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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 01 October 2019

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* Is the world ready for Tesla’s ‘Enhanced Summon’ feature? >>
* All I want to do is chill and play ‘Flight Simulator’ >>
* Scientists Identify How Many Trees to Plant and Where to Stop Climate Crisis >>

* McDonald’s starts selling its Beyond Meat-based “P.L.T.” sandwich in Canada >>
* China Grew Two Cotton Leaves on the Moon >>
* Video Friday: Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos >>

* 16 Mins: Amazon to Deliver Healthcare, Oculus & VR/AR, Google Quantum Supremacy? >>
* Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop service is now generally available >>
* Age of Steel Spaceliners >>

* Custom Computer Makes Inverse Lithography Technology Practical for First Time >>
* A Software Update Will Instruct Space Tomatoes to Sprout >>
* Verizon picks up the assets of Disney-backed VR startup Jaunt >>

* Not all is predictable on Facebook’s social Horizon >>
* Daily Crunch: Facebook faces VR challenges >>
* Smart Sleeve Tells Baseball Pitchers When to Get Off the Mound >>

* How to dismantle a nuclear bomb >>
* CLOUD Act, Ethical Consumption of Bits, TV Tracking, and Long Projects >>
* Apple and Amazon Are Quietly Building Networks That Know the Location of Everything >>

* Capitalism, Alone: Four important–but somewhat hidden–themes >>
* Google used photogrammetry to create a detailed VR tour of Versailles >>
* Google faces scrutiny from Congress, DOJ over plans to encrypt DNS >>

* TensorFlow 2.0.0 >>
* Deep Neural Networks With OpenCV and Clojure on AWS Lambda >>
* China goal of producing 100,000 locally made industrial robots annually by 2020 >>

* Bloodhound Land Speed Record prepares for trial run in South Africa >>
* Netflix’s In the Shadow of the Moon plays smart tricks with time >>
* Rethinking Drones As Autonomous Robotics >>

* Tesla’s New ‘Smart Summon’ Feature Reportedly Crashes a Car Into a Garage >>
* Tesla owners test new feature enabling self-driving capability in private parking lots >>
* Hyundai is getting into the flying car business >>

* Autonomous weapons need autonomous lawyers >>
* Linux Foundation exec believes edge computing will be more important than cloud computing >>

* Amazon’s new wireless protocol for IoT devices will have trouble finding a customer base >>
* AI and machine learning are changing our approach to medicine and the future of healthcare >>
* UK Space Agency starts hunt for Britain’s next astronaut in first recruitment drive in a decade >>

* Ocean worlds with a thick atmosphere may be better for life than Earth >>
* Many cancer drugs can be co-opted to treat different types of tumour >>
* Exclusive: Rocket test in Alaska polluted 230 tonnes of soil >>

* Confluent adds free tier to Kafka real-time streaming data cloud service >>
* Your Mental Health and Your Work >>
* What Happens When Teams Fight Burnout Together >>

* U.S. Military, Looking to Automate Post-Disaster Damage Recognition, Seeks a Winning Formula >>
* This Inside-Out Motor for EVs Is Power Dense and (Finally) Practical >>
* A Strange New Higgs Particle May Have Stolen the Antimatter from Our Universe >>

* Tesla’s first major V3 Supercharger rollout is taking place in Canada >>
* Biggest surprise of Microsoft Flight Simulator: it makes Bing cool >>
* Microsoft Launches Free Python Programming Video Series On YouTube >>

* Tech Budgets 2020: A CXO’s Guide >>
* Africa Is Building an A.I. Industry That Doesn’t Look Like Silicon Valley >>
* React vs Vue. Finally, a side-by-side code comparison between Vue and React! >>

* Greta Thunberg’s famous speech turned into Swedish death metal is pure magic >>
* A passenger filmed the engine cover coming off a United Airlines plane, which was forced to turn back to the airport >>
* UK police auction TalkTalk hacker’s cryptocurrency >>

* TED We the Future 2019 >>
* We may have to abandon concrete to fight climate change, architectural experts say >>
* Is the World Ready for Floating Nuclear Power Stations? >>

* How to Secure App Pipelines in AWS >>
* Flexible Wearable Reverses Baldness With Gentle Electric Pulses >>

* Could Airships Rise Again? >>
* Tons of Water in Asteroids Could Fuel Satellites, Space Exploration >>

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