* 5G remote-control car drives on open road for the first time in China >>
* Amazon Fresh deliveries are now free for Prime members >>

* 50 years ago today, the internet was born in Room 3420 >>
* Newly discovered brain cells help us recall where we last saw objects >>
* Scientists Demonstrate Direct Brain-to-Brain Communication in Humans >>

* China calls for more research and investment into blockchain technology >>
* China AI champions like SenseTime are scrambling to survive Trump’s blacklist >>
* Netflix confirms it’s testing a feature that allows users to speed up TV shows, and some directors are already complaining >>

* Beijing’s first waterless smart public toilet has been put into use >>
* Amber Baldet on what blockchain technology can do for us beyond cryptocurrency >>
* Waymo’s fully-automated shuttles are picking up riders around Phoenix >>
* Period-Tracking Apps Say You May Have a Disorder. What if They’re Wrong? >>

* Microsoft to deliver Azure Sphere, Linux-based chip and cloud security service, in Feb >>
* Mole on NASA’s InSight Mars Lander Just Popped Out Of Hole (and That’s Not Good) >>
* This smart litter box will keep things clean and healthy >>

* Elon Musk will go to trial in December over ‘pedo guy’ case >>
* China To Funnel $29 Billion Towards its Chip Ambitions >>
* Google buying Fitbit is good for Google, bad for wearables >>

* The Toxic Bubble of Technical Debt Threatening America >>
* Transforming an Organization Takes Disciplined, Iterative Execution >>
* AI could solve baffling three-body problem that stumped Isaac Newton >>

* Bloodhound supersonic car with Rolls-Royce jet engine hits 334mph during warm-up >>
* Experimental tuberculosis vaccine could save millions of lives >>
* Boeing C.E.O. Faces Congress for First Time Since 737 Max Crashes >>

* 3D-printed device finds ‘needle in a haystack’ cancer cells by removing the hay >>
* MIT engineers unveil emissions-free cement >>
* MIT uses shadows to help autonomous vehicles see around corners >>

* Uber sues Los Angeles as the fight over scooter data escalates >>
* Serverless Can Help You To Focus >>
* Russian Hackers Targeting Anti-Doping Agencies Ahead of 2020 Tokyo Olympics >>

* World is running short of BLOOD: Analysis reveals 119 countries have dwindling supplies >>
* Biology is Eating the World: A Manifesto >>

* Hollywood will stop making reboots when you stop paying for them >>
* Deep Reinforced Learning: Addressing Complex Enterprise Challenges >>
* Uber unveils new-look food delivery DRONE with rotating wings and six propellers for vertical take-off and landing >>

* 5 More Reasons to Choose Apache Pulsar Over Kafka >>
* The Mandalorian – Official Trailer 2 | Disney+ | Streaming Nov. 12 >>
* Is AI Really a Threat to Traditional Jobs? >>

* Game Theory to Interpret Machine Learning Models and Predictions — The Ultimate Guide >>
* JFrog reportedly considering $1.5 billion Nasdaq IPO >>
* Researchers unveil possible breakthrough treatment for Tay-Sachs >>

* Buildings are bad for the climate. Here’s what we can do about it. >>
* Curiosity Rover Finds a Clay Cache on Mars >>
* For Two Power Grid Experts, Hurricane Maria Became a Huge Experiment >>

* Super Heavy Starship Moon Mission Needs Ten-Ton Lander >>
* How to Harden Puerto Rico’s Grid Against Hurricanes >>
* Will This Be The First Tech Unicorn Of 2020? >>

* Photoshop’s latest AI-powered tool makes quick work of selections >>
* 10 shortcuts made possible by .new >>
* Up to 630 million people could be threatened by rising seas >>

* Become a DevOps Pro: 11 Must-Attend Upcoming DevOps Conferences >>
* Using Docker for Microservices >>
* Reasons to Shift to Microservices >>
* Computer Vision: Tracking and Detecting Moving Objects >>

* Chinese tech giant excludes positive signs amid resuming China-US trade talks >>
* The United States is quietly building up its forces in striking range of Iran. >>
* There is little evidence that cannabis helps mental health problems >>

* Why the Economy Might Not Sway 2020 Voters >>
* ‘OK Boomer’ Marks the End of Friendly Generational Relations >>
* Chemist develops method of synthesis for 28 biologically active molecules >>

* India Plans Fleet of 17 Additional Nuclear Reactors >>
* Satellites Track California’s Devastating Kincade Wildfire from Space >>
* Amazon is saying nothing about the DDoS attack that took down AWS, but others are >>

* Automation projects: A good time to switch vendors? >>
* Apple announces AirPods Pro with noise cancellation >>
* DeepCode taps AI for code reviews >>

* Facebook unveils its first foray into personal digital healthcare tools >>
* SpaceX is Sure They’ll be Able to Land Starship on the Moon in 2022 >>
* Three CEO concerns that CIOs must address – Gartner >>

* VW’s self-driving car group will have offices in Silicon Valley and China >>

* The Impact of Digital Transformation on Enterprise Security >>
* Digital Anarchist Live Day 2 >>
* Digital Anarchist Live Day 1 >>

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