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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 04 October 2019

* Leo Aerospace provides rocket launches — from a hot air balloon >>
* This Is China’s New Spacecraft to Take Astronauts to the Moon >>
* Microsoft Doesn’T Think Windows Is Important Anymore >>

* The future of sports tech: Here’s where investors are placing their bets >>
* Zuckerberg misunderstands the huge threat of TikTok >>
* Stellina Smart Telescope Makes Astrophotography a Breeze: Review >>

* Palmer Luckey’s company is making drone-ramming drones >>
* The Future of Action Cinema with Ang Lee and Will Smith >>

* How and Why Companies Will Engineer Your Emotions >>
* Intersekt: We’re examining, discussing, unlocking fin-tech potential. >>
* 3D body scanner promises perfectly fitting clothes >>

* A smarter wardrobe with Jacquard by Google >>
* Connected Digital Assistants will Change the Way We Work >>
* Find the best prices and places to buy with Google Shopping >>

* Render challenges the cloud’s biggest vendors with cheaper, managed infrastructure >>
* GauGAN Rocket Man: Conceptual Artist Uses AI Tools for Sci-Fi Modeling – Ep. 99 >>

* Content Moderation, Go ORM, Adversarial Interoperability, and Random Sample Elections >>
* Google’s Pixel 4 will feature something called a ‘Pixel Neural Core’ >>
* Harness launches Continuous Insights to measure software team performance >>

* Intel wants to use AI to reconnect damaged spinal nerves >>
* Samsung Ends Mobile Phone Production In China >>
* Stumbles at Uber and WeWork don’t mean the end of tech >>

* Unified Communications as a Service: What It Is and How It Works >>
* Welcome to the ‘Airbnb for EveryThing Age’ >>
* Will Smith is on TikTok Now >>

* Tesla’s Smart Summon has been used more than half a million times >>
* Brex wants to replace startup bank accounts with Brex Cash >>

* Universities Should Be Preparing Students for the Gig Economy >>
* Artificial gut aims to expose the elusive microbiome >>
* Engineered viruses could fight drug resistance >>

* I Competed against an AI >>
* Deep Learning Networks Can’t Generalize—But They’re Learning from the Brain >>
* Atom-by-atom experiments at the edge of the periodic table >>

* What Does Having a Boyfriend Have to Do With Sleep? >>
* UPS Now Runs the first offical Drone Airline >>
* Update: Twitter and TweetDeck hit with partial outages for hours >>

* Genetically-engineered ‘superflies’ which eat poisonous plants and make predators throw them up if they’re eaten are developed in laboratory >>
* Free app that automatically looks for ‘white eye’ in pictures ‘could diagnose a rare eye cancer more than a YEAR before it is spotted by doctors’ >>
* Experimental drug that targets liver fat may help prevent diabetes >>

* App can detect signs of eye diseases in kids by scanning your photos >>
* A prosthetic leg that attaches to nerves feels like part of the body >>
* NASA shares the odd sounds from its Mars seismometer >>

* YouTube Music is launching three new personalized playlists >>
* Will Smith just dropped $10K on a startup that pitched him onstage at Disrupt >>
* Traptic uses 3D vision and robotic arms to harvest ripe strawberries >>

* System helps smart devices find their position >>
* Protecting Your Linux Both Now and Beyond >>
* Phone app detects eye disease in kids through photos >>

* OmniVis could save lives by detecting cholera-infected water in minutes rather than days >>
* MyMilk Labs launches Mylee, a small sensor that analyzes breast milk at home >>
* OzoneAI wants companies to pay you for your data, upending the ad model >>

* Molecule.one uses machine learning to make synthesizing new drugs a snap >>
* Leaked Google videos show the Pixel 4’s ‘Motion Sense’ gestures in action >>
* Blue Origin’s passengers will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a ticket on New Shepard >>

* Blind Spots in AI just Might Help Protect your Privacy >>
* Virgin Galactic Will Launch a Crewed Research Flight for Italy in 1st for Government-Private Spaceflight >>
* The Andromeda Galaxy Has Been Devouring Other Galaxies Since It Was a Baby (And Earth Is Next) >>

* Amazon charges $5,000 a month for customer service if they want guarantee to talk to a real person >>
* SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Will Launch Private Moon Lander in 2021 >>
* Chair yoga more effective than music therapy in older adults with advanced dementia >>

* Machine learning predicts behavior of biological circuits >>
* Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt believes biology is the next frontier in computing >>
* Machine learning predicts behavior of biological circuits >>

* DNA Nanomachines Are Opening Medicine to the World of Physics >>
* Financial crime and fraud in the age of cybersecurity >>
* Resilience in TMT: Winning in downturns >>

* Sleeping less than 6 hours and heart disease, stroke—deadly combo >>
* Researchers Discover the Tallest Known Tree in the Amazon >>
* Adobe adds new AI tools in Photoshop and Premiere Elements 2020 >>

* AI Avatars Could Reach Millions of Potential Voters >>
* Dell Boomi Dives Into DevOps >>
* How to Leverage Serverless to Optimize for Cost and Performance >>

* Kubernetes 101- Concepts, Potential, and lots of Container Orchestrations >>
* 16 Minutes on the News #10: Amazon to Deliver Healthcare, Oculus & VR/AR, Google Quantum Supremacy? >>
* Attorney General Will Ask Zuckerberg To Halt Plans For End-To-End Encryption Across Facebook’s Apps >>

* Stanford chemist develop ‘infrared vision’ for cancer immunotherapy >>
* Fujitsu’s AI to help judges score gymnastic performances at World Championships >>
* Early clinical trial for ALS sufferers shows biotech firm ‘on the right track’ >>

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