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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 September 2019

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* SpaceX Starship Mk1 Stacking Operations – Entire Sequence >>
* Tesla V10.0 car software update adds Smart Summon, Netflix/YouTube, Spotify, karaoke and more >>
* IBM Project Debater Demonstrates the Future of Democracy in Switzerland >>

* How to Watch Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starship Update Live Today >>
* SpaceX Starship Will Be Fully Operational Tomorrow >>

* Researchers easily breached voting machines for the 2020 election >>
* Gas station first to convert to all-electric vehicle chargers >>
* Autoblow AI powered sex toy >>

* Amazon wont stop until Alexas always with you >>
* Face masks to decoy t-shirts: The rise of anti-surveillance fashion >>
* In 5 years, 5,000 spacecraft will be looking for launch >>

* Futurist Tim O’Reilly Sees a Human-Computer Symbiosis Bigger Than AI >>
* Industry labels don’t matter, performance does >>

* At Tech’s Leading Edge, Worry About a Concentration of Power >>
* Global Disinformation 2019 Social Media Manipulation Report >>
* Elon Musk warns ‘advanced A.I.’ will soon manipulate social media >>

* Using math to blend musical notes seamlessly >>
* The Ringiifcation of Suburban Life >>
* Spot, 4-legged Robot is ready to go, for a walk >>

* Adobe previews expanded controls for Photoshop’s Content-Aware Fill >>
* As ‘CentOS Stream’ Brings Rolling Releases, Some RHEL Development Moves Into CentOS Project >>
* Does The Military Need Agile Programming? >>

* The New AI Toilets Will Scan Your Poop To Diagnose Your Ailments >>
* Smart space habitat looks to put AI to work in deep space >>

* Ten Times Cheaper But Better Food is Going to Radically Change Your World >>
* Cloudflare, Google Chrome, and Firefox Add HTTP/3 Support >>
* DARPA aims to make networks 100 times speedier with FastNIC >>

* Strata Data Conference: Bringing reinforcement learning to the enterprise >>
* Strata Data Conference: Conquering next frontier, the future of data science >>
* Strata Data Conference: Data sonification: Making music from the yield curve >>

* Creative Coding, Collective Social Behavior, Programming Language Research, and Social Media Manipulation >>
* Shared infrastructure may be key to rural 5G roll-out – ComCom >>
* Unlock: The talks of TED@BCG 2019 >>

* The best smart garage-door controller >>
* DoorDash investigating data breach that may affect nearly 5 million >>
* Will ‘Dress Weights’ stop your dress from blowing in the wind? >>

* Are you a growth leader? The seven beliefs and behaviors that growth leaders share >>
* Down but not out: How automakers can create value in an uncertain future >>
* The analytics academy: Bridging the gap between human and artificial intelligence >>

* The role of growth in a transformation: A conversation with Duncan Miller >>
* Scientists disentangle protein-nanoparticle interactions, suggest path to drug-sensing tool >>
* ‘Oumuamua and Borisov Are Just the Beginning of an Interstellar Object Bonanza >>

* Shapeshifter Robots Could Explore Volcanoes and Caves on Saturn’s Moon Titan >>
* Mice That Spend a Month in Space Were Able to Reproduce Once They Got Back to Earth >>
* Feds say 737s need to be better designed for humans >>

* Hitting the Books: Teaching AI to sing slime mold serenades >>
* Get “Quantum Ready” at the Grace Hopper Celebration 2019 >>
* IBM Research AI at INTERSPEECH 2019 >>

* NASA wants to send nuclear rockets to-the-moon-and-mars >>
* Google is taking over DeepMind’s NHS contracts – should we be worried? >>

* Microbes from earth should be sent to ‘colonize’ Mars and help turn it into a planet fit for human life, scientists say >>

* No, Alexa won’t stop recording you >>
* The Annotated Galactic Center >>
* Using Amazon Polly in Windows Applications >>

* ‘Eyeball Earth’ Alien Planets May Be Lifeless ‘Snowballs’ >>
* Astronomers Have Found a Place With Three Supermassive Black Holes Orbiting Around Each Other >>
* Amazon wants to write the rules regulating facial recognition tech >>

* Transcribe speech to text in real time using Amazon Transcribe with WebSocket >>
* The Defense Department Plans to Build Radiation-proof CRISPR Soldiers >>

* Shape-shifting Robots Like These Could Be Just What We Need to Explore Titan >>
* Roadmap for Lab Experiments for Warp Drive >>
* New Technique for Estimating the Mass of a Black Hole >>

* Neutrino Experiment Reveals (Again) That Something Is Missing from Our Universe >>

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