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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 06 October 2019

* Implanting false memories in a bird’s brain changes its tune >>
* A mind-controlled exoskeleton helped a paralyzed man walk again >>
* Video Friday: Caltech’s Drone With Legs Takes First Steps >>

* And the winner of Startup Battlefield at Disrupt SF 2019 is… Render >>
* Facebook Can Be Forced to Delete Content Worldwide, E.U.’s Top Court Rules >>
* a16z Podcast: The Environment, Capitalism, Technology >>

* Mark Zuckerberg and I confusing market about VR and AR and the future of all computing >>
* AR And VR: Which is More Important to Emerging Businesses? >>
* Amid AR/VR experiments, Apple buys UK visual effects studio >>

* Microsoft patent application describes a vibrating floor mat for VR >>
* Want a Really Hard Machine Learning Problem? Try Agriculture, Says John Deere Labs >>
* Weird repeating signals from deep space may be created by starquakes >>

* Court Allowed Fcc To Kill Net Neutrality Because Washing Machines Cant Make Phone Calls >>
* China and Taiwan clash over Wikipedia edits >>
* Watch Anduril’s Anvil take down an off-the-shelf drone in midflight >>

* Greyparrot uses computer vision to improve waste management >>
* ‘Star Trek: Picard’ debuts January 23rd, 2020 >>
* How ‘the Internet broke America’ with New Yorker’s Andrew Marantz >>

* StrattyX lets you buy and sell shares using automated rules >>
* Toyota is using VR to train robots as in-home helpers >>
* Google’s Pixel 4 may invoke Assistant when you raise the phone >>

* U.S. Air Force scientists developed liquid metal which autonomously changes structure >>
* Live Planet VR bills itself as “the only end-to-end VR system >>
* Jupiter and the Moons >>

* Elon Musk’s AI project to replicate the human brain receives $1 billion from Microsoft >>
* The AI is the model >>
* The Asianized world has arrived >>

* Researchers used CRISPR to give ‘monarch flies’ superpowers—here’s why >>

* Printed electronics open way for electrified tattoos and personalized biosensors >>
* Faint Filaments of Universe-Spanning ‘Cosmic Web’ Finally Found >>
* China Starts Building Double Speed Maglev Test Track >>

* Formula Student: The Crucial Role of the IMU/GNSS >>
* Microsize Lens Pushes Photonics Closer to an On-Chip Future >>
* Transhumanism: Where Physical and Digital Worlds Meld >>

* Joking Robots And Intelligent Apes: The Week’s Best Psychology Links >>
* Worried about the future? Learn how to apply chaos to your infrastructure >>
* Why being interrupted at work can (sometimes) be a good thing >>

* Startup Battlefield SF 2019 Winner: Render >>
* Here are the five Startup Battlefield finalists at Disrupt SF 2019 >>

* A progress report with Google Classroom’s first school >>
* Andrew McAfee Places His Bets! >>
* Scientists ID new targets to treat fibrosis—a feature of many chronic diseases >>

* 5 Things Leaders Do That Stifle Innovation >>
* Exoskeleton Controlled by a Brain-Machine Interface >>
* Can AI Help Brands Effectively Market to the Skeptical Gen Z? >>

* Delivering the enterprise data cloud >>
* Understanding SQL, Pricing, App Configuration, and Internet Jurisdiction >>
* Gen Z finances >>

* Google found a serious Android flaw affecting Pixel, Samsung and Huawei phones >>
* Marc Benioff Says Capitalism, As We Know It, Is Dead >>
* How you shouldn’t handle your data breach >>

* Instagram takes its first steps into becoming an AR changing room >>
* Microsoft will bring its powerful cloud dictation and transcription services to Word in 2020 >>
* NASA Is Ready to Test Its First All-Electric Experimental X-Plane >>

* Orbit Fab raises $3M to make orbital refueling easier, cheaper and more accessible >>
* PayPal Pulls Out of Libra, Facebook’s Cryptocurrenc >>
* Regaining Confidence >>

* SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket and Crew Dragon arrive at Cape Canaveral ahead of key test for crew flight >>
* Top Movie and TV Trailers to Watch From NYCC 2019 >>
* Where Online Learning Goes Next >>

* 3d Scaffold Could Let Docs Test Cancer Drugs On Patient Cells >>
* Anti-evolution drug may help treat resistant breast cancers >>
* How Do No-Contract Phone Plans Work? >>

* How banking-as-a-service (BaaS) works and industry outlook >>
* 3D Printing Everything: Ultra-Cheap, Zero-Waste Products Are Coming >>
* LG 88Z9 8K OLED TV review: Best-looking consumer TV I’ve ever seen—mic drop! >>

* Funding for sustainable concrete cemented for five more years >>
* NASA is Going to Test 25 New Technologies in Upcoming Aircraft, Balloon and Sub-Orbital Rocket Flights >>
* Intel wants to use AI to reconnect damaged spinal nerves >>

* Atlanta Asks Google Whether It Targeted Black Homeless People >>
* Amazon Plans $800 Million Data Center In Argentina >>
* A progress report with Google Classroom’s first school >>

* $35M-funded Omni rentals in acqui-hire talks with Coinbase >>
* NASA’s Stuck Mars ‘Mole’ Gets a Helping Hand from Arm Scoop >>
* Blue Origin Probably Won’t Launch People to Space This Year >>

* NASA to Buy More Soyuz Seats for Astronauts in 2020, at $85 Million a Pop >>
* NASA Chief Talks Moon Landing and More in North Dakota >>
* The 1st All-Female Spacewalk Is Back on As NASA Gears Up for 10-EVA Marathon >>

* How to Avoid a Negative Climate Future for the World’s Oceans >>
* How Spotify’s Algorithm Knows Exactly What You Want to Listen To >>
* GitLab CI With Docker: Environment Variable Quirks >>

* Life Beyond Kafka With Apache Pulsar >>
* Introduction to WebAssembly: The Magic of Native Code in Web Apps >>
* How to Leverage Serverless to Optimize for Cost and Performance >>

* New trailers: Birds of Prey, 1917, The King’s Man, and more >>
* The Web’s Closed Hell Future and The Hope of A New Decentralized Internet >>
* Researchers Repurpose Failed Cancer Drug Into Printable Semiconductor >>

* Microsoft event: Everything that happened >>
* The weird hybrid future of taxis >>

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